(Eng)El Acratador #54 - part 5 (CAst)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 15:48:56 -0800


On the Day of the Armed Forces a group of antimilitary activists called by
the collective Burgos Insumiso achieved the interruption of the military
parade that was taking place in this castilian city in at least two
occassions. They blocked the parade behind a banner and hurled hundreds of
leaflets against the army. There were no arrests.


Worker Victoria Garcia, fired from PRYCA-Malaga (see Acrat #53) ended her
hunger strike after 52 days due to the serious danger to her health. As a
consequence of the mobilizations and the support campaign the company
decided to rehire her in a different division or to give her an indemnity of
10 million ptas. She took the indemnity as she didn't feel comfortable going
back to work for the company.


The ongoing threats of eviction continue, for over a year and are having a
considerable wearing down effect which have almost totally paralized their
activities. However, they have reopened the dining room, the kafeteria, the
distributors, shops and collective gatherings, concerts and other activities.


Since March 10 the old Cine Princesa has been open as a social center in
Barcelona. They are under threat of eviction since August and September,
having suffered several actions against it. (TN: This squat was recently
evicted. See a-infos archive).

On August 22 the Civil Guard evicted the Centro Alternativo of Banyoles
(Girona). On sunday the 25 a demonstration put an end to the confrontations
with the antiriots and the civil guard. A few days later a municipal police
vehicle was attacked with a molotov cacktail.

For several months a Centro Social Okupado is active in Tenerife.


Since the end of April, young people from several of Bilbo's neighborhoods
have occupied an abandoned factory in the Rekalde District. At the beginning
they didn't publicize it and entered through a small opening to do the rehab
work. For several weeks now the door has been open, formalizing the opening
of a social-cultural self-managed space. It is located at Calle Cuzca 2.
Contact Aptdo. 6172 Bilbao 480890.


In response to the DGA (Diputacion General de Aragon - Aragon's regional
government T.N.) not keeping their word, the rural okupas who in May had
abandoned Sase and had temporarily moved to Artosilla, returned to Sase in
August. The DGA and the COMENA (Part of the Civil Guard that deals with
forest conservation T.N.) have issued an ultimatum to the rural okupas
organized in the Colores Association.


The seven members of Solidari@s con Itoiz imprisoned for two years in Irun~a
jail were finally released without bail on June 7. They had started a
hunger strike days before, after bail in an abusive amount had been imposed.
On saturday June 8, after their release, there was a large demonstration
against Itoiz Dam with more than 20,000 people in attendance. The civil
government prohibited a camping-in at the end of August. Many activities
took place anyway, and the participants found lodging in private homes.


Nineteen workers were tried recently in Linares (Jaen) in connection with
the events at the Santana Motor crisis in 1994. The police charges at the
RENFE (Spanish railroad T.N.) station in Linares and those in front of the
PSOE-A congress excited the workers and serious disturbances took place. The
highest sentenced demanded is for a senior worker accused of arson at the
Delegacion de Hacienda (Local Revenue Service Office T.N.). Most of the
defendants were declared innocent but the worker charged with arson has been
sentenced to 6 years and 7 million ptas fine. With the New Penal Code the
sentence will be reduced to less than two years and he will not have to go
to prison.

Two young men have been sentenced to eight months in prison and 25,000 ptas
for their participation in the mobilizations against the Cadiz Shipyards
reconversion. Another 15 people await trial.


Recoletos, a publishing company that comprises MARCA, Expansion and other
publications has fired the CNT union delegate.

For several months now there has been a confrontation between the CNT and
the Rectory of the University of Granada for their recognition of the CNT
section. On May 8 there was a new lock-up in the Rectory. Hours later the
police evicted them, dragging out the demonstrators and arresting a union
activist. During the electoral campaign CNT militants wearing masks with the
likeness of the sole candidate to Rector interrupted an electoral meeting
with applause.

On July 12 in Zaragoza a group of CNT militants occupied the 6th floor of
the building housing the Accumulated Heritage in Plaza de la Constitucion
denouncing the giving of a floor of this building to the employers
association and the denial of the same to the CNT. They were evicted by the


On July 8 Jose Miguel Iglesias was arrested accused of placing nine
explosive artifacts between 1991 and 1996 at the INEM (Instituto Nacionel de
EMpleo - National Employment Institute T.N.) headquartes, banks and
political patry offices. Jose Miguel is a long term unemployed, very well
known in Nou Barris for his anarchist ideas and a confirmed militant in the
struggle against unemployment. He came under the antiterrorist legislation
and was transported to the National Audience, where he admitted to only five
attempts against the INEM of Nou Barris. The National Audience declined to
hear the case considering that as he acted alone he should not be under the
antiterrorist law and determined that the defendant undergo a psychiatric
examination as he was too much under the influence of anarchist ideas. When
the norm is to remain passive and dormant to rebel is craziness. His
actions, all of them without bodily harm, were claimend by fictitious groups
such as Rosa de Fuego, and the Partisans of Destiny. The police spent five
years investigating numerous people from the Nou Barris libertarian movement.


