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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 08:51:57 -0800


Soon it will be just ruins. Later, a "moderately priced" apartment building
according to the attorney for real estate developer Liber 2000, even though
the lot is zoned as not suited for urbanization.

Nevertheless, for two years, the old bread factory at Villamil 46 was much
more than an empty building, it was a place for group rehearsals, gym,
popular dining room, a place for art shows, conferences, parties and
concerts. But above all, for many people it was the "Social Center", a place
where they could come and meet, in a space that satisfied needs that the
authorities refused to recognize.

Even their laws say that everybody has a right to housing, work and a
dignified life. But in this society the rights of private property, however
unjust they might be, are above everything else. And the rights of a few to
make a profit from the needs of everybody else overwhelm the search for
social justice.

In this neighborhood we know it only too well. There are no green areas, no
equipment and the few public places are littered with rubbish and cars. City
Hall wants to erase Tetuan's popular character to build in its place
residential zones for people with money, avenues and thoroughfares to
connect Azca and La Castellana (business district) with the Pilar
neighborhood (bedroom community).

The eviction of Social Center David Castilla was compelled by the judge, who
advised the developers about the best legal proceedings to speed up the
judicial paper work, and we know there has been pressure upon City Hall,
which wants to evict all the Social Centers as soon as possible, to put an
end to any and all centers of dissent and critical thought. But as we have
always said IDEAS CAN NOT BE EVICTED, and the spirit of our struggle will
not die no matter how hard they hit us.

Let every piece of rubbish from the David Castilla Social Center fall upon
their hollow heads!! Ten, one hundred, one thousand self managed social centers.


The Princesa movie house, located in Barcelona's Barrio Gotico - between the
Cathedral and the church of Santa Maria - seven months ago became a
Self-managed Social Center where concerts, conferences, debates and many
other learning and leisure activities took place.

They sent 25 vans, 200 cops and a helicopter to evict the movie house. They
succeeded in strengthening and in publicizing a movement that's at the point
of the social struggle.

The Center has the support of Manuel Vazquez Montalban, La Fura dels Baus,
Manu Chao (Black Hand), Lluis Llach and many others.

On friday November 8 at 20 hrs there will be a demonstration from Sol to
Lavapies in support of social centers and in defense of the right to
housing. After the demonstration we will proceed to "Okupy" Plaza Agustin
Lara - across from La Corrala de Lavapies - and there we'll hold activities
on the 8,9 and 10th.

For self-management and the right to housing. GET INVOLVED !!

Pedro <laldearesiste@redstb.es>


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