(eng) ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Supplement 33

Tom Burghardt (tburghardt@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 18:24:24 +0200

demo was fairly mixed Jewish-Arab, and very spirited. Black flags
were waved in mourning.

This was the largest protest to date inside a Jewish city in
Israel protesting the latest war.

Hadash - the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality is the only
Israeli political party to have organized activities against this
latest war.


Name: Charles Lenchner
E-mail: clench@mail.netvision.net.il (Charles Lenchner)
Date: 04/21/96

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COLOGNE, Germany (Apr 22, 1996 4:41 p.m. EDT) - The leader of
Germany's Jewish community warned critics on Monday not to
dismiss too lightly a book that has ignited controversy by
claiming to explain the Nazi slaughter of the Jews.

Ignatz Bubis, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany,
said German historians and academics may have been too quick to
slam "Hitler's Willing Executioners," a highly touted book by
Harvard assistant professor Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.

"I am very reticent about saying the man is exaggerating,"
Bubis told a seminar on Jewish life in Germany after War World
Two, acknowledging that he had not yet read the book himself.

"I'm no historian, but with all that happened in public
(during the Holocaust) you cannot say that no one saw or heard

The controversial American book is getting slammed by German
critics who reject it as a starkly one-sided study of the
Holocaust that simply rehashes old and discredited theories.

Reviewers have taken serious issue with the book's main
argument that pre-Hitler Germany was a society "pregnant with
murder" and just waiting to kill all the Jews in its midst.

"We don't dispute the horrors," Rudolf Augstein, publisher of
the influential Der Spiegel magazine, wrote this month in a
typical comment. But to say that all Germans wanted to kill Jews
was "at best ignorant, if not in fact malicious."

Bubis countered that Germans could not simply blame the
Holocaust on Hitler and a few of his cronies.

"There is a widespread view in today's Germany that the Nazis
were Hitler and a few people around him," he said.

"But (German soldiers) could not have gone to St Peterburg
(Leningrad), the Atlantic, Norway and Africa if they were just
Hitler and a few people around him."

He added: "I reserve the right to read this book very
carefully, because one thing is sure: Not everyone knew
everything (happening to the Jews), but many knew a lot."

Decrees posted by the Nazis, the boycott of Jewish businesses,
the gradual disappearance of Jewish neighbours and comments such
as "Watch out or you'll end up in Dachau" made it all too clear
what was happening to Jews, he said.

Critics agreed the controversy showed Germany was still
haunted by the wartime slaughter of six million Jews, even if
last year's 50th anniversary of the end of World War Two
suggested the issue was slowly retreating into history.

In 461 angry pages, Goldhagen argues German anti-Semitism was
uniquely bloodthirsty and that millions of ordinary Germans
eagerly took part in or supported the Holocaust.

His forceful prose skilfully portrays the virulence of
anti-Jewish hatred and the horrors of police-led pogroms and
concentration camp death marches in the last days of the war.

Goldhagen, 36, the son of a Holocaust survivor, says his is a
pioneering work because it disproves earlier theories about the
Holocaust being the work of sadistic Nazis or frightened Germans
simply carrying out orders from above.

Most historians long ago discarded initial post-war views
about inherently evil Germans to focus on the tragic effect
racist ideology had on a society weakened by hyperinflation,
depression, a wartime defeat and political radicalisation.





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WASHINGTON (Apr 20, 1996 01:24 a.m. EDT) -- Nearly 300 verbal
barbs, assaults and discriminations were leveled at Islamic
Americans in the year since the Oklahoma City bombing, an
advocacy group said Friday.

More than 200 incidents came in the week after the bombing,
when Muslims were wrongly blamed for the attack, the Council on
American-Islamic Relations said.

Over the last year, a total of 296 incidents have been
reported to the council and in the media, the group said.

"Over the last 20 years, the amount of animosity directed as
Muslim people has increased," said Anisa Abd El Fattah, who
serves on the council's board of directors.

At least that's her gut feeling. This is the first year the
group has tracked discrimination, so it was difficult to
determine trends.

The FBI, which tracks hate crimes, reported 16 anti-Islamic
incidents in 1994, although that report includes only violence
and threats that were reported to police. The council's report
adds discrimination, bias and violation of legal rights.

Incidents in the council's report run the gamut from vandalism
of mosques and beatings to job discrimination and prejudiced

A recent victim was Hanem Zahwy, who was given a desk clerk
job at the Quality Inn Governor motel in Falls Church, Va., a
Washington suburb. The offer was retracted when she insisted on
wearing a head scarf, as practicing Muslim women do.

"This is part of me, this is part of my religion and this is
what I believe," she said Friday.

The case has been settled, with Mrs. Zahwy getting a letter of
apology, back pay and the job.

Mohamed Nimer, a researcher with the council, blamed ignorance
of Muslim traditions and beliefs for most of the incidents.

He suggested that Muslims work harder to get involved in their
communities so people will feel more comfortable with and
understand them.

"People just don't know, and when people don't know, they
resort to stereotypical notions," he said. "And the stereotypical
notions about Muslims are not very positive."




