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Insumiso Javier Aguado suffered a new degree regression in March, being put
back inside the prison by an officer nickmaned "Mejillon", who tried to
force him to strip, as Javi refused the first thing this thug did was hit
him in the stomach, and in the presence of another three officers hit him
against the wall and threatened him repeatedly. After this he was taken to
isolation where he was forced to do flexions naked and on top he has
received a disciplinary sanction.
This human garbage has already performed other actions against insumisos
whom he seems to particularly hate, and he is well known for his enjoyment
of inflicting ill treatment and for habitually carrying a gun, a clear
signal of how peaceful his conscience is. We ask you to write letters in
support of Javi and to be ready for a response campaign.
On the positive side Luis Merin was finally released in conditional freedom
from the first gallery where he was in second degree.


The V Days of Total Insumision took place in Barcelona, organized by CAMPI
with the participation of antimilitary collectives from all over the state.
insumision has at stake during the next few months with the change in the
Penal Code, the consolidation of Prestacion Social Sustitutoria and the new
models of defense and the army imposed by the international situation.
New strategies were also outlined and there was talk about the message to be
sent and the different situations that the new Penal Code will generate. To
read the depositions presented by CAMPI-Aragon come by our place (Coso 186)
and those collectives interested in more information may write to CAMPI,
Aptdo 6129, 50080 Zaragoza.


We are beginning to reactivate insumiso assemblies throughout Aragon, as a
way of empowering the Insumision Movement and at the same time to avoid
insumisos from not belonging to any collective and remain isolated and to
get to know each other a little better and help ourselves when faced with
the possible problems and doubts that may arise. To establish contact you
may come by any Antimilitary Collective or the information service about
conscientious objector of the Consejo de la Juventud de Zaragoza, Po.
Pamplona 17.


Insumiso under search and capture Kike Mur was arested in Zaragoza while he
was in a boarding house, since they give their lists of clients to the
police. Kike remained over a month in preventive imprisonment until his
trial, which took place on April 15, as a personal revenge by the (female)
judge who has had several insumisos not report to their trial.
On the other hand, two insumisos from Bilbo under search and capture chained
themselves on monday march 12 to the door of Bilbo's courthouse to provoke
their arrest and consequent jailing. Two other people chained themselves
together with the insumisos and thus impeded a lot of people's access to the
building. Right away four ertzainas (basque police) appeared and cut the
chains and after identifying the antimilitarists arrested the two insumisos.
One of them, Ricardo Barriuso, after being taken to the police station he
was transfered to Basauri prison. The other insumiso, Alvaro H. Perez,
"Tuti" was set free by order of the judge.


Insumisos imprisoned in 2nd degree at Irun~a prison fasted again from march
7th to the 9th to protest against dispersion and prison in general.
The Pamplona insumisos stage a protest on the 8th of every month after the
8th of September 1994 when eight imprisoned anitimilitarists were transfered
to different prisons throughout the spanish state. In this ocassion the
jailed insumisos wanted to relate their protest to Working Woman's Day. They
also denounced the situation in which Navarra's female prisoners live, all
of them being forced to serve their sentences away from their places of origin.


An explosive device was deactivated when the fuse was aligth on March 7th in
front of the barracks at Florence (Italy) which is the headquarters of
Eurofor, an inmediate response force for the Mediterranean comprising Spain,
Italy, France and Portugal. The attempt was vindicated by radio with a "Long
Live Anarchy", they also claimed responsibility for the attempt on February
28th in front of the Ministry of Aeronautics in Rome and denied the claim by
the Nucleos Comunistas Combatientes.



On January 14th over 10,000 people demonstrated in East Berlin in homage to
Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebkeneck, outstanding fighters in the revolution
of 1919 and assassinated by the army. This demonstration attended by a
motley crew of all ages takes place without incidents and ends with a
placing of flowers in the cemetery where they rest. This year the police
charged several times against the demonstration, venting their fury on the
antifascist block and the turkish and kurd groups. They arrested several
people and once at the cemetery everything was peaceful again, but the
police charged again and tried to arrest more people, with new clashes and
incredible police violence.


The indiscriminate and massive raids and searches in homes, locals, okupied
houses belonging to the antifascist, autonome and libertarian movements
continue in Germany. Two people have been arrested and charged with
belonging to Antiimperialist Cells, an armed organization that never before
had suffered arrests until now.


(Llar) Germany's Federal Police tore away two children, 2 and 6 years old,
from their parents arms at Stuggart airport on January 2nd. The parents,
kurdish political refugees, had spent all their savings to pay for their
children's trip. The police, by virtue of a law that does not authorize
family reunions, returned the children to Turkey.


