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Swedish pupils protest for the excistence of their school!
By Soman

On the 18th and 19th of November, the pupils of Folkunga-school squatted
the lawn outside the city hall of Link=F6ping.

On monday the 18th, more than 60 pupils, sat for two hours on the lawn,
spite heavy cold scandinavian November-rain. A small number of people also
sat there on Tuesday the 19th. More actions of this kind are planned.

The actions were protests against the bad politics of the municipal
council. The municipal leadership(lead by socialdemocrats) want to cut down
and perhaps in the future shut down our school though a fusion with the
Berzelius school.

=46olkungaskolan is a secondary school were the pupils like the best. It doe=
not have neither the violence nor the bourgois snobbishness that other
schools in the city got.

The municipal nomenklatura wants to shut down the best working and most
popular school in the city. We(the pupils of Folkunga, including me) will
not tolerate this!

Another aspect of the conflict is that the nomenklatura wants to get rid of
our headmaster, Borje Rolff, and replaced him with a former major which got
fired from the military. The pupils of Folkunga supports Borje and wants
him to stay. He has for example given us education time, which was supposed
to be for theoretical studies, to give the students abilty to work with
practical solidarity for our third world comrades.(None of the other
headmasters in the city allows this.) He also lets the pupils take a
democratic part and insight in decisions about the school which other
headmasters doesn't. Folkunga is also the only school in the city which
allows the pupils to eat, without extra cost, high quality vegan food.

Almost all pupils have signed a petition expressing animosity against the
fusion and the support for Borje.

YOU can support us through sending protest letters to Lars-Erik Johansson,
our terribly unsimpathical municipal high boss. His email address is

Support letter can also be sent to me, Soman(e-mail address
som@geocities.com) and I will deliver your message to the other pupils.

Our struggle will continue.


(the homepage of Folkungaskolan can be found at http://www.infovav.se/folkun=