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Here is something that may be of interest to anarchists (or anybody
politically cognizant) in the Ontario area:

The site titled "Harrisville on the Web". Some of you might have
already seen the site as it's under the lglobal domain, but if not, it's
worth checking out.

Rob Stauffert      =:o)
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NEW! - Save Our= Democratic Heritage: Resist Harris= ' Super Toronto .

Days of Action! Protests
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Harrisville on the Web is now asking= all opposition parties, independents, groups and individuals to take part= in its "TAKE A HIKE, MIKE!"= program. Supporting continued protests, any new anti-Harris coalitions that form and the idea of appealing to voters to vote for anybody but Har= ris in the next election.

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The Saturday October 26th Days of Action! march was Toronto's largest pol= itical protest and the 300 plus protest actions on Friday October 25th were also= a success (About 700,000 people protested peacefully in Days of Action! events -- as counted by Harrisville on the Web) CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS = to everyone who organized it, participated in it and made it possible - but no thanks to Mike Harris.
About 350 successful protests have taken p= lace as of Sunday the 27th of October.

Thanks to Kent Wakely from = Now Magazine for providing this page with a list of Days of Action! prote= st events. Now Magazine= Message Board

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Background Essay:The Tyrann= y of The Harris Majority

*Note: Though I criticize The Harris Governmen= t, I really am critical of the way all political parties have handled= the debt crisis. They look at it as a national or provincial problem that= can be solved by cutbacks. The debt is an international problem and has to be dealt with at that level. Any financial system that allows half the= world to sink into poverty is not an acceptable system. Only prosperity can bring countries out of debt -- cutbacks are only part of the cure and= no cure at all if they are too large. Governments like the Harris governm= ent take too much out of the economy with cuts, cause it to spiral down and thus their own revenues decrease and that means cuts again. There have been other methods of raising revenue proposed such as the financial tran= saction tax. But governments don't look to new methods, instead they look to the same conservative thinkers that caused the mess in the first place with their high-interest-rate induced- recessions.

You might call it the tyranny of the soft underbelly of society. A soft underbelly of middle-class folks, mostly white males who voted for Mike Harris and his Conservatives with the idea of getting a tax cut. A quick look at their platform in the last= election shows that they have no mandate for the radical changes they hav= e made and are instituting. No mandate to eliminate all school boards, co-o= p housing - to close hospitals, centres for battered women and lay off nurs= es by the thousands - no mandate to attack the poor on welfare, and the sick= and disabled as well as native groups, universities, artists, labour, stu= dents, tenants, the environment . . . a list that goes on and on so that the Day= s of Action protestors are from nearly every respected group in society. And many are even from that soft underbelly of a majority that voted for Mr. Harris - having believed his hoaky promises without realizing a dange= rous and radical agenda was hidden behind those lies.

Promises of a tax cut hide the new fees cha= rged everywhere by government. People in wheel chairs have just got a new $25 fee for using wheel trans, and the poor must pay $2 dollars per prescript= ion. Some have been cut off competely and left without housing or a mode of travel. Tax relief that was promised is no relief for the poor whose inco= me has been cut and taxed indirectly through fees. It is not hard to see why= many of these people are protesting loudy at Days of Action! events. Some= have no where else to go. Once the municipalities face the reality of the= cutbacks the end result will be taxes and fees and taxes and fees. These government-off-our-backs conservatives are a monkey on our back more than= any other government has been. No matter where you go - from school to your doctor's office, etc - they are there doing damage and causing strik= es and protest. More cutbacks lead only to more cutbacks, lower revenues and= more debt. Closing all school boards and building smaller regional counci= ls is a Tory trick to create a new place to dump overpaid Tory hacks while they oversee the collapse of public education and the beginning of an Ont= ario with only private schools. It is unlikely that they will actually save any money. Our aging population will suffer from hospital closings and hospitals are parts of local communties and simply can't be shut down at will without consultation in the community. A government that won't suppo= rt reading and libraries will give money to poisoners. That's right - if you= want to poison the environment with all sorts of pesticides the Ontario government will pay you to do that.

Many nations face debt, debt caused by the long term effects the tight money, and high interest rates these conserva= tive radicals instituted at the international level. The recessions they creat= ed caused more debt, misery and suffering than any government spending. Now they have returned as our saviours - saviours who help us by shutting eve= rything down, killing all the worthwhile and human things in society, and replaci= ng them with nothing. Nothing but some vague and silly muttering about the private sector. I think the Days of Action! people are right to try to shut the Harris Government down before they damage Ontario beyond repair.= If they haven't done that already. Ontario is nearly unrecognizable now - we have government that has declared war on the poor, education, the sick, women, the arts and the environment.

Sure the Tories promised some cuts and they= did announce that they would hurt people on social assistance. But here they did it because they are demagogues who exploit the hate and ill will= of the people. They are not good democrats who harness the good will of the population with new programs and incentives. It should be noted that there has never been a good government that simply destroyed things . . =2E this is a form of Tory vandalism that is wicked in its cruelty to hum= an beings. It is even cruel to many of the same people who elected these rec= kless goons. It is not government. They knew that in tough times people worry someone else might be getting a free ride and used this to get elected. They are the champions of our hate for one another, and now their policie= s have seeded a hatred of them they fear rally leaders may not be able to control. They need the riot squad and injunctions and police all to block= a protest before it has even begun. Perhaps most of our politicians have failed us - witness Metro Chairman Allan Tonks and others - who worry tha= t journalists attending a horse race during the protest day may give Ontari= o a bad image by reporting the protests. I guess some of our leaders are people who think it would be nice if we could just sweep the victims of this Tyranny away - like warts that have fallen from the body. But the lesson to be learned is that they don't go away, they get angry. In the long run it is Mike Harris and his Tory vandals who will be sent away . =2E . sent away but not forgotten -- not forgotten and hated for decades,= if not forever.

G. Morton, 1996

Harrisville on the web at http://www.magic.ca/grim/action.htm
And http://www.lglobal.com/~command/action.htm


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