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Number 224

4th - 10th November, 1996


The current immigration and race debate has taken on a life of its own. As an
anarchist I see nothing wrong with an immigration debate. Every community has
the right to determine whether it has the resources to provide for a new
influx of
people. I personally feel that priority should be given to political and
environmental refugees. If other people face persecution or are living in areas
that cannot sustain them and we have the resources it's important that we
extend them assistance.

I find the racial undertones in the current immigration debate, disturbing, very
disturbing indeed. To deny someone the same rights you have because of their
racial origins goes against everything that anarchists stand for. To
conduct and
pursue a debate about race in Australia today is offensive and dangerous.
Anybody who judges an individual or a group because of their racial origins
needs to be stopped dead in their tracks. Unless such people and their views
are confronted head on, we face the frightening prospect of the Australian
community separating on racial lines.

While we need to confront racists head on we also need to move on. The very
conditions that breed intolerance and racism have their roots in the
that exist in our society. It's no accident that rednecks is a term of
abuse that
was used by plantation owners to describe white labourers in the South of the
United States, who earned their living working in the fields. The tell tale
mark of
a white labourer was their red neck. This occurred because the back of their
neck was exposed to the sun while they worked. It's no accident that both black
and white labourers were encouraged and expected to be natural enemies. As
long as the plantation owners were able to use the race card they would be able
to maintain their power and wealth.

It's interesting to note that those Australians who are most attracted
racist ideas
are those who are the most insecure. Both white and non-white non-skilled
Australians are fighting for the same jobs. It's in capitals best interest
to ensure
that both groups see themselves as enemies not potential allies. As anarchist
activists we need to move on from the current limited racial debate and
extend it
into a struggle against economic and decision making inequalities. In the long
run we are oppressed by the same plantation owners, the national and
transnational corporations that own and control an ever increasing proportion of
Australian society. Let's fuse the current race debate with the struggle for
economic and decision making equality by doing so we will be able to crush
those racists in our midst and at the same time instil a little insecurity
in those
members of our society who own the means of production, distribution and


Whether Clinton or Dole crosses the United States Presidential finishing line is
neither here nor there. Both candidates have little or anything new or
different to
offer electors. The great thing about the United States Presidential Senate and
Congress elections is the fact that an ever increasing number of United States
citizens are so alienated from the political process that they won't even
both to
cast a ballot for any candidate.

Over fifty percent of registered voters will not be voting. It's easy to
them as ignorant fools who have no interest in the political process. Their
is a little bit different to the manufactured reality that the media projects on
United States voters. Most people in the United States are dissatisfied
with the
concept of representative rule. People in the United States are so alienated
from the political process that they no longer have any faith that any
representative will carry out their promises. This weeks elections are a
celebration of the failure of representative democracy.

People know that the various candidates don't have any real power. Power in
the United States as in any other Capitalist State does not lie in Congress, the
Senate or the Presidential office. It lies in the boardrooms of a decreasing
number of transnational corporations. United States electors instinctively know
that elections for representatives are a farce. While an ever increasing number
of United States electors don't want to give power to politicians, more of them
are deciding to cast their ballots for a host of questions electors across the
States are being asked to decide. Questions about welfare, sexual preference
and marijuana use are all on the electoral agenda in many American States. As
more and more questions are being put to the electorate, American electors are
beginning to acquire a taste for direct democracy as opposed to their
disdain for
representative rule.


The suicide of David Yeldham, a former New South Wales Supreme Court
Judge four days after he was named in the N.S.W. parliament by Franca Area, a
N.S.W. Labor backbencher as someone who was forced to give evidence to the
N.S.W. Commission that is investigating paedophilia raises very important
questions about an individuals innocence or guilt.

