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CONTENTS: Supplement 31

1. (SSC) SPEAR & SHIELD COLLECTIVE: The Seduction of

2. (OMCT) OMCT/SOS-TORTURE: Amazon Massacre

3. (REUTER) Execution-Style Wounds Found On Brazil Clash

4. (WW) WORKERS WORLD: Terrorist Bill -- Tightening

5. (AP) Judge Rules Ex-Black Panther Must Take Case To
State Supreme Court

6. (AI) AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Turkey -- Shocking
Reports Of Torture of Juveniles

7. (REUTER) Kurdish Group Denies Extremist Turkey

8. (ATS) ARM THE SPIRIT: Two Berlin Squats Evicted

9. (BF) BLACK FIST: New Anti-Racist Web Site Forming


Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 13:00:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: William Todd Leech <blast@csd.uwm.edu>
Subject: The Seduction of Neo-Kolonialism by Shaka Shakur

* The Seduction of Neo-Kolonialism *

The nature of Neo-kolonialism is that of a chameleon. It is ever
present, ever changing its character, content and form. And by
that very nature it is seductive. The seduction can be subtle or
upfront and in your face. The victim of such seduction can be
willingly seduced and engaging in a neo-kolonial politic or
he/she can be unconscious of the seduction and yet be
participating in a neo-kolonial political and social practice.

Neo-kolonialism represents a higher stage of kolonialism. It is
kolonial in new form.

Historically most revolutionaries and anti-kolonial forces have
viewed neo-kolonialism as those who sold out to the kolonial
forces. Those who held high office and acted as buffers or
lackeys for the white kolonial imperialist invaders. These
neo-kolonials were usually created by the european invaders,
educated in european institutions, indoctrinated with eurocentric
values and placed in positions of pseudo-power and utilized as a
tool to legitimize a kolonial imperialist system. They are used
to obscure the contradiction and existence of national
oppression. It obscures the struggle and national independence
and the existence of a national liberation struggle. Instead it
leaves the impression of freedom or having been integrated into
the socio-economic structure of society. When in actually you
either have flag independence or a bourgeois democracy resting on
the backs of oppressed nationals.

When europeans invaded Afrika to kidnap Afrikans as slaves and to
steal land and the raw resources of that land they created a
system of kolonialism. Direct rule and occupation. As Afrikan
people begin to struggle and throw off the yoke of kolonialism
through a revolutionary process, the kolonialist was forced to
move to the next stage of kolonialism, i.e. neo-kolonialism. They
began a systematic program to not only co-opt revolutionary
forces and leadership but to also put into position those
Afrikans who looked Afrikan but thought and acted like the
foreign invaders whom they had already been conditioned by.

In north amerikkka New Afrikans have undergone a similar process.
As the revolutionary movements and civil rights struggle of New
Afrikan people began to surge forward during the 60s and 70s, the
u.s. government implemented a secret/covert counter-intelligence
program (COINTELPRO) to target, neutralize and destroy all New
Afrikan revolutionary organizations and to prevent the rise of a
Black messiah that could electrify the masses of New Afrikan
people. Part of this program was geared towards attacking the
more militant segment of Our movement while co-opting other
segments with corporate grants and privileged positions. This
process was multifaceted. While hunting down and assassinating
many New Afrikan (Black) militants, framing others and forcing
the rest to go underground, the kapitalist ruling klass of
euro-amerikkkans moved to create a more concentrated national New
Afrikan bourgeoisie, a privileged elitist klass who for the most
part was allowed to integrate so called institutions of higher
learning and de-culturalized. They were indoctrinated with
euro-centric values and freedom became a cadillac and a home in
the suburbs. Where they were no longer "Black and Proud" but now
just wanted to become recognized as amerikkkans.

In an attempt to undermine the grassroots organizing that many of
Our militants had been doing and to contaminate the sea of New
Afrikan people, drugs began to be pumped into Our community at an
alarming rate. While an elitist klass was created and allowed
token crumbs from the euro-kapitalist table, a drug economy was
created for the lower klass where We would kill one another while
trying to become ghetto rich. Neo-kolonialsim changed forms as
Our national reality as a subjugated nation continued to undergo
a qualitative and quantitative transformation. As a part of this
dialectical process of growth and deterioration and the spiraling
and sharpening of overall contradictions, what had been known
before as "gangs" began to change form and character. As the
movement for freedom was being crushed and the movement became a
low tide amongst the sea of Our people, street organizations
continued to rise and grow. To become better organized, better
armed and more vicious and backwards than ever before. As the
genocidal campaign waged by the settler state became more
intensified and concentrated on New Afrikan and Latino/a people,
the actions of street organizations became a self-fulfilling
prophecy for the euro-settler state. Just as the u.s. government
from afar controlled and subsidized many of the counter
-revolutionary wars in third world countries, they now subsidized
and controlled the wars raging in Our community around the drug
economy by supplying both the drugs and the high-tec weaponry
that most of these street forces use.

