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CONTENTS: Supplement 90


1. (AmP) AMANECER PRESS: Repression Against Peasant
Organization Emiliano Zapata, Three Killed,
Scores Wounded By Army In Chiapas

2. (KUR) KURTULUS: Turkey -- `Explosion'

3. (AFW) ANTIFASCIST WEB: `Humanitarian' Intervention
In Africa?


5. (UNITED) ``Kristalnacht'' Commemoration In 32 Countries

6. (PNS) PACIFIC NEWS SERVICE: Truth Commission
Spotlights CIA Role -- Our Man In South Africa

7. (LT) Le Pen Embarks On Sinister Crusade

8. (V-P) VIRGINIA-PILOT: Anti-Abortion Activist Pleads
Guilty To Trying To Burn Down Clinics





** Topic: Repression to marchers in Chiapas **
** Written 12:17 AM Nov 10, 1996 by
in cdp:reg.mexico **
From: (Amanecer Press)


TRANSLATION by Susana Saravia (Anibarro), Certified Legal
and Court Interpreter by the State of Washington, USA,
registered with the Office of the Administration of the
Courts for the State of Washington, USA. Translation for:
Nuevo Amanecer Press.


Mexico, DF, November 9,1996

The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights,
affiliated with the International Federation of Human Rights,
organization with consultative status before the United Nations
(resolution 1296) and affiliated with the World Organization
against Torture (OMCT/SOS), expresses it's concern and protests
the violent agression by members of the Mexican Army and public
security of the state of Chiapas, against marchers belonging to
the Peasant Organization Emiliano Zapata (OCEZ).

According to denounciations by the Peasant Organization
Emiliano Zapata, after they had a protest journey since November
6, demanding a just price for corn. And not having received a
response from the authorities, they decided to protest once again
on the monring of November 9, with the participation of several
of the communities of the state of Chiapas.

But when they were in the community of Laja Tendida in the
municipality of Venustiano Carranza, they where violently
evicted, by a joint operative of the police and members of the
Mexican Army, with the support of helicopters, tear gas, and
firing weapons, causing deaths amongst the protesters. The dead
are: JOSE LUIS RAMIREZ MAGADALENO of the community Plan de los
Angeles, JOSE TAMAYO GOMEZ, of the community MIguel Hidalgo, JOSE
ANGEL RAMIRES COELLO, of Laja Tendida and others who have not
been identified yet. An undetermined number of people were hurt
by bullet wounds and hundreds have been arrested.

In the same way, they denounce that this community is
surrounded by the Army and they continue to be attacked.

We request that the national and international
organizations, send protests to Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon,
President of the Mexican United States, to fax: (525) 2 77 23 76.
Asking for an investigation and punishment to those responsible
for the deaths of these people and for the appropiate sanctions
to be applied according to the law, and that the right to free
speech and organization be respected in these peasant comunities.
For the respect of the rights and due process of those detained,
for medical attention to the wounded and reparation of damage to
those who have that right.

* When dialing from the USA, please dial 011 before the number.

* (translator note)



Please send copies of your actions to:

LIMEDDHH-FIDH. Av. Azcapotzalco, 275, Col.Claveria, 02090,
Mexico, DF
fax: (52 5) 3 991336 e-mail:

** End of text from cdp:reg.mexico **


Date: Fri, 8 Nov 96 01:44 MET
From: DHKC Informationbureau Amsterdam <>
Subject: Turkey: BANG!!!!



KURTULUS No. 4, November 2, 1996

Bang... It could blow up any moment now. It's not a bomb,
it's not a balloon. It's a social explosion... They are afraid
of the moment the explosion will come. For example Dogan Dueres,
a pensioned general: "Turkey is just before a social explosion.
Poverty, unemployment, hunger... Even the university graduates
are out of work. When I think about it, the bite keeps sticking
in my throat. (let's hope it stays there) That there hasn't been
an explosion yet is purely due to enormous patience of the

When a puffed-up paper bag explodes inside a building, they
hurry to America in fear. And then, when a pistol is fired....
They feel like in the tomb of Nasretin Hoca which has only one
door and no walls. They can no longer sleep or eat. They feel as
if they are in a "Horror Movie".. the title of a movie by Yavuz
Donat. The movie tells about the ANAP-deputy Ilhan Kesici. Kesici
sums up the money in the banks: 1 Quadrillion, 84 trillion, 753
billion, 895 million. "So far, so good", he says. Later he
becomes even afraid of these numbers. Some 30 million people have
an account with these banks. But the huge majority of them has
5-10 million on there accounts. 54% of the money belongs to -
watch this - just 1,3% of the people. 1,3%, that's a very small
minority. That's no left wing propaganda, these are facts...

