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Against Nike and Disneys
Exploitative Business Practices

Join in a national protest through education and action.

=09You should know that Nike:
*has allowed rapes to repeatedly occur in their factories.
*adamantly discourages their workers to collectively organize by firing the=
*has had Muchtar Pakpahan put in jail for organizing laborers in Indonesia.
*employs child labor in Pakistan and Indonesia (for as low as six cents=20
an hour) even though it is illegal
in the US to sell products made anywhere under such conditions.
*pays the local minimum wage in some factories in Indonesia, a wage which=
has left 88% of the workers=20
malnourished, often becoming too weak to work.
*donates huge sums to public universities (Michigan, Oregon), enabling=20
the corporation to monitor what
is taught and to whom.

=09You should know that Disney:
*Co-owns factories with the Burmese government, a military dictatorship=20
denounced by the UN for forced
labor, torture, ethnic cleansing, rape, heroin production and mass=20
*Pays its Burmese workers SIX CENTS an hour, not a livable wage.
*Employs Thai children as young as 13, an illegal working age for an=20
illegal working wage.
*Was connected to a sweatshop in California, paying young teen and=20
preteens illegally low wages.
*Refuses to even negotiate paying its Haitian employees 58 cents an hour,=
twice the current starvation
*Owns ABC, ensuring the suppression of any voice in opposition to Disneys=
political, ethical, and
economic convictions.

Now is the time to let everyone else in on their dirty trade secrets!

=09Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, millions of consumers=20
flood shopping malls and other retail outlets. This year, there will be =
nation-wide protest of Nike and Disneys policies towards dehumanization. =
This protest will occur in many ways including:

*Subversive product stickering and literature distributed in stores sell=20
Nike and Disney. The stickers will catch the consumer attention with a=20
"Warning" or "Faulty Item" log, and provide exploitation facts, encourage=
boycotting and further responsible actions, such as letter-writing and=20
calling public officials and corporate offices.

*Info-stickering in high access public places, such as phone booths,=20
ATMs, bathrooms, and mailboxes.

*Distributing leaflets in new, unpurchased newspapers.

*Street protests outside corporate stores.

*Guerrilla theater staged in stores, where seemingly-na=EFve consumers=20
become educated and vocally disgusted, giving truly na=EFve shoppers a=20
chance to hear the truth and do the right thing.

*Spreading information by talking to consumers outside and within these=20
corporations outlets as well as distributing petitions.

*Wearing Nike and Disney clothes with the corporate logos crossed out.

=09Actions have been organized in Seattle, Portland (Or.), Olympia,=20
Santa Cruz, and throughout upstate New York. This protest will continue=20
to spread and will send the corporations a message of widespread=20
solidarity. Now is the time to get yourself and your community involved.
=09Materials, including stickers, pamphlets, and background=20
information are available to you!!
=09Even if you can only place three stickers in Topeka, Kansas, they=20
will be combined with every other related action in the country. E-mail=20
durruti@phish.nether.net or call Darren at (360) 786-8547 for more=20
information and materials. We need to act in unification to let these=20
fat cats know that there are a lot more of us than there are of them. =20
Joint the national resistance of corporate control and human=20
exploitation! ACT TODAY!

(no illegal activity is encouraged by this letter.
Besides, corporate control isnt really all that bad.)