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Beginning at the end of October, some 60,000 students in Quebec are on
strike against cuts to education at the university and CEGEP level.
CEGEPS are community colleges that began in the 1960s in Quebec and were
an important gain in the struggle against the national oppression of the
Quebecois. This system has made post-secondary education much more
accessible to the majority of youth and workerss, which the provincial
government is putting an end to with its deepening austerity measures.

The Quebec government is cutting $700 million in education funding this
year, and plans to cut over 1 billion in total over the next period.
Students are fighting against this, as well as the proposal floated by the
the Education Minister here to bring in tuition fees at the CEGEP level.
This strike is the most important struggle against capitalist austerity in
Quebec right now.

The biggest demonstration so far was of 5,000 students in front of the
Educations Minister's office last week. Another protest of 3,000 students
took place this week in Quebec city. There have also been walkouts by
hundreds of high school students.

It would really be great if some of us could go to Montreal to reach out
to this fight which is, of course, our fight. There is a province-wide
"study day" on November 20, with a big demonstration planned in Quebec
city that day. For those of you interested in going and need to find a
way to get there, please contact me, Diane at e-mail address: