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Arm The Spirit (ats@etext.org)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 18:24:44 +0200

Autonome Antifa (M) In The Internet

Since March 1, 1996, Autonome Antifa (M) have maintained a
homepage on the World Wide Web (WWW). The group can also be
reached via e-mail.
The increasingly hardened political climate in Germany has
limited Autonome Antifa (M)'s ability to utilize the established
media or public actions as a means of participating in political
discourse. A demonstration planned for October 2, 1995 banned,
although it had been an annual event since 1990. An agit-prop
theater piece performed by Autonome Antifa (M) during the January
14, 1996 Rosa Luxemburg/Karl Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin
was attacked by riot police. One member of Autonome Antifa (M)
was also summonsed by police due to the content of a speech given
during a January 1, 1996 memorial to mark the fifth anniversary
of the murder of Alexander Selchow, who was stabbed to death by
neo-Nazis five years ago.
These examples show the importance of the Internet, which is
relatively free from censorship, as compared to traditional forms
of communication for anti-fascist political work in the face of
increasing state repression. Current discussions regarding state
censorship of the Internet show that the powers that be are
interested in politically controlling this medium as well, so
that it conforms to the political correctness of Interior
Minister Manfred Kanther. Due to its technical structure, the
Internet has until now been able to escape the heavy-handed blows
of the German authorities. But we still need to be on our guard:
As soon as the German Justice Ministry finds a way to criminalize
groups on the Internet, they will do it - most likely not to
punish Nazis or those whose spread pornography, as the media hype
would lead us to believe, but rather this repression will
primarily be directed against the left and all critical
Autonome Antifa (M)'s Internet provider is located in
Holland, outside the reach of the German authorities - for as
long as European Union law isn't changed. This enables the
Autonome Antifa (M) to politically inform the public in an
uncensored manner. This is especially useful as the August 14,
1996 starting date for the trial in Luneburg against 17 alleged
Autonome Antifa (M) members on charges of "building a criminal
organization" (Paragraph 129) approaches. The Internet is an
ideal medium for coordinating nationwide protests against
Germany's anti-Antifa policies.

Autonome Antifa (M), organized in the Anti-Fascist
Action/Nationwide Organization (AA/BO)

E-mail: aam@paxo.nadir.org
WWW: http://www.nadir.org/Gruppen/aam/

Autonome Antifa (M)
c/o Buchladen
Rote Strasse 10
37073 Gottingen, Germany

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