It's one thing to place an individual before a judge and jury and look at the
question of a persons innocence or guilt. It's another thing accusing somebody
of a crime publicly from the safety of parliament and expecting that person to
prove his or her innocence. David Yeldham understood that he could never
hope to prove his innocence and decided that the only way out was suicide.
Anybody who saw how Justice Murphy, the radical High Court Judge who died
ten years ago was hounded out of office, understands the power that
parliamentary privilege bestows on parliamentarians. Anybody who is named in
parliament faces the almost insurmountable hurdle of proving their innocence.
It's one thing proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that somebody is guilty, it's
another thing making allegations about people from the parliamentary benches.


Australia's banks are a bunch of penny pinching maggots - my words, Costello,
the Federal Treasurer's sentiments. As Australian banks continue to post record
after tax profits, their secret is out of the bag. No they're not smarter than
international banks. No they don't work harder. The Australian Banking sector
charges it's clients at least 1% possibly 1.5% more in interest rates than they
would dare to charge overseas customers. These maggots are flush with funds
and continue to post record profits, because they charge outrageous markups on
all their products. So much for the myth that competition provides a better
service and reduces interest rates. We all know the banking maggots are just
plain greedy and mean. Unfortunately the Australian banking sector seems to
be the leader of the pack.


In an attempt to relive the glories of the past Australia's former Prime
Bonaparte Keating went off to see his mentor Suharto the Butcher. Oh to be a
fly on the wall as Bonaparte meets his Waterloo. I can imagine Suharto putting
a friendly arm around Paul's waist and telling him it's different in Indonesia.
They would never have dared to throw Keating out of office if he lived in

I wonder what they talked about, missed business opportunities? The Nobel
Peace Price? Maybe, just maybe the plight of the East Timorese? Who cares
anyway? It's interesting to see the number of Australians who have flocked to
pay homage to Suharto the Butcher. From ex Prime Ministers to Murdoch News
Corporation executives. Reading for what passes as informed political comment
in most of Australia's dailies, it's obvious that our media moguls especially
Rupert Murdoch don't want to rock the butcher's boat.

The East Timorese, the people of West Papua and any other group in Indonesia
that want to loosen their ties with the Djakarta military dictatorship are
treated as
little more than "collateral damage" by the hordes of Australian politicians and
business leaders who are flocking to Djakarta to touch Suharto's jocks.


The Herald-Sun News Pictorial that bastion of free speech, the most read
newspaper in Australia (over 1.5 million readers) is agog that "the extremist
League of Rights pledged money for Ms. Hanson and is promoting her maiden
speech," their words not mine. Considering that the editorial team at the
Sun printed Pauline's maiden speech in full, five weeks after she read it in
parliament and considering that the Herald-Sun has given more sympathetic
coverage to Ms. Pauline Hanson than any other media outlet in Australia, their
moral indignation at the League of Rights giving Pauline a leg up is akin to
Hitler castigating Himmler for implementing Hitler's final solution policies.

It's interesting how the mass media has changed its tune. After weeks of
idolising Pauline, they've turned on her. They've turned, not because they find
her statements morally objectionable and ignorant but because her statements
are beginning to threaten their bottom line profits. When you compare Pauline
Hanson and the mass media it's obvious Hanson has more moral fibre than they
have. At least people know where they stand with Pauline Hanson, as far as the
mass media is concerned they make Skase look like a paragon of virtue.


The re-election of the Likud Party and the election of Benjamin Netanyahu as the
Prime Minister of Israel has plunged Israel into a new phase of its development.
As more than 100,000 Israelis gathered at the spot where Yitzhak Rabin was
shot dead on the 4th November last year, the Israeli State is being rocked by
disagreements that gnaw at its very core. The Israeli State has survived and
prospered because of United States support and the cohesion and unity of its
armed forces. It's generals and politicians have been bloodied and united by

The election of Benjamin Netanyahu has heralded the changing of the guard
from a secular Israel to a religious orientated Israel. The armed forces are
having a great deal of difficulty in dealing with religious ideologues who
seem to
have no understanding of reality. The armed forces chiefs, men and women who
have been involved in battle realise that the only way Israel can buy
security is
by reaching a political accommodation with the Palestinians they displaced when
Israel was formed. Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters believe that security
will only occur when they have formed a Greater Israel and have pushed the
Palestinians back into the sea.