Ilhan Kesici is worried: "We can not possibly rule with such
a balance, the people will look for the most radical, the most
extreme party. With such a balance we must fear for our lives. We
have to take serious measures. The rich can not sleep in peace

Yes, they are so afraid they can not sleep anymore. During
the conversation, a sombre Kesici phones Ecevit but after this
phone call he can not sleep anymore with reason. Because Ecevit
is afraid as well. He says: "There are ways to get rich very
quick and very easy, without working hard. Injustice grows day by
day. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid as well..." The
conversation between Yavuz Donat, Kesici and Ecevit ends
downheartedly. "The right wing is afraid, and the left wing
Ecevit is afraid as well". They are afraid because they very well
know nothing explodes without any reason. The right wing Kesici
and the left wing Ecevit fear a social explosion. They fear the
revolutionaries and the people.


for information on the Classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan
Turkey Mailinglist Mirror:


Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 20:51:46 +0100 (MET)
From: Jan Willems <>
Subject: Antifascist Alert: humanitarian intervention in Africa?



Dear subscriber,

There's a crisis in middle Africa, and western politicians
are presenting a 'solution': an humanitarian intervention. The
first question one should ask is how this situation was born.
Mobutu was brought to power by the 'west' to protect their
political and economical intrests. Especially France and Belgium
imperialists benefit from Mobutu's position. The Zairian people
are standing up against this foreign-minded dictator, they want
independance, they're tired of making western bankers rich! The
flood of refugees was created by the regulated army of Mobutu.

In this situation the western leaders are pleeing for an
humanitarian intervention. Can these very same western
politicians that protected Mobutu (and still do) be trusted to
suddenly defend the Zairian and Rwandese people's intrests?

The following letter I received expresses some of my point
of views, but I don't support ANY western financed or controlled
operation whatsoever in Africa. For the above reasons,... Western
politicians aren't concerned about human lives (the Iraqian
embargo kills hundreds of children every day!), they're
concerned about the profits of their companies.

More about Africa:

The open letter to President Mandela <>
that I received:

Please don't send your apartheid-made army to Rwanda. You
have the key of the situation in Rwanda : Mandela's moral status
and South Africa's size makes that everybody is waiting for you
in this crisis (French Bernard Kouchner wrote about it today in
french newspaper Le Monde). If Mandela speaks well, the world
will follow.

Humanitarian help for Rwandeses refugees must come come
through Kigali and Kampala. The declarations of HCR's
representant (Ms Sadako Ogato) and European commissaire Emma
Bonino, telling FPR they are responsible of the refugees, could
be interpreted this way.

Don't help to reinforce Mobutu nor Interahamwe (Rwandese
terrorists); remember Mobutu was headlance of Apartheid foreign
support. Remember too the international community and Emergency
helpers NGOs practically gave control of the refugees camps (via
control of food and medical supply) to the Interahamwe fascists,
who then killed all those who wanted return or reconciliation or
freedom; these Interahamwe too used to infiltrate Rwanda to kill
witnesses of their former crimes.

The FPR can't really handle the situation cause his well-
trained and politically mature soldiers are too few and the new
recruits are often young and under high political pressure. But
Ougandese (or even Ghanean) soldiers can help them, with your
moral survey to prevent ethnic analysis. Remember Belgium and
Spain offered to provide money for such an operation.

Seeing they are part of African community, who helps and
surveys them, may help Hutus and Tutsis getting out of their
heinous face-to-face.

yours sincerally,

Yannick Le Corfec (former member of Morroco's students
commitee against Apartheid)

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BM 1734

AFA National Phone Number:
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AFA in Glasgow is operating against the background of 3
politically motivated murders of young Celtic supporters by
fascists/loyalists. This increasingly violent move by the forces
of the Far Right led to a planned attack on a Celtic pub after a
Celtic v Rangers game earlier this year. The political nature of
this attack was clear because the 30-strong outfit that attacked
the Celtic supporters inside were seig-heiling and shouting "BNP"
and "C18". It is no coincidence that a small group of Celtic
supporters connected to AFA used this pub. While others make
excuses and stand back to allow the fascists to continue to try
and impose their reign of terror unhinderd, Glasgow AFA has
responded emphatically to these attacks with two successful
operations against C18 and their allies.

