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Hi. I just want to say that I did see some of the shortcomings of the
message I posted about Crossings. Unfortunately, to my critic, I also
thought that some people might like to use that forum as one to express
our concerns about the problems we are experiencing in our university and
our society. Although it may be true that the way this publication is
conceived is not the perfect way or the one we would like to have, it is
one way in which our struggles can be expressed, our opinions can be
written (and read) and in which the fight for a better university and a
better society can be discusseed. When you see a space where you can
express your opinion you take it and use it. You can also critisize it but
do so while using it. We have to use all possible ways to get our message
across, if we just whine about the fact that we do not have enough forums
available to express ourselves instead of building new ones or using the
available ones, no one will never hear what we have to say.

Aaron, this publication might not be the working-class-run publication we
would like and might be too restricted for our preferences but it is a way
where we can let people know what we think. We are not in a position to
restrict ourselves.

In solidarity,


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