(eng) European and international meeting about immigration struggles

Fri, 8 Nov 1996 17:08:24 +0100


Dear comrades,

On november 30th, 1996, a demonstration to support the "sans-papiers"
(illegal immigrants) will take place in Paris. The national coordination of
sans-papiers wants this demonstration to be a strong day of struggle. So a
call to international solidarity has been decided.

=46or this purpose, we propose to many movements and organizations from
different countries to come to Paris to participate in the demonstration,
on Saturday 30th novembrer, and, on Sunday 1st december, in an european,
maybe international, meeting about illegal immigrants struggle and
immigration in general.

Concerning the demonstration, the point is to organize an international
section with all the movements and organizations which will answer
positively to our proposition, and to agree on a common call to the
demonstration. We propose to adress in this call the following main issue :


Concerning the meeting, we propose the following frame work. Your
contributions and suggestions are of course welcome. Then, we'll have to
agree on a common one to prepare the meeting.


The Schenguen Convention, and the Trevi and Dublin ones, make clear that
the european immigration policy leads towards the implementation of an
"Fortress Europe", with no opening to aliens. Netheless, because of their
own history of immigration struggles and political situation, the different
member states of the European Union do'n't carry out the samme policy.

Limited acces to citizenship in Germany (jus sanguini), new laws of
regulariztions in SSpain, Portugal and Italie, mass criminalization and
savage repression in France, rigth to vote in local elections in
Netherlands : the position of the immigrant population in the differents
states is more or less safe. But it does'nt prevent the anti-immigrant
policies to start to coordinate at an european level, by example with the
use of european charter planes to deport illegals immigrants. Today, Europe
has a double stand : one of firmness against the southern emigration
countries (like in Africa), and one of toleration with the eastern
emigration countries (withe bi-lateral treaties).

We think that the following issues must be adressed :

- How can we take advantage of the experences of struggle, past and
present, lead locally or at a national level in other countries ? And how
can we make ou own experiences be known ?

- Which political stand can we put forward together ? And how can we bring
it up to an european level ?

- Are we able to create a common framework on this issue, with the
intention of undertaking common actions ?


The December 1st meeting objective is to elaborate an inventory of our
respective situations and to create a droft of a common frame work. So we
propose the following agenda for the running of the meeting :

- A speech by each delegation about its national situation : immigration
legislation, today struggle, the meaning of the notions of "integration" or
"citizenship", the impact of xenophobia and racism.

- A debate cenbtred on the confrontation of experiences of struggles and on
the european situation. Which stand can we assume ? How can we put it
forward ?

- A discussion about the organization of a common framework able to break
the technical obstacles : languages, communication tools... With the
objective to launch new initiatives and common actions.

The groups which won't be able to attend the meeting can sen written
contribution to the debate.


=46or France, the following organizations, groups and individuals : the
clocals groups from "No Pasaran!" network, the collective "des papiers pour
tous" (in which we are in), Organisation communiste libertaire (OCL),
"Apache" collective, the Mouvement de l'immigration et des banlieues (MIB),
the Association des travailleurs turcs (ATT), delegates from locals groups
of "sans-papiers" and the national coordination.

=46irst list (not closed) of foreign movements and groups invited :

- The participants of the "Hunger gathering" meeting in Rome (Italy), in
november 8th to 17th (against the FAO summit).

- Italy : differents squatted social centers (Milano, Padoua, Rome,
Venice...), Radio Sherwood (Padoua), the National anti-racist network,
"Razismo Stop" association .

- Germany : various antifascist groups (Berlin, G=F6ttingen, Dortmund).

- Great-Bretain : Class War, Contra Flow, Freedom Press.

- Belgium : Alternative Libertaire.

- Sweden : antifascist magazine "Expo".

- Swiss : Organisation socialiste libertaire (OSL).

- Spain : Ateneo Libertario (Saragosse), El Lokal (Barcelona), Coordination
"Lucha autonoma" (Madrid), Trade union confederation "Solidarit=E9 ouvri=E8r=

- Netherlans : Autonom Centrum (Amsterdam)and various antifa groups.

- Members from european anti-racist network "United for intercultural action=


The deadline for your answers and contributions is November 15th. Then
we'll send you a new mail, includind the contributions to the debate and
the technical aspects of the demonstration and meeting. If you want to
attend, please tell us if you need an interpreter.

Each european, international or french group which wants to participate to
the writing of the call of the demonstration must send their contributions
as soon as possible. A synthesis will be made an then sent to all the
participants foe approval, before publication.

We hope this plan wull interest you.

Yours faithfully

Groupe Scalp-Reflex Paris
Pour le Re'seau No Pasaran


Commission immigration, Scalp-Reflex,
21 ter, rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris - France
Te'l : 33-1-43-48-54-95. Fax : 33-1-43-72-15-73

Site "Hunger Gathering" (en franc,ais)

Site "Des papiers pour tous"

Site "Les Africains sans-papiers de St Ambroise"

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