In April, Edinburgh AFA members were on their way to a meeting
when they spotted a number of fascists acting suspiciously.
Realising the fascists were planning an attack the anti-fascists
responded in the traditional manner and the fascist raiding party
was decisively despatched.


A planned Loyalist march through Bolton on Saturday 13th April
was stopped by Greater Manchester police after AFA members
clashed with C18 stewards and police officers. This coincided
with the arrival of a group of local Asian youths in the area,
and meant the police could not guarantee public order if the
march went ahead. The march was organised by the amalgamated
Committee of the Apprentice Boys of Londonderry and attracted the
attention of AFA because a similar march in London the previous
year had come complete with in-house C18 security. Enquiries had
confirmed that this would be the case this year and plans were
put into operation to ensure that the Loyalists would know that
there would be a price to pay for aligning with fascists

As AFA approached the fascist assembly point we were spotted
by the police who called in reinforcements including dogs and
horses. During the ensuing chaos C18 stayed firmly behind police
lines but continued to shout the odds. Suddenly the situation
changed as 3 members of Oldham C18 found themselves on the wrong
side of the police and were pushed into the AFA group. They were
given a kicking as their racial comrades looked on. Intensified
police activity made any further intervention impossible, and the
AFA group dispersed soon afterwards. The Loyalists should be
aware that their meeting room, buffet, and march were all
cancelled and disrupted because of their alliance with C18, and
we will continue to monitor their activities.


Two weeks after the Bolton fiasco the Loyalists had a second
march in central London. Once again the information was that C18
would be in attendance. AFA mobilised over 100 stewards to
confront the fascists/Loyalists and, despite a heavy police
operation from early in the morning, a full blooded assault was
successfully made on one of the pubs. Once contact had been made
inevitably the police swamped the area and further confrontation
became impossible. What was significant was for the second time
in two weeks C18 had been unable to protect the march. The march
itself saw a much smaller C18 contingent than last year (possibly
related to fall-out from Bolton?) although a number of familiar
faces from C18, BNP and the old NF were present.

Although unable to stop the demonstration the AFA intervention
puts considerable pressure on the organisers and their fascist
allies. Last year Searchlight had advance warning of the
C18/Loyalist operation but "because of the danger of serious
violence Searchlight did not inform anti-fascist groups of the
march. The anti-fascist movement at present has difficulty
mobilising sufficient numbers" (Searchlight, June 95). This is
untrue. Given the information AFA is willing and able to mobilise
and confront C18. On the day a few small groups of anti-fascists
(some militant) chose to operate independently and predictably
achieved nothing. If militant anti-fascists co-ordinate their
activities more can be achieved. Once again AFA was able to "make
a difference".


In Gravesend the ANL "outed" Jim Taylor of Squadron, until
recently one of Blood and Honour's top bands. Ignoring the
possibility that this might ruin ongoing anti-fascist work, they
made matters worse by demanding that he should be prosecuted and
"the information was passed onto the local police. Expecting some
sort of action the campaigners were surprised when absolutely
nothing happened." (The Law, April 96). So there you have it --
the ANL strategy; contact the police and then get outraged when
nothing happens. Wonderful! In contrast AFA stewards from Kent
and South London visited a local pub frequented by fascists and
although the "main course" was away at least one fascist has
decided to call it a day- without even a punch being thrown.


In case you were wondering what had happened to the over-
funded ARA, their most recent disaster was a National
Demonstration Against Racism (23.3.96) "supported" by the TUC and
a host of national and international 'organisations'. Predictably
only about 100 people turned up, so the police wouldn't even let
them march on the road, making them walk on the pavement instead.
To add insult to injury they got hassled by a group of fascists
in Trafalgar Square and had to demand that the police clear them
out of the way.


The National Democrats In Devon have come up with a radical
new policy to go with their radical new name. Not for them the
traditional Far Right fare of race hatred and street violence-
the N.Ds are into some serious community politics. "Are you
getting on a bit in years or disabled and have nobody to help you
with that awkward job? well, we just might be able to help you as
the National Democrats have just launched a community help scheme
in your area. We can cut grass; shift that heavy object; do
general odd jobs and most unskilled manual work." (ND leaflet).
So give them a ring and thousands of beautifully dressed Aryans
will help your old folk across the road to a racially pure future
-- where the grass is greener and always trim.


