(eng) ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Supplement 32

Tom Burghardt (tburghardt@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 03:42:57 +0200

The group "Klasse gegen Klasse" has claimed responsibility
for a total of about 50 actions, although nothing had been heard
from them in about a year. The group is believed to be based in
Kreuzberg. Despite heavy investigations by police and the State
Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV), the group
remains a mystery. Since 1992, its mission has been to use
various means to destroy property belogning to rich people,
including fancy shops and bars.

In its annual report, the LfV has called "Klasse gegen
Klasse" a "violent autonomist group with a revolutionary-Marxist
outlook". The goal of its actions, according to the report, is to
stir worry amongst a certain middle class believed to profit from
neighborhood restructuring, as well as to promote neighborhood
resistance, much like they have done in Kreuzberg.

(Source: Neues Deutschland, March 30, 1996)


** Topic: Mexpaz #68/2 -- Human rights bulletin **
** Written 10:49 AM Apr 19, 1996 by rights@uibero.uia.mx in
cdp:reg.mexico **
Subject: Mexpaz #68/2 -- Human rights bulletin
From: MEXPAZ_rights <rights@uibero.uia.mx>

Part II
April 12 to 16
Human Rights Center Miguel A.Pro (PRODH)
Tel. (52-5) 511 47 33, Fax 208 75 47
E-mail: prodh@laneta.apc.org

April 12


PRI and PRD members contending for Sabanillas mayor's office
got into violent fights when, on April 10, an Army tank entered
the city protecting a group of PRI members who attacked the
PRDists. One Indian peasant died and five more were wounded.


A few minutes before the arrival of president Zedillo to
Torreon's Convention Center, presidential guards attacked
violently some members of the PFCRN political party who were
trying to enter this area. Several people were beaten, among
them two children.


Former policeman Bernardo Ruiz, who had been dismissed for
denouncing the corrupt practices of his superior officers, has
been threatened to death for having brought his complaint up to
the president.


The International Federation of Christian Action for the
Abolition of Torture has requested from the Mexican government
that the safety of Sona Lara, Jose' Luis Robledo and the
brothers Saucedo, members of the social organization COSLA, be
fully guaranteed. These social leaders have been threatened
lately by unknown individuals.

April 13 to 15


Some of the most important human rights organizations agree that
the new anti-crime law goes further than the fight against crime,
it aims at controlling society. They believe that the
militarization of the police corps and the new legal frame are
being created at the suggestion of the US State Department. David
Fernandez (PRODH), lawyer Teresa Jardi, Marieclaire Acosta
(Mexican Human Rights Commission) and Maria Estela Rios
(Democratic Lawyers) stated that the new law is giving more power
to a totally corrupt justice.


On the 23th , policemen from Coatzacoalcos and Minatitla'n
entered forcibly into the house of Mrs Liliana Ponce de Leo'n and
seized illegally four members of the family, whom they took with
them after having stolen several goods. After three days the
prisoners were found in the Coatzacoalcos prison. They told
having been tortured in order that they confess having kidnapped
Heliodoro Merlin.


After the attack of Tepotztlan citizens on April 10, 54 policemen
have been arrested, among them the police chief who had been
identified in a video of the attack.

April 16


Sources of the Supreme Court of Justice reveal that the Court's
report, that will be made public in a few days, states that
besides having found human rights violations in the murder of the
17 peasants, former governor Figueroa and his collaborators have
deceived the public and hidden information about the facts.
Revista Proceso
La Jornada
El Financiero
Sididh (Servicio Diario de Derechos Humanos en Me'xico -

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 16:47:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Econet Western Lands Gopher <wlg@igc.apc.org>
Subject: Violent Hate Group Surfaces in Idaho Falls

Phineas Priesthood Leaflets in Idaho Falls, ID

Special to the Econet Western Lands Gopher Service


DATELINE -- Idaho Falls, ID (4/18/96) The Phineas Priesthood, a
white supremacist group which took credit for two bombings and a
bank robbery in Spokane, WA, earlier this month put leaflets on
the cars of members of the Unitarian Fellowship in Idaho Falls,
Idaho, on Sunday April 14th. The leaflets coincided with a
speaking engagement by Dr. James Aho, an Idaho State University
sociology professor. Aho was not there, however, having
cancelled due to an illness.

