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Counter-information bulletin #52 April - May 1996

Apdo. 3141
50080 Zaragoza
Spanish State/ Spain

Centro Social Libertario
Coso #186, bajos

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1- Acratorial
2- Zaragoza City
3- Worker's struggle
4- Brutal Insumision
5- From Germany ...
6- Haunted houses ...
7- Fascism? No thanks
8- Civil Society?
9- Briefs
10- With Itoiz, against the dam
11- Announcements



New hordes of enraged young people have come out of the depths of villages
and cities. We're fed up with the prevailing stupidity, with putting up with
those who step over us, those who molest and oppress us, and tired of
turning the other cheek. We call on you to join our struggle.
We are very intolerant of: fascism and ultra right wing neonazi gangs,
corrupt politicians, the jet-set, the new and old rich, worldly aristocracy
and the royal families. We're intransigent with: the JASP, yuppies, JASPs
and yuppies disguised as progressives in the subsidized NGOs, the priest and
nun apprentices that naively beg Big Brother for the 0.7 when the banks are
full of money, the "tolerant ones" who call intolerants all those who that
do not think like them and on top they sick their cops on them to get
pounded on. Those who condemn violence from one side only, those that wear
the blue ribbon and forget the imprisoned insumisos.
We deeply hate Nieves Herrero, Lina Morgan, Ana Obregon, Encarna Sanchez
(even after death), Carrascal, Olga Viza, Ussia, Pedro J., Jimenez Losantos,
Jesulin de Ubrique, Rociito and the cop, Luis M. Anson, Chiquito de la
Calzada, Sanchez Drago, Raffaela Carra, Lobaton, Emilio Romero, Victoria
Prego, Victor Manuel y Ana Belen, Luis del Olmo, Jose Ma Garcia, Bertin
Osborne, El Padre Mundina, Alfredo Landa, Elias Yanes, Sex Pistols
(reunified), Mario Conde, Concha Velasco, Emilio Aragon, Javier Alvarez,
Ruiz Mateos, Jesus Gil and other shitty vaudeville that comprise the
alienating "establishment" of x-panish society.
We do not have the slightest respect for those who wear LIBERTO thinking of
liberty, the rebelliousness of Radical (Fruit), Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Max, for
the two dozen "creators of opinion" that appear at every hour and always in
the same newspapers, radio and TV programs and tell us how millions of
stupified good citizens must think.
We don't tolerate the habitual excesses of the security forces, temporary
work companies, the junk contracts, savage entrepeneurs, neoliberal politics
that condemn us to misery and those who destroy nature without the least
scruples for a handful of dollars. If you equally hate black Spain and
"positive" Spain, Take That, the tunas and those who beat the drums in
religious parades - you are one of us.
Against the dictatorship of mediocrity, against the boring empire of
tediousness, against the culture of condominiums and the game show "Enough
bullfights and football" use your brain, move your grey matter in a way
independent of the dictatorship of the Society of the Spectacle. Self
defense against the cretin state. The right to leisure, work or dole, the
right to drink, to fuck, to think and to dream. Join Intolerant Youth.



This past March 8th had better attendance than in previous years: some 1500
women and plenty of men seconded the gathering which was not very lively,
but at least served to demonstrate that the feminist movement is not as dead
as it appears in our city. After the demo there was a party until the wee
hours of the night.


On March 22, 23 and 24 there was a camping against the Third Belt,
celebrated on a field next to Colegio L'Estonnac in Torrero, with more than
100 tents and attended by hundreds of people.
During the camping there was a concert in wich 10 groups played for free and
also a rehearsal of the defense of the pine grove, preparing for the day
when the big machines come to cut down the trees.
At the same time the Coordinadora Vecinal is carrying out a campaign to
godfather 5000 trees that will be cut down to build this road, and which
will happen without the mayor having the courtesy of receiving the neighbors
to ask for their opinion.


A new alternative space has been inagurated at 3 Ave. America: a vegeterian
popular eatery where at a very low price you can enjoy two dishes and
dessert every sunday morning. We recommend it since it is an alternative
form of self-employment as well as a newly liberated space.


It looks like Zaragoza's City Hall doesn't like to display poverty, even
though it exists in good measure in our city. This is why one of the latest
orders from the mayor is to remove musicians and peddlers off our streets,
in charge of which is the municipal police. The traditional flea markets are
also under threat of dissappearance, as usual due to pressure from
Zaragoza's merchants. This measure, like the previous one, only achieves the
sharpening of poverty and marginalization, particularly for minorities such
as the gypsies that don't have any other sources of income, or the hundreds
of people who make a living thus.