Another group into 'community' politics is also a split from
the old NF, Patrick Harrington's Third Way. One of their key
activists, Brent Cheetham, lives in the Hertfordshire village of
Cuffley and produces a local bulletin -- The Cuffley Courier.
Never one to duck the issues, Brent acted swiftly when disaster
struck, "The theft of the village pump has left a void in
Cuffley. We think it should be replaced to make Cuffley whole
again." Absolutely.


AFA is growing in the North East and a large group of
militants have recently joined. At present we are working out a
new structure for the area, but the new group can be contacted at
PO Box ITA, Newcastle, NE99 1TA. Although mainly based in
Newcastle there are also contacts in Sunderland, Teesside, and
Durham. The fascists have been decorating Newcastle city centre
with slogans like 'Free Myra Hindley', 'Grass Up Dole Scroungers'
and 'The Milky Bar Kid is a Nazi' - all with AFAs name attached -
- and the suspicion is that it is the same sad group of fascists
who recently met AFAs newest recruits outside one of their pubs,
and took a resounding second prize.


There has been very little fascist activity in the south of
Ireland although one idiot obviously got carried away after the
(former) BNP press officer spoke at Cork university in January.
He was handing out BNP leaflets in the city centre until a
passing republican threw him head first into a skip. Elsewhere,
the Irish branch of the SWP have claimed the ANL stopped David
Irving from speaking at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1988. Problem
-- the ANL wasn't re-launched in Britain till 1992, and not in
Ireland till 1993! Oh, well.


In the past international links between anti-fascists were
dominated by liberal, State funded organisations. Over the last
few years militant anti-fascists have started to develop their
own networks, and AFA has played an important part in this
process. AFAs international section can be contacted at BM 1734,
London, WC1N 3XX, and they have asked for international contact
addresses to be passed on to help in the process of international
co-ordination and co-operation. This also applies to the football


BM 1734
London, WC1N 3XX

Cheques made payable to "Anti-Fascist Action"
Subscription rates for 4 issues:

England, Scotland & Wales:
Individuals -- 8.00 (pounds)
Institutions/Organisations -- 14.00 (pounds)

Individuals -- 10.00 (pounds)
Institutions/Organisations -- 17.00 (pounds)


Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:36:18 +0100


UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees

PB 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
phone +31-20-6834778, fax +31-20-6834582


(for section international news)



Around November 9th, 58 years after the "Kristallnacht"
pogroms in Nazi-Germany, thousands participate in mass
demonstrations, commemorations and other activities to protest
against violence against minorities. The common international
theme 'Stop violence against minorities' has been chosen by the
participating organisations, linking the violence against the
Jewish minority in Germany in 1938 to the violence against
different kinds of minorities all over Europe today. In 32
European countries anti-racist and minority organisations
organise protests against racist murders, against the harrassment
of migrants in the street and against the government policies
that stimulate and tolerate this violence. Activities around
Kristallnacht are co-ordinated on an international level by
UNITED, the European anti-racist network.

In 1996 the violence against minorities in Europe has still
a shocking dimension: Roma have systematically been beaten and
harassed by the police in Bulgaria. In France people without
legal documents have been forcefully removed, leaving behind
their children, to be deported to countries some have not seen in
years. In Russia, valuable Jewish heritage has been destroyed in
a series of attacks on synagogues and community centers. Violence
against minorities has been and continues to be one of the most
pressing problems in Europe. Hundreds of people died during 1996,
killed by lynching mobs, policemen or killing themselves as a
result of the unbearable situation in detention centers for
'illegal' refugees.

