counter information no.45. (Part 3 of 4)

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counter information no.45. (Part 3 of 4)

Eco-Warriors Clamp Down

With D-locking, vietcom style underground
tunnels, communal cooking and childcare, tree
climbing and Tarmac computer destruction people
power is defying the oppression dealt by
politicians and multinationals who are turning
our planet over to profit and ultimate destruction.

At the Newbury camp against the bypass the
protest is criminalised with a combination of
archaic law and the CJA and repressed with
tactics of violence by exploited security. (Security
set fire to plastics to smoke out tree sitters
and when the fire brigade came the police turned
them away). The wages may be shite but it
still costs Them for the 1200 strong security and
police- 1 million policing and over 1 million
for secuity. But the false barriers the system puts
between the oppressed are being broken down
as security break ranks and join the protestors.
Over 5000 united to march against the bypass
on 12 Febuary.

Reclaim the Streets! Anti A74 party protests
are being held in Glasgow asserting the right to
safe, car free, unpolluted, non- state
controlled space. Hounded by heavy policing tactics
Critical Mass do the same on bikes in
Brighton and across Britain.

South Wales The Neath Valley opencast mining
opposition camp is still battling and on eviction

Right to Life! Since 1896 17 million people
world wide have been killed by cars. Women in
Craigmillar said no more as they united to
stop traffic that speeds dangerously through the
estate. Local children have already been
injured and experienced near misses. They blocked
off Castle Road forcing cars to turn back
until police arrived to break up the protest. One
woman clung to the bonnet of a moving car
for 100 yards. When the driver stopped the
protestors gave him a piece of their minds!

Wilson's Bog Mr. Wilson, sheriff officer,
has a toilet named specially for him at Daisy Nook
defence camp. He served an eviction order
on the still defiant camp which is fighting with local
residents. "I've got neighbours in their
80's who have lived here all their lives and are really put
out. They're talking about chaining
themselves to the trees."

Fundamentally wrong

In early December a small but noisy
procession in Nazareth demanded an end to the
practice of 'honour killing' which has
claimed the lives of at least 27 women
in 4 years.

On Sept. 8th., Rudeina Jemel was
found shot dead in her own house. The offence
for which she paid with her life was that,
after many years as a divorcee, she wished to
remarry. The women of her family supported
her decision; the men vehemently
opposed it. No one has been charged with her murder.

These killings are still condoned by
traditionalists, but there are signs of change. As
one demonstrator said "for many years
people have kept silent about honour killings.
We are trying to create a more healthy society".

For more info contact Women against Fundamentalism

Turning Up the Heat.

In November and December our ever active anarchist comrades
in Greece turned up the heat even more. Surrounding the main event
of the massive two day occupation and riot in and arround
the polytechnic on the 22nd anniversary of the Athens
uprising were dozens of bitter clashes on demonstrations
and pickets all over Greece in support of the 504 arrested.
Of these 137 were identified as key subversives and
kept inside, some tortured; 15 got 2-3 years alongwith 3 up
from an earlier Thessaloniki riot who went on
hungerstrike and 7 more were re-arrested, 2 months
later some were freed. Also during this time there were 3 severe
prison riots and a series of clashes between farmers and riot cops
in Larisa, and two murders by police.

No to casualisation

"It's not just about us. If we win this it's
going to give more hope to everyone", says a
member of Women of the Waterfront, the
support group created by wives, partners
and friends of the 500 Liverpool dockers who've been
fighting to get their jobs back for 5
months. The men were sacked on 28 Sept
by the Mersey Harbour and Docks
Company (MHDC) for refusing to cross a
picket line mounted by 80 of their
workmates who themselves had been
sacked following an earlier dispute.

As is increasingly the case elsewhere in
the world, the main issue in the dispute
is that of casualisation. The
MHDC, facing mounting international
compitetion, needs to drive down its
costs. This means forcing workers into
more flexible work patterns and breaking
their collectivity, leading to the
situation where workers will sit isolated at
home on constant call out, waiting for
a telephone call offering 3 or 4 hours'
work which will be 'freely negotiated'
into annual hours contracts with no
bonuses for weekend or night work.

With their union of little use, save
for providing telephones and meeting
places, the dockers have taken a more
active role than in previous disputes.
Open meetings are held weekly and
they are genuinely open, anyone may
attend although not vote. Benefits
have been organised and over 1000
meetings addressed both at home and
abroad. In Liverpool, mass pickets
have been rejected in favour of smaller
pickets of the dockers and their families
at the various gates in the docks and,
although the docks haven't stopped
completely, most shipowners and agents
have preferred to divert ships and
their cargo away from the port.