The kurdish community living in Germany organized, on March 16, a gathering
for the peaceful resolution of the kurdish problem. The demonstration,
previously authorized, was declared illegal hours befor its start. The
police stopped more than 50 chartered buses from different cities in roads
and expressways. In spite of this many kurds evaded the police controls and
arrived at Dormunt. There were incidents and over 1,300 arrests. There were
clashes in the expressways with the kurds travelling in the buses. A police
car was incinerated. Two weeks before in Bonn the police charged against a
kurd demonstration due to the display of PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party)
flags and the 2,000 demonstrators answered the police aggression with stones
and potatoes. The PKK initiated, over ten years ago in Kurdistan, the armed
struggle against the genocide by Turkey that they suffer. Germany
collaborates by selling weapons to the turkish government which are used to
massacre kurdish villages. The large kurdish community residing in Germany
has almost 50,000 PKK militants. Germany's justice system outlawed the PKK
in 1993, and now Germany's justice does not consider the PKK a "clandestine
organization" but a "terrorist group". On the other hand a group of european
politicians, among them a senator from the PNV (Basque Nationalist Party
T.N.) that were trying to visit Kurdistan were arrested by the turkish
police who did not allow them to visit the area.



Social Center David Castilla, okupied since December 1993 in Madrid's Tetuan
neighborhood is currently one of the most active projects in Madrid. They do
many activities (theater, library, gym, dining room, flamenco, labor
advisory...) and is a place of reference for different collectives. At the
moment they're under threat from the owners (a well know especulating
enterprise) that demands 3,000,000 ptas to start a judicial proccess that
will allow the social center to remain alive for two more years. The
attorney for the social center thinks it's possible to lower the bond to
500,000 ptas. They urgently ask for support from all the collectives, it's a
matter of days, any help in any amount is welcomed. Deposit in : Cajamadrid
2038.1093.8 F.M. Martinez c/c 3003156248. For more information C.S. David
Castilla 46 Villamil St.28.039 Madrid.


Two okupas from Casal la Murtra in Barcelona, evicted and demolished in 1994
have been tried by a judge. He sent the summonses to the vacant lot where
the house used to be and this meant imprisonment for a female defendant and
search and capture with preventive imprisonment for the other defendant
until the trial takes place.


On February 10th an attempt to okupy a house in Santa Coloma resulted in
the arrest of two okupas. On the 15th it was reokupied, hours later
boneheads and fascist neighbors showed up armed with clubs. 25 nazi-skins
threatened to burn down the house. Later 60 people came up in defense of the
okupas and the nazis dissappeared. The police came and the house was evicted.


(Llar) Social Center Gaviluetu of Aviles (Asturies) has problems with the
Town Hall. On February 23rd municipal workers and municipal police entered
the okupied house without permission and removed 50 meters of electrical
wiring and two lampposts (belonging to the fishermen's brotherhood). The
mayor in person showed up during the cut off of electrical energy. A
municipal police car remains in front of the house 24 hours a day
controlling the okupas and preventing them from reconnecting the
electricity. That same afternoon 500 people took part in a demonstration of
protest in front of the Town Hall and the PP's headquarters. On February
28th several members of the okupa assembly took over the stairs inside the
Town Hall, while a gathering in support was taking place outside. The
municipal police kicked out the okupas and one of them was arrested and
beaten in a room. They confiscated a banner which read :"If there are
evictions there will be disturbances". On March 2nd in the asturian
municipality of La Felguera a house belonging to Iberdrola was okupied.


On saturday March 9th a house belonging to the archbishop, located in
Etxarri-Aranaz (Nafarroa), was okupied by the Gazte Asanblada. The house had
been abandoned for four years and to date there haven't been any problematic
In addition, during the festivities in Tudela the recently created
pro-gaztetxe assembly of that town okupied a large house where alternative
parties were quickly organized and during which a good sum of money was
collected for their activities.
Unfortunately, shortly after the festivities ended the house was evicted,
but this has not diminished their spirits to continue moving forward.
At the last minute we've received news of the okupation of an abandoned
factory in Portugalete (Bizkaia) by a large group of young people on April
13. The goal of the okupation is the creation of a social center, due to
repeated refusals from City Hall to give them a place.


On January 20th in Paris a hundred people okupied an apartment building at
37 Rue Bonnet (Moskowa district). The initiative came from the neighbors,
with the support of many groups. The building, in good condition, was to be
demolished, but now it will be inhabited by the poor people of the neighborhood.
Since February a political squat has been opened in Nantes. Named Le
Courtois, it's a few steps from the well known City of Congresses. Their
goal is to demonstrate that an antiauthoritarian collective can help a group
of individuals claim ownership of an empty house in the center of the city
and to reject the charity system. In Nantes, the ancient worker's
neighborhoods are being destroyed, displacing the inhabitants to the
outskirts. The okupas are already preparing activities: language courses,
self-defense, a vegeterian restaurant, concerts.
Le Courtois is located at 10 Rue de Bitche. Another squat, Le Local is at 16
Rue Sanlecque.


According to a report on the urban situation by the United Nations the
spanish state is the european country with the most empty houses. 500,000
houses are empty and are perfectly inhabitable.

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