villa varvara, thessaloniki (greece), under eviction

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Wed, 13 Nov 1996 19:38:15 +0100

The squat "Villa Varvara" exists and works as a cultural and social center
since the 3rd of January 1994 in the building of Krispou str. nr. 7 in Ano
Poli, Thessaloniki. It is a place of free creation and expression,against
state control and repression,against the alienation of the human spirit,
against fake entertainment, Media, the mercandising of our lives. it is an
autonomical and selfmanaged place of cultural and political interference, of
human contact and communication, that aims to cover our needs, because noone
knows them better than us. Our collective testing, the happy moments and the
disappointments are our reality and truth, which helps us to go on, makes us
stronger and keeps us united.
But we need you also, because our aktivities and our struggle is not a
personal matter, that concludes only a limited group of people, but an open
and common matter, that applies, concerns and relates to everybody.
Now a days the organisation "Thessaloniki, Cultural city of europe 1997"
bought the building of the squat and aims to use it as a "cultural center".
So, after a judical decision it has been given to the squaters a deadline to
leave the house until the 25.10.1996 (which has already ended).
The members of the squat have decided not to leave the house, that already:
a) funktions as cultural center, b) give the change as much to persons as to
autonomical groups to organize various aktivities in the space of the house
or out of it c) and provites and alternative way of living, agains the
alienation and isolation, that the big cities are imposing.
We persue the contact with all who want to suggest, to discuss, to ask and
to share all the above with us for a better and more dynamical progress of
Villa Varvara.
We ask all of you, who recognize the necessity and the right of the
existance and funktion of the squat, to support and partecipate in our struggle.
We ask from you to fax letters or messages to the organisation
"Thessaloniki, cultural city of Europe 1997" and by this way to protest
against the decision of the organisation and the municipal council to
evacuate the house.
That means, that we have programmed at the 14th of november to blockade the
fax of the organisation and the municipal authorities by faxing constantly
from greece, from europe and if possible from all the world.

the fax numbers are
0030-31-224130 and 284434 (municipal council)
0030-31-422244 and 867870 (organisation t.c.c.o.e. 1997)

if you have any other kind of idea to support the house contact with the
squat as soon as possible

adress: villa varvara - 50868 t.k. 54014 thessaloniki greece
konto 216/942523 35
thanks for the support

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