Their delegations have had much success
in obtaining financial support and,
more importantly, help in the form of
international secondary actions. Israeli
seamen delayed cargo handling on their
ship for 2 days in solidarity. On 15
Dec, 3 of the dockers picketed the docks
in Baltinore, USA, where a ship owned
by MHDC's largest customer
(ACL) and loaded by scabs was due to
be discharged. Some dockers refused
to cross and major disruption was
caused. The ship was moved to Norfolk,
Virgina where the dockers operated
a 'go-slow' and Newark, New Jersey
where, despite ACL ordering extra men,
no-one crossed the 3-man picket.

A Spanish dockers' representative says:
'We stand with you in your fight, this
is our and every worker's fight'. They
themselves are engaged in a series of
one-day strikes against casual labour.

On 8 Feb, despite pressure from the
union leadership to accept, the
dockers overwhelmingly rejected a deal which
offered redundancy packages of up
to z60,000. With additional solidarity
actions, including boycotts, promised
from dockers in Spain, Sweden, Canada,
Australia, Italy, France, Greece and
New Zealand, the MHDC is on the

As capitalist competition increases
world-wide, further tightening the
squeeze on workers eveywhere, so must we,
as the dockers have shown, organise our
resistance across the globe. Success can
only be achieved through self-
organisation and international solidarity.

Contact both Jimmy Davies, Secretary
Merseyside Port Shop Stewards, and
Women of the Waterfront at:
Transport House, 37 Islington,
Liverpool, L3 8EQ. Tel: 0151 207 3388.
Cheques to Merseyside Dockers Shop
Stewards Appeal Fund.

Portobello Postie Power Packs Punch

One-third of all strike days in Britain last
year were in the Post Office. Postal workers' militancy
is increasing as they resist bosses' attempts to
force cuts. On November 20, workers at the
Portobello office walked out when management
enforced the downgrading of 7 posts to part-time
without their consent. The unofficial action
soon spread to Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and Fife as
5,500 workers refused to handle mail from Edinburgh.

Bog Off Boris

Half a million Russian coalminers wished
President Yeltsin 'Happy Birthday' on 1 Feb by
beginning a nationwide strike in demand of
wage arrears. The massive stoppages forced the
government to agree to pay the $127m owed
and to invest $2 billion in the coming year. However
the strike has only been suspended until 1
March as the miners remain sceptical about the govt.'s
intentions. At the same time, up to a million
Ukrainian miners struck to demand wages unpaid
since October. Those with injuries have had
no invalidity benefits since July.

Bangladeshi Bravery

3 women garment workers have been killed
and 5 raped for their part in a campaign for the right
to 1 day off per week. Since 25 July 95, the
National Garment Workers' Federation of Bangladesh
has fought for the 1-day holiday which, although
a legal right, is not observed. In November, 100
workers were sacked for trade union involvement
and a further 400 were sacked without reason.
There are over 1 million workers in the garment
industry, mainly women and children who work up
to 16 hours a day in terrible conditions and
sometimes suffer physical torture. Women workers are
frequently harrassed. Contact: Gen. Sec., NGWF,
GPO Box 864, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fax: Attn.
Amin 880-2-867485

WORLD TO WIN (International)

In Khabarousk, far-eastern Russia, anarchists
have been organising against another
rise in public transport fares by non-payment,
obstructing inspectors and managers,
and damaging equipment; they have also set
up a club, pirate radio and free university.

An all-night running battle with riot cops
on Halloween exploded in Cherry Orchard
estate, Dublin, after increased police
harrasment of locals, the usual lying media cover
up blamed a violent thug minority.

In an uprising of 500 migrant workers,
incensed about exploitation and serious work
accidents in Shenzhen, southern- China, 4 were
beaten or shot to death by police and
armed village watchmen and 100 injured, 2 more
later dying because a hospital
demanded payment for treatment.

In Okinawa, Japan, 3000 small farmers/landowners
are refusing the annual lease to
the American base that takes up one-fifth of
the island and there have been numerous
furious demos since 3 marines raped an 11
year-old in September - since 1972 they
have committed twelve murders and countless
rapes and always got off.

Another 3000 locals in Bardenas, Catalonia
are striving to close a 4000-acre
military bombing range, that has decimated
the environment of local villages.

Police killed 1 demonstrator and injured
dozens after opening fire on angry crowds
rioting in Maputo, Mozambique over rising
food and transport costs.


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