The Committee of Solidarity with Euskalherria has been formed in Zaragoza to
present a different image of basque reality than the habitually manipulated
one that we get. For now the publication of propaganda material has started,
as well as periodic meetings showing the other side of what the official
media tell us.


The 16th Libertarian Camping took place in Villalagua, as usual organized by
the Comite Regional de Aragon of the CNT, with the attendance of close to
200 people from different parts of the state who enjoyed several days of
anarcholiving together.


Libertarian political prisoner Pablo Serrano enjoyed his second three-day
furlough from prison, though it should have been 6 days, from March 22 to
the 25. At the moment we're waiting for a third furlough, although he should
by now be placed in third degree, so that he only has to go to the prison to


Our place, Centro Social Libertario, is going well at last.Right now it's
open everyday from 18 to 21 hours at least and every saturday we open the
bar. The counter-info cafe is already working, with a wall covered with
alternative publications that you may peruse, a small library and video
shows every saturday at 17 hours. We've also started to work the issue of
alternative distribution, with the self-production of tee shirts made by the
comrades from FIJL, books, magazines and music.
During the months of March and April there have been two concerts with Dirty
Youth from Burgos and a crust festival with Proyecto Terror from Zaragoza,
OBNI and Uprising from Barna, besides several parties, a dinner in support
of Radio Topo and a gore film marathon.



Members of the unemployed collective Eraiki kidnapped an urban
transportation bus in Donostia on February 29. The action was in protest
against the extra hours worked in the municipal transportation company.
Between 20 and 30 unemployed people took the bus at the start of the route.
There were no passengers, and the driver was force to head for City Hall.
There the unemployed tried to meet with the councilman in charge of traffic.


March 3rd 1976, in the midst of a strong popular worker's movement of a
self-managed assemblary character, thousends of workers held a gathering in
Vitoria during a general strike inside a church. The police threw smoke
canisters thru the church windows and as the workers ran out they fired with
anti-riot ordnance and real fire. Five workers were assassinated by machine
gun fire. The ultimate responsible was Manuel Fraga, then minister of
interior of franquism and a while later PP (Partido Popular - right wing
party T.N.) mentor (which 20 years to the date has been the political party
with most votes).
The Plataforma Electoral 3 de Marzo called for a demonstration in memory of
the five workers killed with the slogan "March 3rd 1976-1996 the same
reasons to fight for". 3000 people took part in the demonstration, among
them many workers who lived directly those tragic events of our recent
history, often silenced or forgotten.


(Llar) On February 29 the trial of Manuel Rodriguez, foreman at Hunosa and
founder of Fuerza Nueva in Asturies, took place. He was charged with sending
anonimous threats against Primitivo and his family. A report from the
forensic brigade of Madrid Police recognized the handwriting of the threats
as that of the accussed. The judge took into consideration the testimony of
two expert witnesses for the defense and suspended the trial until a report
from the Guardia Civil is made.
More than 100 people gathered at the courthouse in Oviedo in support of
Primitivo. The prosecution asked for 8 months and 100,000 ptas fine. Note
that this is the same judge that had no qualms in sentencing Primitivo to
jail despite the testimony of 12 miners who said they were working with
Primitivo when the attack took place.
Jose Primitivo is a syndicalist miner from Corriente Sindical de Izquierdas
(CSI) that was sentenced to 4 years in proson accussed of assaulting an
engineer, spent several months in jail and at the moment is in conditional
freedom awaiting an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal.


(Llar) Three young people have been sentenced to 6 months accussed of taking
part in the mobilizations of the Naval workers from Gijon. The sentence for
attempted assault to the forces of law and order was rigged. There was a
gathering of workers and friends in support of the defendants. During the
incidents (May 95) the reactionary press in Asturies criminalized the young
men that fought alongside the workers, connecting them with JARRAI and
alleged urban guerrilla training camps.


This past April 12 the judge at courthouse #28 in Madrid showed up at the
headquarters of the National Committee of the CNT in Magdalena St (Madrid)
to demand a copy of a communique sent to the press in 1993. As the present
syndicalists asked for an explanation the judge ordered the anti-riots in
the purest franquist style to attack the union local, which they did
arresting the 12 people that were in the premises at the time, among them
the whole National Committe of the union.
The arrestees were released the next day and the CNT has started a campaign
to denounce and protest and they ask to send letters to the President of the
Government, Complejo Moncloa, to the Ministry of Justice at 62 San Bernardo
St. and the ministry of labor at 4 Agustin Bethencourt St, all in Madrid.

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