Most of the youth today do not see themselves as agents of
imperialism. As agents of genocide and as extensions of the
state. Primarily because they have been seduced by the
neo-kolonial phenomenon that is constantly promoted and
propagated through the u.s. bourgeois superstructures and
(mis)educational institutions. Institutions that infect Us with
morals and values that are alien and foreign to Our historical
Afrikan and New Afrikan kulture.

The seduction of neo-kolonialism saturates and promotes almost
every aspect of Our popular kulture so that We receive a steady
diet of rank opportunism and neo-kolonial politics. For example,
take the popular T.V. series "N.Y. Undercover". A supposedly
realistic kkkop show that has a neo-kolonial New Afrikan and
Latino playing the starring roles. In contrast to the past
approach of starsky and hutch, shaft and all others of its kind,
these kkkops are dressed in hip hop gear and speaks the language
of the hip hop kulture, and hip hop artists and soundtracks are
mostly used as a theme for the show. Each showing usually
features a well known or popular New Afrikan or Latino/a
entertainer or athlete. While sugar coating the show with a
heavy dose of New Afrikan and Latino/a kulture the focus of each
airing usually attempts to focus on real issues confronting
oppressed communities and promoting fictional portrayals of
non-fictional events, e.g. the murder of Dr. Huey P. Newton and
the armored car expropriation by Puerto Rican Independentistas.
In this hollywood creation no New Afrikan or other oppressed
people are ever shown taken into the police station and
beaten/tortured until a confession is given. No kkkops are ever
shown selling huge quantities of narcotics and weapons in the
community or shooting kids in the back while claiming they had a
weapon. Yet while appropriating New Afrikan and Latino kulture,
the police and state takes on legitimate and self-serving
characteristics. They take on the characteristic of having the
people interest at heart when that has not been Our historical
reality. These kops are no longer seen as kkkops terrorizing the
hood but now become homeboys protecting the hood. As the music
and other portrayals of Our kulture seduces Our youth into
watching and consuming this program, the real kontradiction of
neo-kolonialism and Our relationship to the settler state and its
occupational forces become obscured and shrouded in a mythology
promoted by the bourgeois superstructure, while simultaneously
creating illegitimate images and "role models" in the mind of Our
children that they desire to emulate.

We can see this same appropriation of New Afrikan and Afrikan
kulture in McDonalds and sports commercials where popular New
Afrikan entertainers and athletes are used to promote not only
unhealthy products but products of corporations that have
presently and historically had an oppressive and
opportunistic/exploitational relationship to the New Afrikan
community. Yet these products are promoted with an Afrikan
centric backdrop of kente cloth. New Afrikan church choirs and
Afrikan artifacts. Under kapitalism everything is commodified,
including kultures.

The relationship of street organizations to the New Afrikan
community today is the equivalent of Jonas Savimbi - leader of
UNITA - to the Angolan masses. The equivalent of Mongasithu
Buthelezi of the Inkatha Freedom Party of South Afrika to Azanian
people. The equivalent of the contras to the Nicaraguan people.
They are forces financed and supported by foreigners to terrorize
their own people and community. They have taken on the character
of war lords who often as night falls controls and dominates
entire segments of the New Afrikan community in the further
pursuit of vulgar materialism. Chasing an amerikkkan dream while
further exacerbating a neo-kolonial nightmare for the New Afrikan
Nation/people. This trend must be reversed.

Shaka Shakur
Spear & Shield Collective

Shaka Shakur #28443
P.O. Box 41
Michigan City, IN 46361-0041


** Topic: OMCT:BRA190496/MASSACRE/ **
** Written 8:26 AM Apr 19, 1996 by omct@iprolink.ch in
cdp:hr.americas **

Case BRA 190496
Child Concern
Case BRA 190496.CC

The International Secretariat of OMCT/SOS-Torture requests
your intervention in the following situation in Brazil.

Brief description of the situation:
Movimento Sem Terra, a member of the SOS Torture network,
has expressed its grave concern over a massacre of landless
peasants perpetrated by the 4rth battalion of military
police in Para State, under the command of Colonel Pantoja.

The massacre took place during the course of a march
organised by Movimento Sem Terra to protest against the non-
observance of the time limit negotiated with the state
authorities for the resettlement of 1500 families who are
occupying la Fazed Macacheira in the municipality of
Curionopolis (Para State)

2500 people from these families were camping on the Fazenda
Macacheira and participating in the march, on the road
from Maraba to Belem. In the early hours of the morning of
the 18th the military police attempted to stop the march
from continuing. During the confrontation 23 of the
marchers were killed by the police. Many others were

Three lawyers from the Movimento Sem Terra were refused
access to the hospital and to the police station where
several of the marchers were being detained.

Child Concern
BRA 190496.CC
During these attacks, amongst those killed, is a child of
three years old. According to the information there were
many other injuries of men, women and children, although a
complete breakdown is currently unavailable.

