Israel: Eran Avikhazar
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 00:03:43 +0100

Israel: Eran Avikhazar sentenced

5 November 1996:
Conscientious objector Eran Avikhazar was today sentenced by
the military tribunal in Jaffa to 45 days in prison and 45
more days of "conditional imprisonment". Since he has already
served almost a month in Military Prison No 4, he is due to be
released on 19 November. However, he will then face further
call-ups, and when he refuses his 45 days of "conditional
imprisonment" will probably be added to the next sentence.

The military tribunal denied Attorney Linda Brayer the right
to represent Eran. An appeal has been made to the Israeli
High Court of Justice.

Eran Avikhazar is an 18-year-old recruit. He had announced
his intention to seek exemption as a conscientious objector
but was misled by the army, spent two weeks in an induction
centre, and then he went AWOL - absent without leave.

Protests to:
Yitzhak Mordechai,
Minister of Defence,
Hakirya, Tel-Aviv
fax: +972 3 6916940

Tzahi Tanegbi
Minister of Justice
29 Saleh E-Din Street
East Jerusalem
fax: +972 2 6285438

Information from:
Conscientious Objectors in Israel, c/o Society of St Ives
tel: +972 2 6286729 fax: +972 2 6286339

Alert sent out by War Resisters' International, 5 Caledonian Road,
London N1 9DX. tel: +44 171 278 4040 fax: +44 171 278 0444