The fliers warned that adult bookstores may be burned down and
homosexuals executed. While Idaho Falls has no bookstores which
are X-rated, its does have an active chapter of Parents and
Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG). Kay Snyder, president of the
Idaho Falls group, told the local newspaper, the Idaho Falls Post
Register, that she is taking the threats very seriously. "This
wasn't an anti-gay rights thing," Snyder told the paper, "It was
anti-everything." She added that she felt that the Unitarians
were targeted because of Aho's planned speech. Aho has written
books about white supremacist groups, the Christian Identity
movement, and Aryan Nations. He frequently speaks to church and
civic groups on these subjects.

A post office box address at the bottom of the flyer lists an
organization in Jacksonville, FL, as the source of the flyers.
The address named "The Ekklesia of the King Christian Assembly",
but a check with the Jacksonville phone directory and newspaper
did not turn up such an organization. The flyer attacks
homosexuals as well as being filled with anti-Semitic references.

The flyer also refers to a 1984 incident in Shelby, NC, in which
six men burned an adult video and bookstore. Four people were
killed in the blaze. Two men were charged in the arson attack
but later released. The killings are still unsolved according to
the Cleveland County, NC, Sheriff's dept. The flyer describes
the details of the last moments of those killed in the blaze
including a representation of a dialog between the killers and
their victims.

The flyer concludes on this ominous note . . .

"In cities and towns all over America, names and addresses of law
violators are being compiled. Six-man teams are forming across
the nation. Soon, the fog that comes from Heaven will be
accompanied by the destroying wind of a righteous God. . . Beware
all ye who violate Yahweh's laws!"

The remainder of the flyer is a long tirade of hate against
homosexuals, Jews, and minorities.

Local law enforcement officials suggested that the reference to
"six man teams" could be to a tactic of neo-nazi and white
supremacist groups called "leaderless resistance." The tactic
avoids having public leaders for these organizations and instead
uses groups of six for illegal actions to avoid detection or
infiltration by police.

Tom Eddy, President of the Unitarians, said that his group is
responding to the threat. Some flyers were left inside the
building while the group was having its meeting. They have
contacted the police and community leaders. For his part, Prof.
Aho said that while the flyers could be the work of a real hate
group, they also could be "just a couple of guys with a word
processor." This is the first time, Aho said, there has been a
response from a hate group to one of his speaking engagements.


** Written 10:18 PM Apr 18, 1996 by norioa51s4@aol.com in
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Declaration of Escalation of the War Against the New World
Order!! April 19, 1996 marks the beginning of escalation of the
Patriots' war against the New World Order's incursion into the
good ol' U.S. of A.

Once again we are calling for unity here in the militia
movement. Let us lay aside the temporary differences that have
heretofore separated the diverse groups in this grass-roots
movement. Unity must be achieved SOON or we'll all be
annihilated by the encroaching monster called the NEW WORLD

Remember, the basic thread that ties us all together is our
hatred of Evil and Injustice, as represented by our common
oppressive enemy, the Zionist-controlled NEW WORLD ORDER and its
lackey organizations....the International Bankers, the
Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, NAFTA, GATT, WTO,
etc.etc. (on a global scale) and the IRS, the Federal Reserve,
the CFR, the "In"Justice Department, the FBI, BATF, etc.,etc. (on
the national level) and all their ilk that are working overtime
to federalize our local govenments and militarize our law
enforcement agencies in order to enslave us all into a Satanic
New World Order.

We must call NOW for nationwide, statewide, countywide and
citywide rallies to expose the true nature of the secret global
cabal and its agenda to control us all by the year 2000! Let's
uncover the so-called "FOSTERGATE".

Let's expose the past goings-on at Mena, Arkansas!

Let's expose the truth behind the Gulf-War Syndrome!

Let 's uncover all the COVER-UPS that have been going on
all through these years!

Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of militia
sympathizers (and perhaps even several million potential militia
sympathizers) in the good ol' U.S. of A!!

The demonization of the militia movement by the New World
Order-controlled news media (immediately after the Oklahoma
bombing in 1995) has produced unexpected backlash!! The bombing
was a heinous crime possibly "planned", "coordinated" and
"executed" by our own government to bring about the new
Anti-Terrorist bill and to destroy the militia movement.
Contrary to the expectations of the N.W.O., the militia movement
is increasing by leaps and bounds! (as reported in yesterday's
L.A.Times. ( April 18).

Many of us, due to various circumstances, may not be openly
engaged at the present time in militia activities but rest
assured that should a national crisis occur in the very near
future (and it will, no doubt), we will come out in droves from
every direction, from the woodworks and at a moment's notice! We
are the invisible militia auxiliary whose presence and striking
power must not be underestimated.

In the meantime, may God bless and protect the true
Patriots and let there be Unity in the American Patriot Movement.

