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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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Since March 4th, inmates of the special departments in several prisons are
on courtyard strike. The FIES (Ficheros Internos de Especial Seguimiento)
collective demands the inmediate application of article 60 (the release of
the seriously ill) to all prisoners with AIDS and other incurable diseases,
mental illness, cancer, paralysis and better medical assistance and food for
the HIV positive. Also the creation of establishments to house sick inmates
and respect for the dignity of men and women about to die on the part of the
administration. The FIES are prisoners subjected to extremely harsh living
conditions many times because of their fighting attitude against injustices
in the prisons.


Several prisoners have filed complaints in court about the beatings,
vexations and humiliations received by Juan Luis Sanchez, 22 years old drug
addict, by the prison officials in Jaen jail the 20, 21 and 22 of november
1995. He was found hanging in his cell on the 29th.
Several social groups have organized a campaign, made difficult by hermitism
and fact-hiding. Why wasn't any action taken about the allegations submitted
on the 20, 21 and 22?. These associations had to make contact with the
deceased's relatives in an extraofficial way. Instituciones Penitenciarias
refused to provide the family's address and neither did it inform the family
about their right to appear at the procedures. Several human rights
associations have appeared in Jaen's Court to press charges.


This past January 19 Barcelona's free radio station Contrabanda FM was
literally swept off the dial by Barcelona Radio, a new municipal
broadcaster. This silencing happens after five years of uninterrupted
broadcasting on 91.0 FM, covering the whole city and part of the
metropolitan area. Most significant is that it isn't completely clear that
this other radio station has a license, but it so happens that it has a lot
to do with certain elements of P$OE.
At the moment Contrabanda FM transmits provisionally on 91.3 FM and is in
the midst of a campaign to recover their slot. The station has the public
support of collectives, unions (even the news people's) and they're sending
letters to collectives from different places that have or have had relations
with free radio stations.


In the previous issue we informed of the censoring of El Acratador on the
Internet. There were some inaccurate facts that could lead to confusion.
The Red Iris is not only an Internet site but also the organism that
administers the university's electronic network connected to Internet in the
spanish state. The University of Zaragoza had nothing to do with the closing
of SPIE, the order came directly from Red Iris. Accusations by fascist
Manuel Morillo didn't have a direct bearing on the closing of the SPIE
server. Red Iris forced the closing of the site granted by the University of
Zaragoza to the SPIE (Servidor Popular de Informacion Electronica) project,
dedicated to NGO's and alternative groups. This site was used as a server by
this bulletin and other alternative collectives of this city. Red Iris, due
to economic reasons, or perhaps because of censorship, only allows the
Universities use of the Internet connection for matters exclusively related
to research.


Jose Berges, better known as doctor death, was the victim, on April 5th in
Argentina, of an attempt by ORP (organizacion Revolucionaria del Pueblo).
Berges has 20 bullet holes but for the moment is alive. Two hospitals
refused to assist the wounded man. A few days after the attempt the hospital
where he is suffered another attempt, the ORP claiming responsibility.
Berges, the "Argentinian Mengele" was a torturer during the military
dictatorship. He was in charge of setting the pace of the torture sessions
to make them more painful, always with his face uncovered and enjoying it,
in a sadistic and refined fashion. He would steal children born to women
political prisoners in concentration camps and give them to military
personnel without children, later the mothers were murdered. The total was
500 children. Berges was sentenced in 1986 to six years for torture and
child stealing. He was released in 1987. The ORP has announced new actions
against the impunity enjoyed by torturers and genocides that live in freedom.


Aymare (France) was a self-managed collective that received men and women
exiled after the Civil War, many of whom continued to fight fascism during
WWII. The collective lasted until the beginning of the 60's. Many french
young people who didn't know Aymare want to remember and pay homage to the
spanish anarchists and their ideas of antifascist solidarity, fraternity and
mutual support. The Aymare encounter (El Lot) will take place on June 15.
For information and registration: C.I.R.A.S. 61 Rue Pauly. 33130 Begles
(France) phone


* Action at the Italian Consulate at Pamplona-Irun~ea, on February 28th a
group of people gathered and put up a poster against the trial of four
italian anarchists (see Acrat #51).

* Libertarian Days-Segovia Resists. They took place march 19-24 with talks,
videos, food, rock. These days are another example of the continued growth
of libertarian groups in different areas of the spanish state, even small
villages and cities. For more info: Asamblea Insumision-Alternativa
Libertaria . Apdo 324 // 48080 Segovia.

* Boletin Unidad. Deals with reviews and contacts, bimonthly and free. Their
object is to serve as a channel for contacts for people and fanzines,
distributors, groups etc... It is sent by mail just for the asking. J.I.H.A.
Apdo: 41.019 28080 Madrid.

