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Mon, 11 Nov 1996 11:54:50 +0200 (EET)


Villa Varvara squatt exists since January 3rd, 1994 and it functions as
cultural and social centre in Thessaloniki. It's an area of free expression
and creation, against all kinds of oppression (raciscm, xenophobia, sexism),
against state control, against the alienation of human spirit, against
false-distraction, mass-media, the turning of our lives in commodity. It's
an autonomus and self managing area, of political and cultural
interposition, which aims to satisfy our needs, which nobody else but us
knows better. Our intereference with society as a community, our joys and
our sorrows are the reality and the truth that helps us to proceed, that
makes us strong and keeps us united.

Recently, the organisation "Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital of Europe
1997"has bought the squatted building in order to use it as "cultural
centre". So, after a court's decision the squatters should evacuate the
house until October, 15 (this date is already passed).

Villa Varvara is threatened with immediate eviction which can happen
anytime. We make an appeal to anyone who considers that the support of free
areas which propose an alternative way of being and existing concerns us all.

We have programmed for November, 14 the blocking of Cultural Capital
Organisation's and Municipality Of Thessaloniki faxs. We ask you to send
faxs constantly from anywhere in the world protesting about the eviction
scheme and supporting Villa Varvara squatt.
For support and (if there are any) ideas, you can send letters to
V.Varvara's address.

Municipality of Thessaloniki: 031 - 284 434,
Council of Municipality: 031 - 224 130
Organisation Cultural Capital: 031 - 422 244, 031 - 867 870

V.Varvara: Po Box 50868, Saloniki 54014, Greece

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