Re: cr> Censorship at Aberystwyth University

Raghuveer Malik (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 21:02:03 +0500 (GMT+0500)

Dear Mr. Perkins,
Is there something you have against fornication?
Now I know why you are so upset.
USA, the lands of the free.
So much!?
Best Regards/Veeresh Malik
New Delhi
third world and free, really....

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996, Aaron wrote:

> Dear Mr. Perkins,
> I received the message reproduced below concerning censorship allegedly
> carried out by you and/or your office against a student at your university.
> Is it really the case that you issued the ban against posting USENET
> Articles because Mr. Williams use the phrase 'sod off'? If so, I'd like to
> know what that phrase means when translated into American English?
> Is it something like 'bug off'? Perhaps a little stronger like 'fuck
> off'? Or even stronger, like 'fuck yourself'? If that is the case, then I
> can understand why you'd be upset. After all such vile language as 'fuck
> yourself' should only be used in exceptional circumstances, such as when
> talking to a cop, a capitalist, a politician, or a censor, never to a
> decent human being!
> --Sincerely,
> --Aaron <>
> >Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 01:23:53 -0800
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> >From: Cyber Rights <cyber-rights@Sunnyside.COM>
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> >Subject: cr> Censorship at Aberystwyth University
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> >Sender: Jason Thomas Williams <>
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> >I have been banned from posting USENET Articles for two months by my
> >Univeristy - Aberystwyth University of Wales. They claim that I
> >mentioned the word 'sod' in an article and this counts as an expletive
> >yet the word has been shown to have zero offensive value in a poll by
> >the British Broadcasting Standards Council.My case is made worse by
> >the fact that someone who has been harrassing me for a year was
> >informed of the ban before me and has used it to gloat and belittle
> >me.The Computer Unit have also taken a week to ban people for using
> >the word 'arse' whilst they banned me for using the term 'sod off' to
> >someone who had been harrassing me for a year immeadiately. I have
> >been involved in complaints with the Aberystwyth Computer Unit today
> >and have met with rudeness and condescention one officla even said I
> >needed counselling because of my complaint against the ban.This matter
> >was brought up with the Students Union. I have had some support from
> >groups and a Television Company ! wish to talk to me about this
> >censorship but I need people to email the Aberystwyth compunit and
> >register their disgust at this censorship and appaling double
> >standards.The Networks manager is Mr Jermery Perkins and can be
> >contacted at please email him and send me a copy.
> >Thank you
> >
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