* Cultural Association Eliseo Reclus has been created, formed by people
linked to the libertarian movement, they have deep knowledge and give talks
about biological agriculture, renewable energy and naturopathy. Contact
Apdo: 1226 02.0890 Albacete.

* In March, 9 Civil Guards were tried in Bilbo accused of tortures that took
place in 1980. Despite having taken 16 years for the allegations to bring
the defendants to the bench, they used a legal trick to suspend the trial on
a technicality.

* The publishing of Jake Libertario, organ of the FIJL (Frente Iberico de
Juventudes Libertarias) goes to the group Sense Reverencies de Castello.
Apdo: 560 // 12080 Castellon.

* Zarata Irriata is a free radio from Pamplona that returns to the air after
6 months without broadcasting due to reestructuring. They ask for
collaboration and information. Zarata Irriata Apdo: 3272 // 31080 Pamplona.
Phone/FAX (948)277900.

* Tabloid Cepas Resistentes calls for a proposal on multimedia art about the
theme "the fallacy of the call to electoral participation" and is soliciting
articles (doesn't matter if they're in spanish) and all kinds of formats of
visual work before June 20th to David Thorne, P.O. Box 153b, Glover VT 05839

* To hell with a certain elemnt from Hamburg that says his name is Oliver
who stole money in the Ateneu Llibertari Estel Negre from Mallorca taking
advantage of the natural anarchist kindness.

* On March 3rd in Brussels thousands of students and professors took part in
a mobilization against an education decree that would mean the loss of 3000
jobs. In the European Union's capital there were violent street clashes
between the police and the demonstrators.


On April 6th, around 7AM a group of 8 people, after subdueing a security
guard, climbed up the cables that transport the concrete carts for the
construction of Itoiz Dam and proceeded to hacksaw them, letting the load
fall to the ground.
The sabotage was done with machinery rented from one of the enterprises
that are building the controversial dam and caused losses valued between 900
and 1500 million ptas, according to estimates, besides provoking a stoppage
that will delay the works 5 to 6 months.
The authors of the sabotage, done without any violence, except against
machinery, taped it and gave it to the police who arrested them and beat
them repeatedly besides making them lie down on the ground handcuffed.
Later they were taken to the Agoitz courthouse where they could not make
declarations since there were no esukera translators so they were jailed
until tuesday when they finally were able to give their declaration and went
to pr6ison again to this date. They all have filed charges for ill treatment
including the dam's security guards.
The press and the official establishment got busy since the day of the
action by the Solidarity with Itoiz hurling lots of accusations against the
ecologists in the habitual line: close to HB, destroyers of jobs, violent
people ... The acting minister Perez Rubalcaba went as far as to say in
public declarations that Itoiz would be built above all and we've heard the
most barbarous things.
What hasn't been said so much is that the macrodam at Itoiz, which tried to
flood one of the valleys with most ecological riches in all Euskadi, had
been reduced by order of the Supreme Court to a simple lake of 9.7 cubic
Hms capacity instead of the planned 418. The court ruled that it's not clear
what the usefulness of that amount of water would be.
That is to say, these works so strongly supported were illegal since March,
in spite of which more than 300 workers were kept at the site. Workers that
in addition had to be recruited in other areas since the locals refused to
work in them. Taking into account the dam's illegality, the jobs were not
absolutely guaranteed (they only had to wait for the application of the
ruling) and besides it's fitting to ask what's more important: a few months
of work for 300 people or the change in living conditions of thousands of
people, besides the destruccion of dozens of hectares of forest.
The Coordinadora de Itoiz has claimed for a long time that the only reason
for the dam is the personal enrichment of certain UPN and P$OE officials,
since it was doubtful that the irrigation of 57,000 Has was possible, and
that land is at the moment producing an excess that can't even be sold.
For the moment the main promoters of the dam, councilmen Urralburu and
Aragon are in jail accused of corruption and illicit profiteering which
makes the dam clearly illegal.
As protest for the treatment given the arrested ecologists and to demand
their freedom and a stop to the works at Itoiz there have been dozens of
actions throughout the state and principally in Euskalherria, among which we
must note the gathering that took place in Zaragoza on tuesday April 16 at
Plaza Espan~a with a large attendance.
Now we can only wait for a judicial resolution minimally just for some
people that have acted in a non-violent manner in defense of everybody's
interest and against the murky Itoiz project, that only benefits the great
corporations and Navarra's local oligarchy of bosses.
Bank account to support: Caja Laboral account # 05811015383, Pamplona.


Come and meet us
Centro Social Libertario
Coso 186, local
Everyday from 18 to 21 hrs.
Library, videos, talks, concerts, distributors

500 ptas = 10 issues
-Deposit in Caja Postal c/c 00-19.860.916 payable to E. Gracia and send a
copy of the recipt.
- In mail postage, 11 ptas denomination (Apdo. 3.1414)


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