(AA)El Acratador #52 - part 3 (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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This past March 20th two trials against two antifascists took place. In the
first one the prosecution asked for several days in jail against a young man
accused of administering a blow with a mug to a fascist. Finally he was
acquitted and it was clear that the arrest had been done at random by the
secret police, as usual.
That same morning another trial took place with the prosecution asking for 3
years for another antifa accused of attacking Miguel Angel Gutierrez "Moro",
a well known nazi from Zaragoza, as he rode his motorcycle in March 1995.
The identification of the accused antifas, one of them insumiso in rebellion
that wasn't even in Zaragoza and who didn't show up at the trial, was done
with name, address and a previous knowledge of their ideology and without
them having taken part in the attack.
Several well known Zaragoza neonazis attended the trial: "Karrakas"
(rent-a-cop at the University), Cesar Gil Carreras (implicated in attacks
against homeless poeple), Francisco Javier Bueno, Jonathan Abizanda, a
certain Valera (close friend of Baeta), "Stuka", etc.
Finally the only defendant present has been sentenced to a year in jail
although at the trial it was clear the intent to implicate the antifascist
in the events no matter what, given that the declarations of the nazis were
totally contradictory and they put their hooves in their mouths several
times even as to the date when the attack took place. Another wholly unjust
sentence which demonstrates the fickleness of justice that punishes nazis
with a month's arrest with more evidence and for more serious aggressions
while the antifas are judged with a different yardstick.


= After the demonstration of March 8th, a young man was assaulted by nazi
Manuel Navarro, aka "El Rubio". In answer to the attack a group of people
attending the demo administered a corrective to that element and he has
accused without evidence a member of P.A.Z. based in a photographic
identification with illegal police records. History repeats itself: baseless
accusations supported by the police, with the goal of neutralizing the
emerging antifascist movement in Zaragoza.

= A member of JJLL (Libertarian Youth T.N.) was attacked by a group of nazis
the night of March 16th in the Leon XIII district, receiving a brutal
beating that sent him to the hospital, where they had to sew several
stitches and administer other emergency care. The young man has filed
charges, which we hope will stick.

= A young man coming out of an assembly of Colectivo Delicias received a
blow with a chain, he managed to escape in time.

= During the weekend of March 29-31 there were several aggressions among
which we note the stoning of El Arrebato, headquarters of the Rebel
Collective, where the bartender was injured in his eye and others suffered
less serious injuries.

= That same weekend several antifas stoned Bar La Croqueta again as well as
an all-terrain (vehicle) in which several nazis were making their rounds
controlling antifascist people, which was destroyed with the nazis inside.


A young man of brasilian nationality was stabbed twice in the chest in
Barcelona this past March 21st by a group of nazis. As he tried to escape
crossing the street he was run over by a car resulting seriously injured. He
was hospitalized and had to have surgery and is still recovering from his


The five nazis that killed Guillem Agullo, SHARP member assasinated in
Montanejos in September 1994 have received sentences that go from 25 to 28
years. The sentences, though pretty harsh, fall short since Valencia's
fascist organization came out clean during the trial, as we anticipated in
our bulletin #49 and some of the media have portrayed the case as a "tribal
fight" with a tragic end. We must clarify that four of the nazis are members
of the ultra soccer club Yomus and had contact with Accion Radical. They had
attended a concert for the race organized by A.R., they wore fascist emblems
and after assassinating Guillem they left the area singing "cara al sol"
(fascist anthem T.N.). In spite of all this the judge has not found any
relation between the defendants and fascist groups.
During the trial the private accusation made by the catalanist association
Maulets was fined 100,000 ptas for attempting to clarify the common
responsibility of Valencia's fascists as a whole and as a protest there was
a gathering and other actions.
On the other hand, Valencia's court condemned nazi Juan Jose R.E. to 13
years in prison for attempted homicide, injuries and damages for the
stabbing of four young people on November 18th 1994 and 10 days in jail for
an accomplice.


This phrase by Foreign Legion founder Millan Astray could very well apply to
his legionnair gentlemen who, after the murder of one of them at the hands
of a reserve soldier, came out to "avenge the affront" attacking the
magrebhi population of Ceuta
as well as the businesses they run. The image of the benevolent blue helmets
that help the unfortunate bosnians crumbles when confronted with the reality
of an armed force such as the Legion with a XIX century colonial mentality
and the appalling racism that is fostered within its ranks.


