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simply racist, since African Americans and other people of
color are disproportionately victims of capital punishment.

Another part of the bill gives the federal government more
power to deport non-citizens "suspected of terrorist ties"
and to prosecute foreign organizations designated as
"terrorist." This just gives Washington a blank slate to
label its opponents "terrorist" and deport them. In the
present climate, it is most likely to be used against Arab
people and groups sympathizing with anti-imperialist
movements in the Middle East.

Before the arrests of two rightist white U.S. citizens for
the Oklahoma City bombing, politicians and the media
viciously blamed Arab and Iranian people for it--without a
shred of evidence. Passing this bill gives legal force to
these prejudices so useful to U.S.-imperialist foreign
policy aimed at controlling the oil resources of the Middle

The bill's other provisions take up actions that are
already illegal--like blowing up federal buildings and
killing people--and make them new federal crimes with
greater punishments. Anyone who believes these measures
would stop the kind of ultra-right terror that was
apparently responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing would
believe anything.

The bill doesn't herald incipient fascism; not even a law
as bad as this one can wipe out democratic rights with one
stroke. But there's no doubt the Clinton administration has
manipulated revulsion against last year's tragedy to legally
increase the government's repressive police powers.

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From: Thomas Dornheck <dornheck@rz.uni-leipzig.de>


By JENNIFER BOWLES, Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A judge has dealt a blow to ex-Black Panther
leader Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt's quest for freedom, ruling the bid
to overturn his 1972 murder conviction must go to the state
Supreme Court. Pratt, wearing jailhouse blues, shook his head
Wednesday as Superior Court Judge Michael A. Cowell explained why
he sided with prosecutors who said state law requires that
Pratt's case belongs in California's highest court.

"Quite simply, this is not that court," said Cowell, who
added that he was making no judgment on the merits of Pratt's
case. As court adjourned, someone in the courtroom yelled "Be
strong G" to Pratt as he was led away. Outside the Criminal
Courts Building, some 30 people held a loud protest in support of

Attorneys Johnnie Cochran Jr. and Stuart Hanlon, who claim
their client was framed by the FBI because of his role in the
radical group, sought to keep the case in Superior Court because
a judge there could order an evidentiary hearing and they could
present evidence that has surfaced since Pratt's conviction. They
would be unable to do that in the state Supreme Court, because
the justices don't hear new evidence. Rather, they review a case
and hear oral arguments.

"I was disappointed, but it will not stop us," Cochran said
outside court. "I will not rest until he's free."

Cochran claimed prosecutors sought out a technicality in
state law in an effort to delay the case. Prosecutors, however,
said there was no other choice because Pratt has had earlier
hearings in Superior Court and the State Court of Appeal since
his conviction. But the Supreme Court, they said, could return
the case to Superior Court. "If the Supreme Court finds merit in
their petition, then they'll have their day in court," Deputy
District Attorney Brentford J. Ferreira told the judge.

Hanlon expressed doubt that would happen, pointing to a
conservative bench. "All seven justices were appointed by (former
Gov.) Deukmejian and (Gov.) Wilson," he said. "We'll have to
figure out a different strategy."

Pratt, 48, was convicted of murdering Carolyn Olsen during a
1968 robbery that netted $18 on a Santa Monica tennis court. He
is serving a life term at a state prison in Ione, near
Sacramento, and has been denied parole 16 times.

Pratt, a decorated Vietnam veteran, has always maintained he
was in Oakland the night the 27-year-old schoolteacher was shot
to death. "I'm totally convinced of his innocence," said Jason
Young, a therapy counselor from Inglewood who spent his lunch
break taking part in the march outside the court building. "He's
just another victim of an unjust system. And here's a man who
went to Vietnam and defended his country."

Pratt, who was brought to the Los Angeles County jail for
Wednesday's hearing and another one last month, was ordered back
to state prison. District Attorney Gil Garcetti agreed to review
Pratt's case in 1993 after a request by crusading lay minister
Jim McCloskey, whose Princeton, N.J.-based Centurion Ministries
specializes in exonerating those wrongly convicted.

McCloskey and defense attorneys claim there is new evidence
to show Pratt was a victim of an FBI program known as COINTELPRO
that targeted political dissidents during the 1960s and '70s.