Action requested :
Please write to the Brazilian authorities urging them to:

i. immediately release all the people detained and
guarantee their physical and psychological integrity;

ii ensure the victims or their families the right to
reparation and compensation;

iii.guarantee a full impartial and exhaustive enquiry into
the events to identify those responsible, bring them
to trial and apply the penal, civil and or
administrative sanctions provided by law.

iv. ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights
and fundamental freedoms in accordance with national
laws and international standards

Addresses :
His Excellence Mr President of the Federal Republic of
Brazil, Mr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the Presidents
Cabinet, Planalto Palace, 70.150 Brasilia, DF, Brazil.
Fax : + 55 61 226 6241 E-mail: gppr@cr-df.rnp.br

Sr. Nelson Jobim, Ministro da Justica, Esplanada dos
Ministerios, Bloco 23, 70.064 Brasilia, DF, Brazil.
Fax : + 55 61 321 5172 E-mail: njobim@ax.apc.org

Exmo. Sr. Sep=FAlveda Pertence, Presidente do Supremo
Tribunal Federal, Pra=E7a dos Tr=EAs Poderes, Ed. Anexo 3
andar, Gabinete da Presid=EAncia, Brasilia - DF-70175-900,
Brasil. Fax : (+ 55 61) 316 55 08

Exmo. Sr. Geraldo Brindeiro, Procurador Geral da Rep=FAblica,
SGAS L2 Sul. Q.603 Lote 23, 3 andar, Brasilia - DF - 70200-
901, Brasil.
Fax : (+ 55 61) 223 61 19

Geneva, 19 April 1996

Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the code
of the present appeal in your reply.

Ben Schonveld
Projects Manager

Case Postale 119
Rue de Vermont 37-39

Tel:4122 733 3140
Fax:4122 733 1051

** End of text from cdp:hr.americas **




Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

BRASILIA, Brazil (Apr 19, 1996 6:11 p.m. EDT) - Forensic tests
on the bodies of 19 rural workers mowed down by police gunfire in
one of Brazil's bloodiest massacres suggest many died in
execution-style killings, police said Friday.

Meanwhile, representatives of the landless peasants who
clashed with police on a remote Amazon highway Wednesday raised
their estimate of the death toll to 26, seven more than
recognized by officials, and said others were missing.

Television images Thursday of police firing machineguns into a
crowd of peasants brandishing hoes and hurling sticks shocked
Brazilians hardened to violent scenes.

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso denounced the killings as
"unacceptable, unjustified and shameful to the country." The
Catholic Church spoke of "a cruel massacre" and called for the
government to speed up its land reform program.

In Maraba, a small town close to the site of the clash 430
miles south of Para state capital Belem, the bodies of 19 victims
were to be carried through the streets in a silent protest.
Police were scouring an area of forest for further victims of the

"The injuries are brutal," said Eduardo Aldeman, head of a
forensic police department investigating the massacre. "Most
bullet holes are located in the victims' heads. In a conflict
situation it is hard to correctly aim for the head," he told
Reuters by telephone from Maraba.

A police source who asked not to be identified said at least
ten of the corpses had bullet holes in the back of the neck,
suggesting execution-style killings.

"They dragged them away and put them in a clearing and the
ones who were alive, the police aimed at them and shot them in
the head," a woman eyewitness told Globo television.

Orlando Galvino, a member of the Landless Movement (MST) that
represents millions of landless workers, said in addition to the
19 corpses examined by police, six bodies were located in the
nearby town of Curionopolis and another was reported to have been
found in a forest near the site of the clash.

An official at a hospital in Curionopolis said she was unaware
of any clash victims.

Galvino pledged that the landless families, said to have
totalled 3,000 before the shooting, would continue their fight
for the right to settle a 98,839 acre farm. "We will stay and
keep up our struggle as before," he said. "In May, we will begin
clearing the forest and sowing seed."

The MST claims that nearly five million families need land to
survive in Brazil and encourages groups to invade private estates
that are not being used for farming to pressure the government to
speed up its land reform program.

The Pastoral Land Commission, a Catholic church group working
with the MST, says 80 percent of productive land in Brazil
belongs to just 10 percent of landowners.


** Topic: Terrorist Bill: Tightening Repression **
** Written 10:13 AM Apr 19, 1996 by bwitanek in
cdp:misc.activism. **
From: "Janet" <janet@wwpublish.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:38:53 -0400 EDT

Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Apr. 25, 1996
issue of Workers World newspaper


The so-called "Anti-Terror" Bill is about to be made into
law. It's racist. It's repressive. It's anti-foreign.
There's nothing good in it for the working class and

The Clinton administration first pushed to beef up federal
police powers a year ago in the wake of the Oklahoma City
bombing. Workers World opposed it then, and we oppose it now
in its new, slightly amended form. It's gussied up as a
means of combating ultra-right militia groups--but actually
this bill serves only to strengthen the repressive powers of
the capitalist state.

One provision to limit the right to appeal--especially for
death-row inmates--strikes a blow against prisoners and
anyone fighting for justice in the U.S. legal system. It
will limit their ability to challenge the legality of the
verdict and the sentence in their cases. This is purely and