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[Feb 11,1995/Kyoto]

Groups involved in the movement against the
Emperor system of Japan had a meeting and
held a demonstration. The lecturer of the
meeting was the man from Okinawa who was
tried on a case of burning "Hinomaru"the
national flag of Japan, flown at the grounds
for a public sports tournament -Durinq the
World War ll. Okinawa was a battlefield and
many residents were killed by the Japanese
army. This is why there still are strong anti-
Japanese feelin@s among Okinawa residents.
- after the meebng. about 400 people vent on
a demonstra@on shouting the slogans against
the Emperor system and the dispatch of
troops overseas. Anarchists and radical
stu@ents/ workers who joined the.
demonstration started to rip many 'Hinomaru"
flags to shreds on the busy streets in Kyoto.
On the way. they also protested against the
propaganda truck of the Liberal Democratic
Party which formed a coalition government
with the Social Democratic Party, and have
been promoting the reinforcement of the
Emperor system and the dispatch of troops

Feb @ 5, 1 995/Tokyo]
A center for the Anarchist literature in Japan
started to be active again. "Libero" was
republished as a newsletter from the center. It
will be published quarterly.

c/o "Fumoto no ie"
251 Sugita Fujinomiya-shi 418 Japan

"Libero" editorial office
c/o Okuzawa
8 Motoshio-cho Shinjuku-ku 160 Japan

tFeb 18,1995/Kyoto]
An annual meeting of the Anarchist
Federation was held. The work for the year
was divided up among the members and their
comrades. In addition. they confirmed that
they start to prepare for an anarchist
gathering in Hiroshima on 6th of August this
year again. They usually have shared the
ARP's PO BOX as an address to
communicate with the outside. but they are
planning to establish their own address which
however. is still undecided.

I @March 2,1 995@Tokyo]
"A-NET.lnt@rnational Information Center
(AIIC)@, was established. mainly led by a
Japanese anarchist network group for
computer communication (A-NET) This was
organized for the purpose of spreading the
information on anarchlst movements from all
over the world in Japan. The AllC's own e-
mail number is not decided yet. but the AIIC is
planning to expand its activities gradually.

tMarch 4,l995/Kyoto]
A vid@o show was held by ARP The video's
were about the squat movement in Holland,
zapatistas fightin@ document and Kurdish
struggle for liberatlon. Anarchists and those
who grope for the way to squat in Japan
gathered for the show.

[May 20-21,19951Hiroshimal
Rally and protest demonstrations were held
against the arbor day in Hiroshima through 2
days. The affempt of the japanese imperialist
state holding the arbor day is not for a tree
planting campaign nor a campaign for
protection of natural environment not to
mention, but is reinforcement the emperor
system to recognize people as a tool for
reinvasion through encouraging narrow
minded nationalism.
The Imperial couple attend at the arbor day
ceremony and the Emperor show how to plant
himself to emphasize his existence as the
ruler of this chain island, besides when they
enter/leave there, participants wave
"Hinomaru" (so-called the national flag of
japan) with full of respect.. You just can see
that the arbor day is nothing but a event for
glorifying the Emperor.
z@_On 20th, the rally was held in front
@of the a-bomb damaged dome,
s=3D@known as UGenbaku dome". A-
bomb victims, students,various groups and
anarchists made appeals. At the end of rally,
protesters chanted to denounce in heavy
confrontation with riot cops, toward the
monument for A-bomb died, where the
Imperial couple donated flowers. The
Emperor Akihito made statements, when he
has acceded to the throne, that he is going to
takes over the spirits of Hirohito (the last
Emperor, his father). Hirohito was the author
who made the U.S. imperialist state trigger
the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and
Nagasaki as a result o@ ignoring the Potsdam
declaration for defending the Emperor
system. Therefore such a political farce is
totally unacceptable for the A-bomb victims.
After the action, demonstrators was going for
a downtown of Hiroshima.
_j On 21st, the arbor day was held in
Hongou, is surrounded by beautiful
mountains of Hiroshima. the park
for the arbor ceremony was based on
massive cut down of trees. So it just reminds
people of the existence of the Empereor.
A rally and demo against this cer@mony@
@ took place. Anarchists have called on
joininq the action a@ainst the arbor day
annuany(May 1996 in@okyo), including with
fightlng against the Tokyo metropolitan
government which has evicted homeless from
where they had been living in the
underground passageway of Shinjuku station.
Bastards wiil pay!
(WARRIOR N08 P-5/6)