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BUCHAREST (Apr 22, 1996 4:18 p.m. EDT) - The Romanian Senate
on Monday stripped an extreme nationalist anti-Semitic politician
of his parliamentary immunity, opening him up to possible
prosecution for defamation.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor, maverick and former court poet of late
communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, lashed out at those behind
the 85-39 vote.

"I expected this to happen, the Senate is a bunch of crooks.
This is illegal," Vadim Tudor shouted to about 30 supporters
surrounded by dozens of riot police outside the Senate, formerly
the old Communist Party central committee headquarters.

At the root of the case was Vadim Tudor's vitriolic campaign
against the two most powerful men in Romania, President Ion
Iliescu and Intelligence Service chief Virgil Magureanu.

"This is a crooked scheme of the pair, Iliescu and Magureanu,"
Tudor said.

Using the pages of his Romania Mare newspaper, mouthpiece for
his Greater Romania Party, Vadim Tudor published anti-Semitic and
other smears, on at least one occasion involving his former ally

"Comrade Iliescu, you subordinated the country to the Jews.
The Jews brought you in power, you stay with the Jews," the
weekly newspaper said last year. Such language is Vadim Tudor's
stock-in-trade but had never been directed at Iliescu.

Monday night's Senate vote means he could be compelled to face
up to a dozen charges of defamation against individuals and state
institutions, including the serious charge of defaming the
authority of the presidency. A conviction could mean prison.

Prosecutors will now decide if he has a case to answer.

But more significantly for the immediate political outlook,
the decision denies Vadim Tudor his cover of immunity and
prevents him standing against Iliescu in elections this year.

Analysts see stripping Vadim Tudor's immunity as part of the
ruling Party of Social Democracy's campaign to break with
nationalist allies and remake itself as a centrist party.

The PDSR, criticised by western diplomats for relying on Vadim
Tudor and other hardliners, used the insults in Romania Mare as a
reason to break a coalition with Greater Romania.

"Through this gesture we are showing that we do not give in to
blackmail and to absurd accusations," PDSR president Adrian
Nastase said the time it broke with Romania Mare last October.

Liberal newspaper Libertatea welcomed moves to silence Vadim
Tudor, but warned: "Vadim could turn into a martyr."


Subject: ANA -- "Vaderland" 'Zine #4
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996

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Wie zijn getal niet kent, kent Those who do not know their
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WASHINGTON (Apr 19, 1996 8:18 p.m. EDT) -- The Justice
Department began deportation proceedings Friday against a retired
radio broadcaster who edited several anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi
newspapers in Hungary during World War II.

Ferenc Koreh, 86, a retired Radio Free Europe producer and
broadcaster of Englewood, N.J., was served an order to show cause
why he should not be deported.

By helping publish anti-Semitic articles, Koreh "assisted in
the persecution of Hungarian Jews by fostering a climate of
anti-Semitism in Northern Transylvania which conditioned the
Hungarian public to acquiesce, to encourage and to carry out the
abominable anti-Semitic policies of the Hungarian government in
the early 1940s," a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled last year. The panel
unanimously upheld a lower court order stripping Koreh of his
U.S. citizenship.

The show cause order, served by the department's Nazi-hunting
Office of Special Investigations and the Immigration and
Naturalization Service's Newark, N.J., office, seeks Koreh's
deportation for assisting in persecution on the basis of race,
religion, national origin and political opinion and for lying
about his wartime activities to get into the United States in

Koreh's number is unlisted and his last known attorney did not
immediately return a telephone message.

In June 1994, at the request of the special investigations
office, U.S. District Judge Maryanne Trump Barry of Newark
stripped Koreh of the U.S. citizenship he had obtained in 1956.

She found that Koreh's admitted work as founder and
"responsible editor" of Szekely Nep, an anti-Semitic and
anti-American newspaper in Nazi-allied Hungary, from 1941-44
constituted "advocacy and assistance in persecution" and
"membership and participation in a movement hostile to the United

Although his byline appeared on some anti-Semitic pieces,
Koreh had argued that he did not write any anti-Semitic articles.
But the court said the responsible editor was liable for all
unsigned articles, including 51 unsigned anti-Semitic pieces.

She characterized the articles as "poison" which portrayed
Jews as "alien elements with diabolical skills" and as being
"traitorous, unscrupulous, cheating ... throughout ... Hungarian
history" and advocated the "de-jewification of Hungarian life"
since "a final solution may be achieved only by deporting Jewish

Some 435,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to Nazi
concentration and death camps between May and July of 1944.

The show cause order said that Koreh also served as press
officer and deputy section chief in the information section of
the Hungarian Ministry of National Defense and Propaganda; senior
editor of Magyar Ero, an anti-Allied, anti-Semitic weekly owned
by the Ministry of Propaganda; responsible editor of Vilaglap, an
anti-Allied, pro-German weekly owned by the Nazi-occupied
Hungarian government; and a contributing writer with Az Orszag, a
pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic newspaper owned by the occupation
government. The government said each of these positions
constitutes independent grounds for deportation.

Eli Rosenbaum, director of the special investigations office,
said that "propagandists such as Koreh laid the foundation for
Nazi genocide by fostering a climate of hate in which inhumane
measures could be carried out without protest."

The special investigations office has gotten 53 Nazi
persecutors stripped of U.S. citizenship and had 45 expelled from
the United States.

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