They allege the FBI hid and possibly destroyed wiretap
evidence that would prove Pratt was in Oakland the night of the
murder and that the key witness against Pratt was a government
informant. In addition, they say six former Black Panthers, who
declined to testify during Pratt's trial because of a split in
the radical group, have come forward to say Pratt was with them
in Oakland.

(c) 1996 The Associated Press

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This News Service is posted by the
International Secretariat of Amnesty International,
1 Easton Street, London WC1X 8DJ
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Sender: Amnesty_International@io.org



As the trial of 16 -- mostly juvenile -- defendants reopens
today, Amnesty International is calling on the Turkish
Government to investigate fully and impartially allegations that
all the defendants were severely tortured.

The defendants -- who are mostly teenage students -- were
charged with membership of or having links with the illegal armed
organization, the Revolutionary People~s Liberation Front,

~We are alarmed at receiving an increasing number of reports
that juveniles have been tortured in police custody,~ Amnesty
International said today.

During their detention between 26 December 1995 and 5
January 1996 at Manisa Police Headquarters, police reportedly
blindfolded the defendants, stripped them naked, hosed them with
cold water and subjected them to electric shocks including to
their genitalia. Police raped the male detainees with truncheons
and squeezed their testicles. Female detainees were subjected to
forced gynaecological tests and were threatened with rape,
virginity tests and defenestration.

A 14-year-old male defendant gave the following account: I
had to undress. (...) . They asked questions that were nothing to
do with me; when I said I did not know, they twisted my
testicles. They said things like: ~That~s it, your manhood is
gone~.(..). Four of them held me by the hands and arms and gave
electric shocks to my right thumb, to my sexual organs, to my
arms and to my stomach. (..) Afterwards I had no feeling in my
right foot and sexual organ.

The juveniles~ torture testimonies are supported by medical
reports from the hospitals where they were treated during their
detention. A 17-year-old female had to be transferred to
hospital, because of vaginal bleeding following electric shocks
applied to her genitals. A 16-year-old (who is still under
arrest) was recently transferred to Izmir State Hospital.
Released juveniles are receiving medical treatment from the
Turkish Human Rights Foundation.

Sabri Ergul, member of parliament for the Republican
People~s Party (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, CHP), gave the following
account of an unannounced visit at Manisa Police Headquarters: I
heard a cry and opened the door of the next room to find out what
was going on. The young people were there, they were blindfolded
and some of them were naked.

Reports of torture of the 16 defendants have produced an
outcry in the Turkish media and general public during the past

Amnesty International is urgently calling on the Turkish
authorities to ensure prompt, impartial and thorough
investigations into these serious torture allegations and bring
those found responsible to justice without delay.

Amnesty International also closely monitors trials of
suspected torturers of children. The trial against police
officers who reportedly subjected 13-year-old Abdullah Salman to
electric shocks at Sisli Police Headquarters in Istanbul between
7 and 9 November 1994 is still pending. Twelve-year-old Halil
Ibrahim OkkalI~s arm was broken while in detention at CInarlI
Police Station on 27 November 1995 in Izmir and a trial has
recently been opened.

Done Talun, who was only 12 years old when she was severely
beaten and subjected to electric shocks, was upset when in
January 1996 the prosecutor issued a decision not to prosecute:
~How could they let them go after what they have done to me?~.



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WASHINGTON, April 19 (Apr 19, 1996 5:54 p.m. EDT) - The
Washington-based American Kurdish Information Network is not
allied with a Kurdish terror group as Turkey's ambassador to
Washington has alleged, an AKIN spokesman said on Friday.

"AKIN is not related to the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) ...
We are not a terrorist organisation; we are a human rights
organisation," Jeff Azboy told Reuters.

"Turkey likes to call anybody who raises the Kurdish question
a terrorist," Azboy said.

"We are for peace. We want a peaceful end to the conflict
(and) democracy for all Turkish citizens," he added, referring to
what he called the human rights struggle of more than 12 million
Kurds in Turkey, a close U.S. ally.

At a luncheon with diplomatic writers on Wednesday, Turkey's
Ambassador to Washington, Nuzhet Kandemir, alleged that AKIN was
a front for the PKK, which is fighting for autonomy or
independence from Turkey and which the United States considers a
terrorist organisation.