[June-Sep, 1995/ Kyoto]
A former laboratory buildinq in Kyoto
University had been squatted for @ months by
students, artists, anarchists, workers. There
were kitchen, bedroom, meeting room
concert space, free radio station, bar,cafe
etc. Almost evry sunday had been held
festival (concert, performance, video show
flea market).
(WARRIOR @J08 P-1 0/1 1 )

[June 27, 1 995/Hirosh ima]
Rally and demonstration were held in
Hiroshima, against the Imperial visit as a
imperial mourning tour. A-bomb victims
group, a group for liberation of Buraku-
people(discriminated people in japan), labor
unions, students, and anarchists joined
together and made appeals in front of
UGenbaku dome@. Anarchist made remarks
that his visit this time is to heronize war dead
as those who have been the foundation of
today's peac@ and prosperity of japan, in
order to draw the curtain of the contraversy
on who's responsible for the agqression of
=B7lar and A-bombing, and one of the worst
history control by thQ state. July 26thJ27th
has important meanings for Japanese
imperialists, as which the basic national
policy outline was issued on July 26th 1940
that consists of plans for construction of the
great East Asian orders. And on 27th, the
government made decision for military
aggression to Southern East Asian countries
and issued "The outline for saving the
situation along with global circumstances@.
On July 26th 1945, the Potsdam declaration
was offered, and on 27th, the supreme war
leaders conference was held to discuss on
acceptance the Potsdam declaration
intending to defend the national constitution
and the Emperor system. Finally was not
accepted,then that brought the @hell on earth@
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After rally
protesters left the place and tried to break
into ceremony. Cops forced them to move
away from the Emperor. Then protesters
broke obstruction by armed riot cops and
police vehicle and reached more. After that
protesters replaced to Genbaku Dome, broke
police suppression chanted to denounce the
Emperor donating flower banquet at the
monument for A-bomb d@ad.

[July 20, 19951kyoto]
Radical students, Anarchists held rally
against "Uminohi"(=3Dthe sea or marine
ceremony day) which have relation wlth
Emperor system, will b@come national holiday
by the government . It was so long distance
d@monstration. In the demo, protester visited
and make an appeal at various universities
chanted "Against french nuclear testing !l " in
front of japan-france institute building.

[Aug 6, 1995/Hiroshima]
Th@ gov@rnment and Hiroshima city held
"Heiwakinen ceremony"(the wish for peace
cer@mony) in the name of the 50th
anniversary of the atomic bombinq of
Hiroshima. Anarchists, punks, ra@ical
students made rally against decptive
"Heiwakinen cer@mony" which @mphasis
suffer consiousness of war for hidina
assailant's. (WARRIOR NO8 P-85

[Aug 14, 1995/rokyo]
Prisoner support group,anarchists and civil
groups mad@ an action for Mumia in front
gate of the American embassy. Protester
handed over petition papers to the secretary
which asked for stopping th@ Executionand
set him free now. And also made appeals and
chanted it. (WARRIOR @08 P-7)

[Aug 15, 1995/Tokyo]
The memorial service as 50th anniversary of
war end was held in Nippon Budokan hall by
governm@nt, which the Emperor @nd @h@ prime
minister attend and r@ad the stat@ment .
Anarchists, punks, radical students make rally
against this memorial service and also made
action in front of Yasukuni shrine which tied
hard with Emperor system and respect the
war criminals. Suddenly ri@ht wings broke and
attacked into protesters, trled to tear banners.
How@ver, protesters pushed th@m out with
arm in arm.Then riot cops save wright wings
and kept protester away from Yasukuni
shrine. Protesters pushed them back and
joined to demonstration from oth@r direction.
ke@ping up their chants for Nippon Budokan
hall and Yasukuni shrine.

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