The miner protests against firings and threats of mine lock-outs in Chile
have lasted two months. In Lota 1500 workers took the mine and the offices.
Some strikers were on hunger and thirst strike. The indefinite strike has
spread to 5 mines and 4500 miners. They live out of popular soup kitchens.
The reformist unions have made deals with the companies against the
resolutions of the miner's assemblies. The workers are not intimidated by
threats from the army and the police. The CNT organized a demonstration in
front of the Chilean Embassy in Madrid.


* Camping-in against the TAV (Tren de Alta Velocidad - High Speed Train
T.N.) from July 25 to August 4 in Aoneta (Guipuzkoa). There were workshops,
mountain hikes, talks, protests and festive activities.

* The IX Alternative Fair took place in Valencia. In the old Turia riverbed
there were 300 craft stands, biological products, collectives, animation
theatre, music etc. There were also some interesting debates.

* From August 4 to 11 Leon's pro-insumision collective organized the VI
Camping-in in the Teleno shooting range. Organized by La Casa por la Paz
(the House for Peace T.N.) of Quintanilla de Somoza (Leon). There were
hikes, talks, theatre and much more.

* On June 30 500 people demonstrated in Madrid against State Terrorism. The
number of anti-riots present was almost equal to the number of participants.

* The traditional Naval Battle of Vallecas, where the participants spray
each other with water, was prohibited. In spite of which this July 14 many
neighbors started the battle with buckets of water. The police intervened
charging in numerous occassions. Eight people were arrested.

* An antimilitaristic camping-in took place July 12-14 at Cerro de
Matabueyes (Segovia) near an army shooting range.

* From July 20 to the 27 in Amarante (Portugal) the XIII International
Revolutionary Youth Camp took place, organized by the VI International and
akin organizations, with the attendance of people from several currents of
the alternative anti-capitalist left.

* On June 25 hundreds of people took part in the VI March for the Conversion
of Military Factories in Euskadi. This year the march went to the Expal
factory, manufacturers of antipersonnel mines.

* On June 26 in Tenerife the police arrested six insumisos that had climbed
a scaffold at the Military Headquarters.

* On June 24 at the end of an antimilitary demonstration in Leon the police
charged against a group of insumisos without provocation.

* On friday May 31 700 people defied severe storms and demonstrated in the
streets of Zaragoza against the NCP (New Penal Code T.N.) and in favor of

* On July 8 there was a new edition of the march against Garon~a Nuclear Plant.

* On JUne 8 and 9 1000 people took part in a camping-in at Biscarrues
against the construction of a dam. This pre-pirenaic zone has great
ecological value and the dam would put an end to the emerging eco-touristic
activity there.

* Two of the three people sentenced for their actions in the mobilizations
against Expo-92 in Sevilla have gone to prison. It so happens that the
sentences were for one year only, but the judge managed it so that they had
to serve their entire sentences.


On July 1 a young woman died in Burgos run over by a train in one of the
railroad crossings in the center of the city. The neighbors got organized
and for several days blocked railroad and other traffic. For four days there
were confrontations with the police in different neighborhoods. Some streets
were blocked with fire barricades and there were molotov cocktails. Damages
reached 3 million ptas. According to the civil government, as usual JARRAI
and HB were responsible, whether it happens in Hernani, Madrid, Cadiz or Burgos.


During May and June 1500 turkish and kurdish political prisoners carried on
a hunger strike against the building of 9 isolation prisons. Turkish prisons
are in alarming conditions. The police repressed gatherings outside. Nine
prisoners have died during the hunger strike. In 1995 4918 people
dissapeared in Turkey. Mothers say that their sons have died while under arrest.


In June five police agents from the Central Brigade of the foreigner's group
and urban delincuency have been accused of belonging to a police mafia
active in Zaragoza. Comissions and extortions of hotels and houses of
prostitution, sexual favors from inmigrant women in exchange for residence
permits and other shenanigans with camel-informants are some of the deeds by
these guardians of law and order.


Besides games, concerts and festivals there have been other activities at
the Centro Social Libertario. In June Ateneo Libertario and the collective
Izquierda Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Left T.N.) organized a conference
presenting the activities. Spain '36. Lessons from a Revolution took place
in July in Italy. Also in July there was a conference with the attendance of
comrades that took part in the Anarchist Collectives in Aragon.

July 13 and 14 in Angues (Huesca) there was a new Libertarian Encounter
organized by CNT-Aragon with the attendance of veteran anarchist militants
exiled in France. Each year the Encounter takes place in Aragon towns where
there had been collectives.


June 29 and 30. Organized by El Acratador at the Centro Social Libertario
there was a national level meeting of publications and counterinfo
collectives. Participants included Llar (Asturies), Radio Klara, Radio
Libertaria and BAC (Valencia), Ateneos de Reus and Tarragona, El Baifo
(Canarias). The intent is the creation of an counterinformation network at
the national level using all available means. Other groups that could not
attend have shown an interest.


Listen to
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Millios of Internet users can now read our bulletin by contacting:

Several months ago we had an experimental page through the Servidor Popular
de Informacion Electronica (SPIE-Aragon). At that time a fascist from F.N.
tried to orchestrate a press campaign against us, accusing us of making
apoligies for terrorism. Finally the politics at RedIRIS forced the
disconnection of SPIE. Until it starts to work again, you can find us at the
above URL.

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