All over Europe hundreds of commemoration and protest
activities are organised on November 9th 1996, the International
Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism. For the first time anti-
racist organisations in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Sweden) have taken the initiative to
coordinate their activities on an international level. Big
demonstrations will take place in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and
Stockholm as well as in many smaller cities. Among the many other
activities taking place are a nation-wide essay competition for
schools in the Netherlands, a public meeting on "The Holocaust,
Roma and ethnic minorities today" in Hungary, discussions on the
radio on fascism and antisemitism in the Slovak Republic and two
conferences in Switzerland on the "Criminalisation of

November 9th 1938 was the date of the "Kristallnacht" pogrom
in Nazi Germany. Three days earlier, on November 6th, a Jew,
Herschel Grynszpan, who was angry at the increasingly repressive
measures being adopted in Germany against Jews took revenge by
shooting the diplomat Ernst vom Rath at the German embassy in
Paris. The diplomat died two days later and news of his death
reached Germany on November 9th. This started a massive
nationwide pogrom, secretly organised by a section of the Nazi
party, which left many Jews dead in the streets, and hundreds of
Jewish businesses and synagogues burnt, smashed and destroyed. It
marked the beginning of the Holocaust. This year commemorations
link the violence against the Jewish community 58 years ago with
the violence against minority groups today.

A full list of activities all over Europe (country by
country) has been sent parallel to this message by e-mail.
For further information contact Saskia Daru or J|rgen Schdfer at
the UNITED office.


UNITED for Intercultural Action is with 429 organisations
from 41 European countries the biggest European network
against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of
migrants and refugees


9 November 1996 - Commemoration of Kristallnacht





By Jeff Stein

Date: 11-01-96

Millard Shirley, a longtime "Africa hand" for the CIA
according to co-workers, died in an automobile crash in
Switzerland in 1990. But a South African Truth and
Reconciliation Commission is resurrecting his life as it
intersected with the white regime's campaign to disrupt and
destroy the anti-apartheid movement. PNS correspondent Jeff
Stein is a former deputy foreign news editor for UPI and
author of "A Murder in Wartime: The Untold Spy Story that
Changed the Course of the Vietnam War." Stein taught
investigative reporting in South Africa on a U.S. government
grant in 1995.


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- He was a big, blustery man with
twinkling eyes and a demonic chortle, and when he showed up at a
super-secret office of South African intelligence in 1985, he had
a box of dirty tricks as big as the Pentagon.

Millard Shirley, according to those who worked with him, was
a longtime "Africa hand" with the Central Intelligence Agency, a
senior covert action specialist who had lived and worked in
southern Africa for a quarter of a century when he came out of
retirement to help the white regime neutralize anti-apartheid

A South African "Truth and Reconciliation Commission," which
has been hearing senior former Pretoria police officials tell how
they carried out political assassinations against opponents of
the white regime, is looking into Millard Shirley's activities.

"The CIA man's arsenal of tricks was varied and inventive,
drawn from highly classified Pentagon manuals on psychological
warfare," according to Mike Leach, a South African who worked
with Shirley.

"One of the items was a recipe for prussic acid, a clear
compound which, if inhaled, would give a massive coronary," Leach
recalled. "If a doctor's not looking for prussic acid, he'll put
(the cause of death) down to natural causes."

Leach's description closely resembles the manuals the
Pentagon used to teach assassination techniques to Latin American
military officers at the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning,
Georgia, which caused an uproar when they were revealed in

"The manuals had (U.S.) Department of Defense stamped on
their covers," said Leach, who worked for a secret unit called
Stratcom (Strategic Communications), organized to disrupt and
destroy anti-apartheid groups. Shirley was hired to train the
unit's operatives.

"One of the things Shirley did during the negotiations with
unions was to doctor the water on the table with chemicals to
induce stomach cramps, to bring about a point where the union
officials would want to hurry up the negotiations and just settle
because they were physically uncomfortable."

Another trick was to launder anti-apartheid tee shirts in a
fiberglass solution and hand them out to demonstrators, who would
soon be convulsed in uncontrollable itching.

Shirley was "the top CIA operative in South Africa for many
years," according to Gerard Ludi, a retired senior South African
intelligence agent and close friend.

It was Shirley who tipped off the South African police to
the whereabouts of Nelson Mandela in 1962, allowing them to throw
up a roadblock and capture him, according to Ludi.

"Shirley had a high-ranking 'deep throat', a Durban-based
Indian, within South African Communist party ranks," Ludi told
the Johannesburg Sunday Times in 1990. "This man was obviously
close to Mr. Mandela shortly before his arrest, and gave Shirley
detailed information about Mr. Mandela while he was on the run.

"I can only guess that Shirley was instructed by his
government to supply the information to the South Africans
because it was in America's interest to have Mr. Mandela out of
the way."

