Thousands of Quebec students on strike (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 21:11:31 -0500
Subject: Thousands of Quebec students on strike

Dear colleagues,

Some pretty exciting things are happening here in Qu=E9bec. I have a list
here of all the student associations either on strike or about to strike.
Please forward this to anyone who might be interested. There seems to be a
loud silence on the issue from our national media, and we need to get the
word around.



from L'=C9tincelle, the official newspaper of le mouvement pour le droit =E0
l'=E9ducation (Movement for the right to education).

As of today here is a summary of the national post-secondary strike in=

CEGEP ahunstsic:
mandate for an unlimited strike

General Assembly Tues Nov. 5

CEGEP Andr=E9-Laurendeau
unlmited strike mandate

CEGEP Baie comeau
On strike since October 31; general assembly this week

CEGEP Bois-de-Boulogne
general assembly this week

CEGEP Br=E9beuf
On strike Nov. 1st and 4th

CEGEP =C9doudard-Montpetit
general assembly Nov. 6

CEGEP F.X. Garneau
An occupation and strike mandate

CEGEP L=E9vis-Lauzon
Unlimited occupation any time now

CEGEP Limoilou
assembly Nov. 7

CEGEP Lionel-Groulx
on strike since Oct. 30

CEGEP deMaisonneuve
on Strike sinbce October 24

CEGEP Marie-Victorin
On strike since October 29

CEGEP Matane
On strike starting November 4

CEGEP Montmorency
Strike mandate

CEGEP Mont-Laurier
On strike starting Nov. 4

CEGEP Rimouski
Strike mandate

CEGEP Rosemont
On strike since Oct. 30

CEGEP Rouyn-Noranda
On strike starting Nov 4

CEGEP Sherbrooke
Circulation of a petition for a general assembly Nov 7

assembly this week

Unlimited occupation starting Nov 5

CEGEP Sept-Iles
On strike since October 30, assembly this week

CEGEP Sorel-Tracy
On strike

CEGEP St-Laurent
On strike since Oct 30

CEGEP Thedford Mines
Strike Mandate , assembly Nov 5

CEGEP Val d'Or
assembly this week

CEGEP Valleyfield
On strike since Oct 30

CEGEP Victoriaville
On strike staring Nov 5

CEGEP Vieux-Montr=E9al
On strike sinc Oct 25

Universit=E9 de Montr=E9al
- departments of anthropology, architecture and industrial design
on strike since Oct, 30
- Educational Psychology: general assembly Nov. 6

Universit=E9 du Qu=E9bec a Montr=E9al
General strike petition circulating for a general assembly for Nov 11.

The strikes are supported by one of Quebec's teacher's unions - the CEQ

There will be demos on Tuesday Nov 5 (Montreal)

and a "manifestation nationale unitaire" in Quebec city Friday Nov 8

For more info call Mathieu Th=E9riault,
Movement pour le droit a l'education
660 Villeray, local 34
Montr=E9al, Qc. H2R 1J1
(514) 276-0827

Michael Temelini
Ph.D. Candidate,
Dept. of Philosophy
McGill University