American Barricade
Wed, 4 Dec 96 10:47 PST

Nowhere Fast announces the forthcoming publication of
The Art of Rage

Seeking written and visual material on the following post-electoral and
pre-millenial themes:
-- Vindictive Justice (No longer prohibited in Oregon! Voter complicity in
the erosion of civil rights. Land of the free??)
-- Borders (National, local: the security industry, the politics of
identification, language, manipulation of the labor force...the list goes
on. Which SIDE are you standing on?)
-- Company Town (the colonization of our communities and our identities by
corporate interests: Nike, Microsoft, etc.)

Requirements: well-informed, thoughtful, passionate; not too lengthy, no
doctrinaire bullshit we've heard a million times. Should hold up over time,
due to indeterminate publishing schedule. (DEADLINE FOR FIRST ISSUE: MARCH
24, 1997.) No pay. Please send SASE for return of materials and/or
correspondence. E-mail submissions welcomed. Editor reserves right to her
own opinion.

Nowhere Fast
PO Box 3123
Portland, OR 97208