The Times story had followed an initial report of CIA
complicity in Mandela's arrest by the Atlanta Journal
Constitution, published a week earlier. The Journal-Constitution
story did not identify Shirley, who died in an automobile
accident in 1990, as the CIA officer who supplied the tip. Nor
did it mention his involvement in domestic South African dirty

After Shirley initially retired from the CIA in 1973, he and
Ludi were business partners in a private security firm, Ludi
said. Then, in 1985, came the call from Stratcom.

"The South African intelligence services didn't have decent
training materials," Ludi said. "They asked Millard to update and
do a proper training manual. Then he might've gone there as a
freelance thing. He did it for a year -- off and on for a year."

Asked whether his friend was still working for the CIA at
that point, Ludi answered, "Who knows? Shirley tried to retire
many times, but the CIA kept calling him back to duty. We gave
him about 20 retirement parties."

A CIA spokeswoman said it was against agency policy to
comment on its employees. A former CIA African Division chief,
Claire George, said he couldn't recall Shirley's name.

The CIA also offered training in bugging and wiretaps,
according to an official involved in an internal audit of past
intelligence operations by the South African telecommunications
agency, or Telcom.

"They were sent to America to be trained in certain areas of
monitoring," he recalled. "It went beyond monitoring of lines to
the placing of devices in rooms, some of which Telcom is still

The CIA also sent South Africans to a facility in Taiwan for
advanced psychological warfare training, according to Mike Leach.

The auditing official called the alleged wiretap training
"very sinister." He suspects the CIA used the program to develop
its own spies in Telcom, to protect its assets in the country at
this time.

"The American government wanted to know which way the cookie
would crumble," he said.


450 Mission Street, Room 204
San Francisco, CA 94105
tel: (415) 243-4364
Jinn Magazine:
Email: <>

Copyright &copy; 1996 Pacific News Service. All Rights Reserved.

Subject: wpen10.html


Electronic Telegraph, Sunday 10 November 1996, Issue 536


By Susannah Herbert

THE POOR performance of France's economy as it struggles to
qualify for European monetary union has replaced racial tensions
as the best recruiting sergeant for its fastest-growing political

The disclosure last week that the ultra-Right National Front
party is reaching out to les exclus - long-term unemployed people
who Jacques Chirac promised, but failed, to help when elected
president - suggests it could even become a force to rival the
mainstream parties.

Its enemies are alarmed by the growing sophistication of the
National Front's recruitment techniques. Until recently, the
party could still be labelled a single-issue grouping, gathered
around Jean-Marie Le Pen's claim to "dare to say out loud what
the French really think" about immigrants.

Now the party president is trawling for supporters among the
growing ranks of France's malcontents. You don't even have to be
racist or poor to join; it is enough to be angry. Party
strategists are attempting to transform the Front into something
far broader than a mere political party - into a movement with a
presence right across French society.

Armed with the rhetoric of popular nationalism, Le Pen's new
goal is to tap into the increasing disenchantment with France's
Right-wing coalition government and the discredited Socialist

An obvious target is la pensie unique - the only half-ironic
nickname of France's bipartisan, federalist European policy to
which all the main political parties subscribe. By questioning
the orthodoxy in much the same way as British Euro-sceptics, Le
Pen finds himself concurring with respectable bedfellows, and
thereby raising his own credibility.

Last week, his cadres could point to an interview with John
Major in Le Monde that highlighted unemployment among France's
young people and the country's recent industrial strife as proof
of the wisdom of not subordinating policy to a mad dash to meet
the Maastricht criteria for monetary union.

At the same time, the conservative daily, Le Figaro, warned
that Britain's flexible labour market was attracting French
investment across the Channel.

Both points are having a growing resonance in France, and for
Le Pen, they create an ideal milieu for growth. Already one in
four electors have voted at least once for him, and 27 per cent
of the workers and 35 per cent of unemployed people claim to
sympathise with his views.

Last year, unprepared for the anti-government strikes and
demonstrations that brought France to a two-month standstill, the
National Front misjudged the popular mood. Blinded by its union-
bashing tradition, it condemned the public service unions and
failed to benefit from anti-Maastricht fury. It will not make the
same mistake again.

This winter, the Front has its own trade unions ready for the
anti-Maastricht struggle. It boasts the fourth-largest union in
the police force, supported by one in seven officers. It has
created a prison officers' union with strong support throughout
the service. "Why not have National Front unions of
metallurgists, farmers, bank-tellers or public servants?" asked
Le Pen recently.