The dismissal of Major General Shahor by Netanyahu because he met the
opposition Labor leader Shimon Peres underlines the growing gap between the
Israeli military and the Israeli government. Generational changes and the
growing gap between secular and religious Jews have combined to fracture the
intimate alliance between the Israeli government and the military.

Many influential members of the Israeli military no longer want to be used as
government cannon fodder. They have no time or belief in the concept of a
Greater Israel and see the Jewish settlers in the occupied territories not the
Palestinians as the main stumbling block in their efforts to secure Israelis
borders. As the chasm between the Netanayhu government and the Israeli army
widens many Israelis are thinking that the army will act to protect the
integrity of
the Israeli State.

Rumours are circulating in Tel Aviv, the occupied territories and the new
autonomous Palestinian areas that the army will act if the Likud government
jeopardises the integrity of the Israeli State. The generals that lead the
armed forces are restless. They've discussed the possibility of a military
Whether it occurs or not will depend on whether the Likud government is willing
to reach an accommodation with the emerging Palestinian State. The secular
elements of Israeli society are losing patience with the increasing number of
religious bigots who expect the army to fight to create a Greater Israel. I
wouldn't be surprised if the Israeli army decided to cut their losses and
overthrow the Netanyahu government.


Q. Is there such thing as an anarchist viewpoint on human sexuality?

A. Anarchism is one of the few philosophies that accepts human sexuality as a
natural extension of life. Anarchists accept the fact that human sexuality
can be
expressed in a variety of ways. Anarchists see the question of human sexuality
as one that is determined by questions about informed consent. They don't
accept the idea that human sexualities primary role is procreation and they
accept the idea that religious or political leaders should have the power to
determine what is and what isn't acceptable expressions of human sexuality.

This doesn't mean that anarchists as individuals and as a community believe all
expressions of sexuality are acceptable. Sexual expression in most communities
in the world is determined by religious and political forces. In some societies
especially in societies where religious figures control the State apparatus,
aspect of human sexual expression is controlled. Anarchists' approach to
human sexual expression is determined by questions of consent and power.
Economic situations force many people to express their sexuality in such a way
that they would not normally consider. As everybody in an anarchist community
has access to societies wealth, the way in which individuals decide to express
their sexuality would not be controlled by economic need.

Anybody who uses physical, economic or emotional force to satisfy their sexual
needs would face criticism from the anarchist community they live in. Attempts
would be made to ensure that they don't repeat behaviour which forces other
people to help them satisfy their sexual desires. Every community would make it
its business to let members of that community know that forcing other people to
become involved in coercive sexual activity is unacceptable behaviour that could
result in community sanctions against that individual.

How people satisfy their sexual needs is not the central question regarding
human sexuality. The central question revolves around the nature of the
relationship. Is it an economically, physically or emotionally coercive
relationship or is it a relationship that is being pursued by voluntarily
individuals. Any individual or group that becomes involved in coercive sexual
behaviour will find that they will soon be sanctioned by the anarchist community
they live in.

Unless as individuals we are willing to tackle examples of coercive sexual
behaviour in the groups and organisations we are active in, we will soon
find that
we will become plagued with the same coercive sexual expressions that are
such a serious problem in so many communities across the globe.


Copyright is nothing more that the privatisation of intellectual property.
Traditionally anarchists have seen copyright as theft. Although copyright
is theft,
anarchists are faced with a dilemma when they relinquish copyright over material
they produce. Things are organised in such a way in a capitalist society,
nothing to stop someone else claiming copyright over what you have produced
and then use the copyright laws to make a profit and prevent distribution of
material that you want to circulate freely.