God bless AMERICA!! Death to the NEW WORLD ORDER!!!
The insurrection must begin NOW!!

Norio Hayakawa

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{Editor's note: Fr. David Trosch is a leader of the "justifiable
homicide" wing of the anti-abortion movement. A personal friend
of assassin Paul Hill, Trosch is a spokesperson for those who
advocate the murder of abortion providers; their euphemism for
clericalist violence is "defensive action." Trosch's appearence
on the net follows that of Gary McCullough, a publicist for Paul
Hill during his trial. McCullough is the editor of "Prisoners of
Christ," a national directory of anti-abort "prisoners of war."
He has been a mainstay of Missionaries to the Preborn, an outfit
aligned with Wisconsin's "Freemen" militia and other "Patriot"
forces in California and the Pacific Northwest.}


** Topic: Anti Free Speech & Religion - Lawsuit **
** Written 6:27 AM Apr 18, 1996 by trosch@dibbs.net in
cdp:alt.pol.usa.constitution **

Mobile, Alabama -- April 14, 1996

Being sued for $53,000,000.00.

Do you believe the following is true?

1. A human being exists following conception.
2. Abortion executes an innocent person.
3. Religious beliefs should have government approval.

Under the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) act I
am being sued by abortionist Dr. Bruce Lucero of Birmingham,
Alabama -- a city about 200 miles distant from Mobile. On the
Geraldo Show, October 1994 in New York City, [Geraldo had me
sit next to the abortionist] I made the general statement that
abortionists should be dead. [The best way for such deaths to
occur would be by legal execution by moral civil authorities.]
Lucero took this statement personally even though he had
voluntarily agreed to be on the show knowing who I was and
what position I held in regard to the defense of the unborn.

It is quite possible that this action is part of a national
conspiracy by Planned Parenthood and others to silence all who
are seriously opposed to abortion, believe that abortion is
murder, and believe that the innocent unborn are worthy of the
same defense legally available to an innocent adult who is being
bludgeoned or to a woman who is being raped at knife point.

There are many throughout the country who have served or are
serving time in state and federal prisons for their activities
against abortion. Others are being criminally prosecuted for
their alleged activities or like myself are being sued under
unjust civil laws endorsed by the "Abortion Rights Action
League," "Planned Parenthood," "National Organization of Women,"
and by legal organizations such as the "American Civil Liberties
Union." The ACLU should be offering to defend me but this is not
probable since they are strong supporters of the pro-choice

Many people talk about the evil of abortion but few are willing
to actively oppose this atrocity which exists as an abomination
before God. The vast majority of church leaders are hypocrites
when it comes to effective preaching which both admonishes and
asks for direct action to be taken. Few are willing to risk
losing their weekly donations. In simple phraseology this can be
stated as follows: "Church leaders are wimps." They are cowards
when it comes to putting the word of God into action or teaching
effectively against evils involving the many. They would rather
pray that God will accomplish for them what they should be doing
on their own initiative as an action of faith.

Pro-life advocates and pro-life organization leaders are just as
guilty as the above. It is not that they are not making an
effort -- which places them six steps ahead of the rest of the
world -- it is their failure to accept the reality that what they
are doing is no more than delaying the inevitable and occupying
peoples time (better utilized elsewhere) which is making their
efforts of small value or even contra-productive.

How much longer do internet users believe that they will be able
to continue saying anything in chat rooms opposing humanism?

We are in an age which desires human peace. The belief in the
necessity for real peace, which exists only with God, is out of
vogue. We are in an age of humanism directed towards Hell and
not in an age directed toward eternal life. Most everyone who
claims belief in God also profess that they are basically good
people worthy of Heaven following bodily death. The long term
question is: "How many people are correct in their beliefs?"

Writings concerning defense of the unborn are available.
Donations are requested to help defray expenses. Theological
questions honestly asked using E-Mail, Snail-Mail or FAX will be
answered within the limits of my ability.

My trial is set for:

Monday, April 22, 1996 at 9:00 A.M. in courtroom "2-A" before:
Charles R. Butler, Jr. Chief District Judge
United States District Court House
113 St. Joseph Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Any help or aid you can offer will be appreciated.

Rev. David Trosch
PO Box 850307
Mobile, AL 36685-0307

E-Mail: . . . . . . . . . . . trosch@dibbs.net
Fax & Phone number: . . . . . 334-639-7456

Private BBS: . . 334-607-0082 . . (24 hour access in April)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . trial argumentation file is:.
. . . available in Word Perfect (DOS) 6.0:. JDG-BTLR.WP6

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