The Front makes no secret of its infiltration of school
boards, student unions and any other vulnerable, non-political

"We are trying to bring about a cultural revolution," said
Bruno Megret, the Front's principal organiser of these new
tactics. "It's all about using the methods of the far Left within
a movement of the far Right." Megret, who represents the National
Front in the European Parliament, believes it is time to claim
economic and social credibility for the party, instead of simply
relying on people's fears of immigration and insecurity. "If we
are looking at taking power, we must represent a credible
alternative," he said.

Megret's newly discovered zeal for everything from workers'
rights to state protection runs directly counter to the Front's
longstanding support of neo-liberal domestic policies designed,
like those of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, to "roll back
the frontiers of the state".

Michel Soudais, whose book, Le Front National en Face, was
published last week, argues that the Front's caring new look - as
witnessed at the setting up of a soup kitchen in central Paris -
proves it is a master of disguise but does not change its core

Le Pen may speak the language of the Left in hailing "the long
battle of workers and unions for more justice, more security,
more freedom in the workplace", but his underlying agenda is as
narrowly Right-wing and ultra-nationalist as ever.

Accused by Soudais of "opportunism" recently, Le Pen said:
"That's what our enemies say, but we prefer to call it
pragmatism. The movement has heeded the call of our electorate."

Copyright Telegraph Group Limited 1996


Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 22:44:47 -0800
From: (michael novick)
Subject: anti-abort arsonist pleads guilty (va)



Virginian-Pilot Online
NEWS - Nov. 5, 1996

BY LYNN WALTZ, The Virginian-Pilot
Copyright 1996, Landmark Communications Inc.

NORFOLK -- Anti-abortion activist Jennifer Patterson Sperle
pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to conspiring to burn
women's health clinics in Norfolk and Newport News.

Sperle, 24, the mother of four young children, faces up to
five years in prison for using lighter fluid, kerosene and
traffic flares to try to set fire to the Peninsula Medical Center
in Newport News and the Tidewater Women's Health Center in

Co-conspirator Clark Ryan Martin, 24, pleaded guilty to a
conspiracy charge in May after agreeing to testify against Sperle
and others connected with clinic violence.

In return for pleading guilty, four charges against both
Sperle and Martin were dropped: two for arson and two for using
fire to commit a felony. Both will be sentenced later this year.

The indictments were apparently the first to emerge from a
nationwide Justice Department investigation into an alleged
conspiracy among anti-abortion activists.

Martin said through his attorney in May that he decided to
plead guilty to spare his wife, Patricia, and their infant child
the trauma of a lengthy absence.

Sperle, of Wichita, Kansas, had no comment Monday.

Before her March arrest, Sperle denied involvement and said
she expected to go to jail. U.S. Attorney General ``Janet Reno
has spent so much money that somebody has to go to jail,'' Sperle
said in a phone interview on Feb. 29.

``It doesn't matter if you are innocent or guilty,
somebody's going to jail -- otherwise, it'll look like the
government wasted money,'' Sperle said then, saying she had
already made arrangements for someone to care for her three
preschoolers. Sperle gave birth to her fourth child in September.

Without the plea agreements, Sperle and Martin both faced up
to 20 years in prison for each charge of arson.

The indictment accused Martin and Sperle of conspiring to
set and of setting fires at the two clinics in December 1994 and
March 1995. Neither fire caused extensive damage.

According to the indictment, Martin provided roadside flares
from his trunk to Sperle and went with her to the Peninsula
Medical Center on Dec. 13, 1994. Sperle allegedly dropped the
lighter fluid and a lighted flare through the mail slot of the

On March 6, the indictment said, Sperle obtained 2 gallons
of kerosene and a glass cutter and used the tools to gain access
to the Norfolk clinic. She and Martin then allegedly used a heavy
post to break a clinic window, poured kerosene inside and ignited

The indictment also said Sperle and Martin met with several
other people to discuss violent attacks on abortion clinics and
to provide information about how to destroy clinics.
Specifically, the indictment charged, Sperle met and discussed
with other people how to break into clinics and start fires.

Methods included the use of disguises, toxic flammable
liquids and sabotage of clinic water supplies. Sperle also
provided an ``Army of God'' manual to another person, the
indictment said. The manual describes violent techniques,
including arson, for closing or destroying clinics.

Sperle was involved in the conspiracy before she moved to
Kansas in June of last year. She was arrested in Wichita in


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