In a community which is based on the satisfaction of human needs not profit,
essential there's no copyright. Theoretically in an anarchist community what is
yours is mine. I believe it's important that anarchists do not relinquish
in a capitalist society. By retaining copyright they will be able to
determine who
has access and who does not have access to material they produce.

Why should they let some transnational corporation or local company make a
profit out of something they have produced. One easy way to control the
situation is for anarchists to make the decisions on who can use the product
have produced. Obviously they'd give permission to non-profit organisations
and groups to use what they have produced while at the same time they'd
exclude any corporation or company that intends to make a profit from what they
have produced.

If you produce a magazine, or write songs or music or are smart enough to
develop a new commodity you could take out a patent or activate your
intellectual property rights and State on any material you produce. "This
material can be republished or used by non-profit organisations, anybody else
needs to contact the authors of the material to obtain permission to publish
By having some control over material you produce you, not market forces, can
determine who uses the material and for what purpose it's used.

Unless activists are willing to exert some control over the intellectual
they produce, the situation can arise in a capitalist society where the very
they oppose can use their ideas for their own short term and long term gain. So
next time you want to give away copyright rights make sure that the people you
oppose don't profit from your work.



It was late in 1971, I was working on a farm in Archerfield Brisbane when a
convoy of police buses and army vehicles sped past along Beatty Road and
turned into Archerfield Airport. The country was in the midst of a
campaign. People from around Australia had rallied to disrupt the Springbok
Tour. The Springbok football team were the South African governments
apartheid public relations apologists. As the revulsion against the South
apartheid system increased, the South African government was desperate to
make sure its Rugby Union team toured the world. Many of the Australian
dignitaries that now embrace the African National Congress and Mr. Mandela
were the same people who unleashed the police, private security goons and in
some instances the armed forces on Australians in their attempts to ensure that
the "racially pure" Springboks toured Australia.

Once the convoy had sped past I put down my hoe (anything to stop weeding)
and made my way up Beatty Road to the main entrance at Archerfield Airport.
When I reached the airport I couldn't believe my eyes. Over three hundred of
Queensland's finest and an assorted number of military personnel were there to
guard the Springbok football players from anti Springbok demonstrators. In
order to foil the main body of demonstrators the Queensland government had
flown the Springboks into a peripheral commercial Brisbane airport.

I began walking between the lines of police chanting "GO HOME RACISTS".
Nobody knew what to do, as I approached the main entrance a police sergeant
came up and told me "what do you think you're doing". I told him I was the anti
Springbok welcoming committee and wanted the Springboks to go home. Within
a minutes I was unceremoniously bundled outside the airport. At least I wasn't
arrested or beaten up. A few days later Queensland's finest went on a rampage
beating dozens of anti Springbok protesters senseless in Wickham Terrace
Brisbane. The resultant publicity helped to create a climate that saw many
Australians take a stand against the Springboks.


I dreamt that Rupert Murdoch's and Kerry Packer's media empire was taken over
by the people who worked in their media outlets. As newspaper after newspaper
and television and radio station after television and radio station was
taken over
by the workers, Kerry and Rupert called on their friends in the government to
unleash the dogs of the State - the armed forces. When Johnny Howard
attempted to activate the armed forces he found that the State had been
abolished and no one had any interest in what he or Rupert or Kerry had to say.
If you've got a dream fax it in to us on (03)9482-4371.

Can you believe it, every media inflated rubber clone seems to have landed in
Australia. Michael Jackson, Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales,
Priscilla Presley and Joan Collins are a few of the plastic fantastics that
have or
will grace our shores in the next few weeks. I'm just so happy to be alive
at such
an exciting scintillating period of our history. I can't wait to buy my own
plastic dolls.

Isn't it so exciting to be in the presence of manufactured greatness.
Slurping up
the atmosphere is similar to eating manufactured ham. If Coke is the real
being in the presence of celluloid cut out images masquerading as pumped up
plastic dolls must be heaven itself.
Joseph Toscano/Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society.


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