Anarchist Mailorder

Sarah Bell (smbell@UVic.CA)
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 11:02:49 -0800

The Sabat! infoshop is located in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. We
are a collectively run, anarchist infoshop dealing in books, music, videos,
pamphelets and zines which address issues such as anarchism,
anarcha-feminism, environemental protection, Aboriginal self-determination,
queer issues and many other issues that we feel need to be addressed and
information on them dessimated and spread to the public. We have recently
expanded our horizons and have put together a mailorder catalogue which
contains much of the material that we sell and produce in our infoshop. We
would like to extend this opportunity for anyone interested in recieving
our catalogue to send your name and address to us and we will in turn send
you a copy of our mailorder catalogue. We hope that this will help to
extend information about our area to other parts of the world as well as to
spread important information throughout the anarchist community. It goes
without saying that all of our material is against racism, homophobia,
sexism, classism and facsism and that we keep our markup very low (only
enough to cover our expenses!) Please send any requests for catalogues or
for more information to :