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Dear Friends:

Please help save Radio 101 in Zagreb, Croatia from
canceled!!! Just add your name to the list and send the
message to
everyone you know.

This message is brought to you by the letter "H"
(for help)
and the number "1,000,000" (for the number of
names we want to


Save RADIO 101 from being cancelled!!!!!!

This is a petition to save Radio 101 in Zagreb,
Croatia. ALL
forward it to
everyone you know.

The only time you send it to the included address is
you are the 50th,100th, etc. Send it on to everyone

Croatian "democraty" goverment belives that this
radio station
is dealing against state, while this is the ONLY station
left which is
dealing with democraty informations in Croatia!

Please add your name to this list if you believe in what we
stand for.

This list will be forwarded to the Goverment of the

If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc.
signer of
this petition, please forward to:


This way we can keep track of the lists and organize

Forward this to everyone you know, and help us to
this radio station ALIVE!.

Thank you.



1. Drago Markovic, Zagreb, Croatia
2. Sanda Petris, Zagreb, Croatia
3. Antun Sunjic, Zagreb, Croatia
4. Maja Dawidowsky, Zagreb, Croatia
5. Maja Vickovic, Zagreb, Croatia
6. Vladimir Vuksan, Albuquerque, USA
7. Ivica Skoric, New York, USA
8. Laure Akai, Moscow, Russia
9. Vadim Damier, Moscow, Russia
10. Mikhail Magid, Moscow, Russia
11. Lena Soloyeva, Moscow, Russia
12. Milan Sudjic, Moscow, Russia
13. Mira Krstic, Moscow, Russia
14. Alexander Shubin, Moscow, Russia
15. Konstantin Orlyov, Moscow, Russia
16. Lena Zorina, Aprelevka, Russia
17. Petr Ryabov, Moscow, Russia
18. Vladimir Platonenko, Moscow, Russia
19. Andrei Sinyavsky, Paris, France
20. Alexander Tarasov, Malakhovka, Russia
21. Alexander Ilyovich, Moscow, Russia
22. Lera Akhmetova, Moscow, Russia
23. Vladlen Tupikin, Moscow, Russia
24. Ivan Basayev, Zelenograd, russia
25. Alisa Nikulina, Moscow, Russia
26. Heiko Brandt, Moscow, Russia
27. Kiril Prevetsentsev, Moscow, Russia
28. Jaroslav Leontiev, Moscow, Russia
29. Galina Zaitseva, Moscow, Russia
30. Maxim Kuchinski, Moscow, Russia
31. Vladimir Kuznetsov, Moscow, Russia
32. Renfrey Clarke, Moscow, Russia
33. Anna Kuznetsova, Moscow, Russia
34. Alexander Margorin, Moscow, Russia
35. Ilya Romanov, Moscow, Russia
36. Bob Smalls, Moscow, Russia
37. Julia Guseva, Moscow, Russia
38. Vladimir Gusev, Moscow, Russia
39. Sergei Bietz, Moscow, Russia
40. Zoran Grozdic, Moscow, Russia
41. Dmitry Olennikov, Moscow, Russia
42. Bodgan Titomir, Moscow, Russia
43. Andrei Gryaznov, Moscow, Russia
44. Stanislav Chmurny, Moscow, Russia
45. Sasha Nikolic, Moscow, Russia
46. Pavel Sentyabryasky, Moscow, Russia
47. Maxim Krainev, Moscow, Russia
48. Anastasia Drozdeva, Moscow, Russia
49. Pavel Luzakov, Moscow, Russia
50. Peter Rausch, St.Petersburg, Russia
51. Lena Belayeva, St.Petersburg, Russia
52. Mark Andreyev, St.Petersburg, Russia
53. Oleg Beltz, St.Petersburg, Russia
54. Alexander Yermakov, St.Petersburg, Russia
55. Igor Mogazeyev, Tver, Russia
56. Tatiana Sorokina, Tver, Russia
57. Sergei Kuznetsov, Tver, Russia
58. Irina Bondarenko, Petrozavodsk, Russia
59. Vitaly Blazhevich, Kharbarovsk, Russia
60. Pavel Arbatov, Kharbarovsk, Russia
61. Mikhail Petrov, Kharbarovsk, Russia
62. Igor Podshivalov, Irkutsk, Russia
63. Sergei Shevchenko, Donetsk, Ukraine
64. Tatiana Nosatch, Donetsk, Ukraine
65. Maxim Sobakevich, Kiev, Ukraine
66. Andrei Petrenko, Kharkiv, Ukraine
67. Vyacheslav Bondarenko, Lviv, Ukraine
68. Irina Mikhailenko, Kiev, Ukraine
69. Oleg Novikov, Minsk, Belarus
70. Stanislav Pochobut, Grodno, Belarus
71. Amandine Regamey, Minsk, Belarus
72. Yura Glushakov, Gomel, Belarus
73. Vasily Kalganov, Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan
74. Yevginy Solovyov, Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan
75. Mikhail Akayev, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
76. Mikhail Kisunas, Riga, Latvia
77. Olga Kalinina, Riga, Latvia
78. R@lf G. Landmesser, Berlin, Germoney
79. Robert Wogatzke, Krefeld, Germany
80. Martin Veith, Creglingen, Germany
81. Karsten Jagau, Creglingen, Germany

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