Consortium: CIA & 'Perception Management'

Robert Parry (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 13:48:09 -0500

The new issue of The Consortium is on the Web. The lead story
describes how the top official at the CIA launched a domestic operation
in the 1980s called "perception management." The Orwellian goal was to
manage the perceptions of the American people about key CIA concerns,
particularly the covert wars in Central America.

Despite longstanding legal bars on CIA attempts to influence domestic
politics, this operation was spearheaded by CIA director William Casey,
was directed by a veteran CIA propagandist and employed military
psychological operations specialists. According to declassified
government documents, facts that got in the way of the desired
propaganda themes were termed "perceptional obstacles."

The second story looks at the scandals that have plagued Bill Clinton's
presidency and assesses where to place blame. The third articles is
the final installment in the series, "Behind Colin Powell's Legend."
It looks at the media phenomenon that grew up around the general's

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