counter information no.45. (Part 2 of 4)

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counter information no.45. (Part 2 of 4)



McSPOTLIGHT is a unique new site on
the World Wide Web, making freely available everything that
McDonald's hamburger corporation don't want
you to know. It features the latest on the McLibel 2 trial, now
expected to continue until summer 1996, in
which Helen Steel and Dave Morris continue to defy the
multinational's attempts to sue them for
distributing a leaflet on McDonalds.


McLibel Support Campaign, c/o 5 Caledonian Rd.,
London N1 9DX tel/fax 0171 713 1269.
Leaflets from 0115 958 5666.


GLASGOW anti poll tax activists set up a
"barricade" of 30 - 40 people on 22 January and successfully
blocked the uplift of poinded goods for a warrant sale.


THE TOLLS for the Skye bridge in NW Scotland,
completed in September '95, are the highest in Europe - so
the local community has decided on a campaign
of non-payment of tolls. Boxing day saw a carnival procession
cross the bridge, the first of several such non-payment convoys.


KINGS CROSS Womens Centre is threatened by
a massive rent increase. Closure would mean the loss of
vital services the Centre has built up in
the last 16 years.

Info: Kings Cross Womens Centre, 71 Tonbridge St.,
London WC1H 9DZ. Tel. 0171 837 7509.


THE DIRECT Action Network descended
on the National Bus and Coach exhibition
at the National Exhibition
Centre, Birmingham on 14 October to
impress on bus designers the complete
lack of access for disabled
people to public transport. Activists
chained themselves to buses in the city
centre and blockaded the
exhibition entrance.


9 PEOPLE have been charged under the
Public Order Act following a Bristol
demo on 9 September against a
"Celebration of 500 years of merchant
venturing" - an event which discreetly
forgot to mention the horrendous
trade in slaves. The Bust Fund needs
donations - SBA, PO Box 1076, Bristol BS99 1WF.


80 SUPPORTERS of the Autonomous Centre
of Edinburgh demonstrated at the former
self-managed Broughton St Centre on 30
November, the anniversary of its eviction.
Now ACE say "We want to be part of a
movement strong enough to take over and
defend another occupied building."
Developments expected soon!


200 POLICE invaded and smashed up
the Leoncavallo self-managed social
centre in Milan, Italy on 19
December. 4 days later 20,000
marched in defence of the centre, a
long-standing base for autonomous


IN DIRECT response to the increasingly
draconian measures of that part of the
oppressive state called the Scottish
prison system, a group of comrades have got
together to form the Scottish Prisoners
(Direct Action) Support Group which aims to
offer practical solidarity with those on
the inside, and to publish on the outside
reports and news from Scottish jails.

The collective has already published a
pamphlet called Inside Oot and requests that
anyone interested shoud get involved.
Prison pickets and leafleting are planned.
Help and support is needed.

Info and pamphlet (75p, free to prisoners)
from Inside Oot c/o Box 1008, Glasgow
G42 8AA tel 0141-226-5066.

More Marionisation

In 1973 the first U.S. Management Control Unit
was established in Marion Penitentiary
in Illinois. This unit was specifically
designed to rid the U.S. prison system of its critics,
revolutionaries, Native and Islamic militants,
prison union organisers, jailhouse lawyers
and any other cons who defended human rights
and dignity. There are now 36 such
control units in the U.S. using such torture
techniques as forced drugging, constant
isolation and supervision, humiliation and
physical and mental assault. Their object is to
break the wills of politically active prisoners.

Ojore Nuru Lutalo, a New African political prisoner
in Trenton Penitentiary, New Jersey,
has recently requested that his defence campaign
be refocused onto the fight against
control units, and on the support of their
torture victims. Ojore writes, "Any movement
that does not support its political internees
is a sham movement."

Contact: National Campaign to Stop Control
Unit Prisons, 6th Floor, 472 Broad St.,
Newark, NJ 07102, USA.

Mumia must live!

EX-BLACK PANTHER Mumia Abu Jamal - falsely convicted of
killing a police officer and condemned to death - still
needs support to stay alive.

Equal Justice USA write "At present (Dec.) Mumia's legal
team is waiting to hear from the Pennsylvania Supreme
Court, which will outline the schedule for their
appeal...if the Court turns down Mumia's appeal,
Governor Thomas Ridge has promised to sign another
death warrant."

Equal Justice USA, PO Box 5206, Hyattsville,
MD 20782 USA. tel USA 301 699 0042.
Mumia Abu Jamal, AM 8335,
SCI Greene, 1040 East Roy Furman Highway,
Waynesburg, PA 15370-8090, USA.

Western Wealth and African Death

International big business and corrupt
politicians form their usual alliance in Nigeria
where Shell arms Nigerian police with guns to
create its private army. Shell protects
itself from the righteous anger of the Ogoni
people whose land they have stolen and
ravaged. Ogoni Activists and others who act
against the military regime are routinely
killed, tortured and imprisoned. However
Shell outlets are being picketed across
Britain and a solidarity campaign with an
imprisoned Nigerian activist in Germany
won him a temporary reprieve from deportation.


COUNTER INFORMATION is produced by an independent
collective, based in central Scotland, incl. Edinburgh.
Our aim for the past 10 years has been to assist in the
struggle against all injustice, oppression and exploitation.

We can provide addresses of anti authoritarian
revolutionary groups and movements to resist injustice (eg
anti racist and community solidarity groups) in most areas
of Britain and many overseas areas. A sample folder of back-
issues is available for z3 .For info on CI distribution and
revolutionary activities in the north of England please
write to: CI, PO Box HP 171, LEEDS, LS6 1XX. If writing to
Inside Info write to Counter Info at Glasgow address,
indicating Inside Info in brackets.

C.I. (incorporating inside info & World to Win !)

welcome to counter information no.45.

in our 11th year of existence. still peopled by a collective
centred in central scotland.
North england contacts dealt with in Leeds.
Responsible for printing up to 12,500 of each issue, with
60% of these locally distributed. the remainder sent around
the world as part of a global network of anti-capitalist

Committed as we are to abolishing money & the State, we have
to survive in today's world which we means we thank you for
any standing orders or donations or stamps you send to us
but off course we need more. benefits & anyb other fund-
raising with CI as a beneficiary would be appreciated.

If coming to Scotland, get in touch, but give us warning, we
don't have "offices" or a round-the-clock hotline.

All power to your elbow,

Jim pp Counter Information,
c/o Transmission (mail only),
28 King St.,
Glasgow G1 5QP.