The presence of ultra-right-wing Ricardo Saenz de Ynestrillas in Catalunya
to inagurate two headquarters of the extreme right wing Alianza por la
Unidad Nacional (AUN) in Barcelona and Vendrell caused serious protests. On
February 25th the ateneos libertarios and antifascist groups of different
Tarragona towns organized a concentration in El Vendrell (Tarragona) where
Ynestrillas was opening up the headquarters. 400 people took part in the
antifascist demonstration. The only people that attended Ynestrilla's
meeting numbered 50, more than half of them neonazi skin heads. A large
deployment of anti-riot Guardia Civil protected their comrade Ricardito, who
had to leave the meeting by a side door. The naziskins came out marching
with their arm raised. Two of AUN promoters in El Vendrell will be tried on
April 2nd for attacking an insumiso from Reus at the end of an
antimilitarist demonstration.


In Barcelona the police disbanded the Centuriones gang, motorcycle buffs
linked to drug traffic, possession of weapons, contract beatings, illicit
association and other crimes. They had front businesses and even a yatch.
Their mafioso criminality and organized delinquency is flavored by neonazi
ideology and symbology. 34 people were arrsted, 25 of whom will come under
the court's jurisdiction, of whom 14 went to prison and the rest are in
provisional freedom. In Zaragoza a similar body called Templarios is active,
in october '95 their members assaulted a bar patronized by alternative
people causing one serious injury.


Two beggars that slept in the streets of Paris and another city in northern
France were sprayed with flammable liquids and burned alive making this one
of the most worrisome fascist murders in the last few years in the
neighboring state because of its cruelty and because there haven't been any
arrests to date.
The increase in ultra right wing crimes in France is very high due primarily
to the tacit support that the perpetrators of all kinds of ultra aggressions
get from the state through the ultra right wingers "democratically elected"
from Le Pen's National Front.


In Merano (Italy), on March 1st a germanophile racist sheperd that had
assassinated five people died in a gun fight with the police. A policeman
killed in the shooting becomes the sixth victim. The racist man was a member
of a radical seccesionist group of german speaking italians. The motive for
the crimes was racism, since the victims spoke italian. According to
investigations the sheperd was mentally ill.
Another crazy nazi is Thomas, 27 years old who killed five people in Renania
(Germany) obeying orders from god Odin, nordic divinity of war enshrined by
the nazis. He killed a nazi ex-colleague, a young female worker, an african
inmigrant, a young lady wearing an antifascist patch died of 91 knife
wounds. The murderer is well known in ultra-right-wing circles for his
militancy in different neonazi groups.
These two cases are not exceptions, many nazis not well in the head (you
can't be too sane to be a nazi) commit horrible crimes. Remember last year a
french adolescent, worshipper of Hitler who killed 14 people in his village,
among them all his family, or two nazi brothers in the USA that killed
several people among them their parents. All of this without mentioning the
Oklahoma bombing, the work of ultra rightists linked to the Michigan Militia
that caused near 200 deaths. Since a large part of psycopaths arrested for
multiple assassinations profess ultra right ideas it's fitting to ask
whether to be a nazi one must first be a psychopath, or whether to be a
psychopath one must first be a nazi.


A new case of members of an ultra right wing sect that barricaded themselves
happened between March and April. A sect who calls itself "Free Men"
bunkered down in a Montana ranch, after the arrest of two of their leaders,
armed to the teeth and remained under siege by the FBI for more than two
weeks until they were arrested. The members of the sect were very well
armed, declared themselves racist and did not recognize the US government.
The incident, besides not being the first one, is not an isolated one. In
the USA this type of openly ultra right group proliferates, combining at the
same time religious fanaticism and enjoying a certain tolerance on the part
of the authorities and the police, some of whom are self-confessed members
of these organizations.


- March 5th 500 people demonstrated in Langreo (Asturies) to protest the
threats sent by fascists against high school students.

- In March, the well known nazi Baeta, suffering from a terrible
degenerative mental desease, went back to Daroca jail for two weeks.

- The Supreme Court has confirmed the 52 year sentence for Civil Guard Luis
Merino and 24 years for his other three accomplices for the murder of
dominican inmigrant Lucrecia Perez. The nazis pretended to lower the
sentence alleging manslaughter. The court ruled it was murder.

- Sergio Soto and Sergio Duran are two nazis that have been tried in
Barcelona for making the apology of genocide after making fascist, racist
and xenophobic declarations in TV. The prosecutor asked for three years for
this pile of shit.

- On february 21st a bomb exploded at the headquarters of the National Front
in Marseilles. The place suffered much material damage. That day was the
first anniversary of the assassination of an inmigrant by members of the
National Front.

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