He said PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan publicly identified the
Washington AKIN office as part of the PKK network.

AKIN has become the focus of public attention since its
leader, Kani Xulam, was arrested last week and charged with
passport fraud. The ambassador acknowledged that Turkey alerted
U.S. authorities to Xulam's presence in Washington.

The affidavit filed by U.S. authorities in Xulam's case stated
that the government of Turkey told the United States Xulam was
the alleged head of the PKK in this country.

At the State Department news briefing on Friday, deputy
spokesman Glyn Davies did not have an immediate comment on AKIN
and whether the department considered it part of the PKK.

At a hearing on Wednesday, a federal court magistrate accepted
the U.S. prosecutor's arguments that Xulam, who has operated
under at least four identities, must remain in jail because he
presented "an extremely serious risk of flight."

A court spokesman said Xulam was expected to stay in custody
while transferred to California, where the alleged passport
offence was committed, and put on trial.

Turkey's ambassador, in speaking out against Xulam and his
organisation, said the embassy followed AKIN activities closely,
including fund-raising, and shared that information with U.S.

"We have been very unhappy with a lot of activities of AKIN on
a daily basis which was very harmful for the Turkish interests
and this adminstration knows (that) quite well," Kandemir said.

Kandemir said Turkey had not specifically asked Washington to
shut down AKIN.

Azboy insisted that "to my knowledge" the Washington AKIN
office did not receive funds from the PKK but was financed by
contributions from Kurds all over the United States.

He said his office worked on behalf of Kurds everywhere and
provided information to interested parties, including Congress.


Date: Wed, 17 Apr 96 15:59:58 -0701
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
Subject: Berlin Squats Evicted

Two Berlin Squats Evicted

On Tuesday, March 26, a squatted house in the East Berlin
neighborhood of Friedrichshein was evicted by riot police. The
house, known as the "Pali", had been squatted for over five
years. The following morning, another house in East Berlin, the
"Kleine Hamburger", was also evicted by massive numbers of riot
police and two other houses around the corner were searched and
damaged. About a dozen people were arrested.

These two evictions seem to have been ordered by Berlin's
new interior minister Jorg Schonbohm, a former general who has
confidently stated that "there will be no more squats in Berlin
when I leave office" and that his ministry will under no
circumstances tolerate "law-free zones to exist in this city".

Berlin's squatter community was almost completely surprised
by the recent evictions, the first since the Mainzerstrasse riots
of 1990. After the social democrat/green coalition city
government collapsed in the wake of the Mainzer riots, a
so-called "Berlin Line" was put into effect regarding squats.
Most existing squats were given legal contracts, but no new
squats would be allowed. Over the years since 1990, new squats
have all been evicted within 48-hours of being squatted, but
those houses that had been squatted before 1990 were not touched.

Until now, that is. It looks like interior minister
Schonbohm intends to make good on his word. Resistance to the
evictions in Berlin was light at first. Two demonstrations
attracted less than 300 people, but a series of small street
blockades and attacks on shops in various Berlin neighborhoods
has kept the issue in the local media. Back in 1990, when the
Mainzerstrasse was evicted, there were 120 squatted buildings in
Berlin with another 10,000 people living rent-free in apartments.
Today, there are only about 12 squats left.

Berlin squatters have a week of events and actions planned
starting April 5th. The week will end with a big demonstration
through East Berlin on Saturday, April 13th. This demo had
already been planned before the recent evictions, but now the
issue is more pressing than ever.

No More Evictions!
Come To The Berlin Squatters' Demo On April 13th!!!

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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 20:56:58 -0500
From: frank@hic.net (frank)
Subject: New anti-racist web site forming


please pass the word that a new web page on racism and white
supremacy/privelege is in the works. on addition to hints on good
links, i'm seeking pieces on numerous aspects of racism and white

those who've monitored white supremacist groups on the web know
its undergirded by considerable volumes of writings. these
writings help educate and agitate. i'm hoping those with much to
say can make a contribution to this particular anti-racist cause.
in addition, if you have pieces others have written and think
more people need to see them, email me. on all this, i can be
reached at frank@hic.net

i am hoping to have this page up by the second week of may.
please feel free to pass along this message to supportive

Black Fist collective

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