Chiapas New Year's Youth Delegation (Fwd and more)

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Sat, 23 Nov 1996 23:24:48 -0800

Friends, comrades, and compan~er@s,

I think it's a great idea for people to go on delegations to Chiapas, so
I'm forwarding this announcement from Pastors for Peace to various lists
and individuals. Those who know me will not be surprised that I have
inserted a modest suggestion at one point in the text.

--Revolutionary solidarity,

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>Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:02:50 -0800 (PST)
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>Subject: Chiapas New Year's Youth Delegation
>How can you support the indigenous struggle in Chiapas?
>DEC. 29, 1996 - JAN. 5, 1997
>The New Year's Youth Delegation to Chiapas, Mexico will visit
>indigenous communities in Chiapas during the third anniversary of the
>EZLN's insurgency. This delegation will contribute to the indigenous
>people's struggle for peace with justice and dignity by providing
>international presence in indigenous communities throughout the zone
>of conflict.
>International presence in these communities helps protect indigenous
>communities against systematic human rights abuses by Mexican soldiers
>based on military installations within or nearby communities.
>Notoriously violent paramilitary forces are similarly dissuaded by
>international presence.
>With the increased militarization of Mexico and the continued
>incarceration of alleged Zapatistas, the peace process between the
>EZLN and the Mexican government has never been more fragile. Your
>presence in Chiapas can help the peace talks continue on the path
>toward achieving land, liberty and democracy for the indigenous people
>of Chiapas.

NOTE BY AARON: It's too bad the delegation will be leaving Chiapas before
the 6th of January, since I've heard that Los Reyes Magos will be bringing
'land, liberty and democracy for the indigenous people of Chiapas.' I'm
not really sure about that, but it seems more likely, anyway, than that the
peace talks will do it, so maybe the delegation should stay around an extra

>Last year, the anniversary celebration was attended by thousands of
>students, activists, labor leaders, artists and intellectuals from all
>over the world. An even greater turnout is expected for this year's
>Don't miss this special opportunity to witness a revolution in
>progress while supporting the indigenous people of Chiapas!
>For more information contact: IFCO Pastors for Peace tel:
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>number to
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