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CONTENTS: Supplement 30


1. (AFIB) Editorial: The Shadow of Oklahoma City

2. (AA[M]) AUTONOME ANTIFA (M): Antifascists On Trial In

3. (PRODH) MEXPAZ BULLETIN 68: Human Rights

4. (DT) DREAD TIMES: Panther 21 Anniversary

5. (SFE) Bombing Victims Sue FBI, Alleging Coverup

6. (REUTER) Brazil Police Kill 23 Landless In Amazon Clash

7. (SFC) Bitter Divisions In Italy's Left, Right

8. (LAT) Race-Based Claim By Sen. Rogers Brings Call For



The Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995, was a cowardly
attack that resulted in the cold-blooded murder of 168 men, women
and children. Allegedly "inspired" by the racist novel _The
Turner Diaries_, written by National Alliance _Fuhrer_, William
Pierce, the deadly attack thrust the "Patriot" movement onto
center stage. That women and abortion providers have been the
targets of anti-abortion clerical-fascists and their "Patriot"
cohorts _for years_, remains a subject little explored by
"mainstream" media.

The bomb blast at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building,
however, provided the State with the requisite excuses needed to
pass Clinton's draconian "anti-terrorism" legislation, introduced
several months prior to the bombing.

Political hacks from both capitalist parties, have tripped
over one another to see who could strip away Constitutional
protection against encroachments by the corporations, the cops
and the courts more "efficiently" -- and faster.

Yesterday's shameful 293-133 vote in the House of
Representatives was an overwhelming endorsement of repression; a
similar bill was passed by the Senate on Wednesday by a vote of
91-8; a _bi-partisan_ consensus in league with institutionalized
_State terror_.

Ostensibly, the National Security State was "unprepared" to
deal with attacks by neo-Nazi and racist forces organizing under
the banner of the reactionary "Patriot" movement. For years,
forces such as the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi movement, the John
Birch Society and their ilk have closely collaborated with the
State, the military and the FBI as they waged merciless war
against the organized working class, minority communities and the

United now by their desire to combat "terrorism," the
legislation passed by the House and Senate will strip away the
rights of the poor and the oppressed to challenge an oppressive
system, speed-up the legal machinery for State-sanctioned murder
of death-row inmates, criminalize political organizations and
free-speech advocacy by those deemed "terrorists."

Ominously, "aliens" who are identified as "terrorists" by
secret "Star Chamber" panels appointed by the Executive Branch,
are the targets of this legislation. It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out that if Reagan had such legislative
"tools" at his disposal the Central American solidarity movement
and supporters of the African National Congress, could have been
thrown in prison for raising funds for "alien terrorist"
organizations. According to an Associated Press report, among
other things Clinton's bill will:

-- Limit appeals to federal courts by prisoners, including
death-row inmates.

-- Make using the United States as a base to plan a terrorist
attack overseas a federal crime.

-- Require convicted criminals to pay restitution to their

-- Give the executive branch new authority to designate foreign
terrorist groups -- subject to congressional and judicial review
-- and let the government freeze assets of foreign terrorists
before the designation becomes public.

-- Ban fund raising for foreign terrorist organizations.

-- Expedite deportation of alien terrorists, allowing secret
evidence to be used while disclosing only an unclassified version
to the alien.

-- Bar from the country members or representatives of foreign
terrorist groups.

-- Allow U.S. citizens to sue foreign states for acts of

-- Require plastic explosives to carry markers that can be traced
and require a study on such identifiers for other explosives.

-- Facilitate deportation of criminal aliens.

-- Authorize $1 billion for federal and state law enforcement
over four years.

If politicians such as Rep. Charles Schumer, Gerald Solomon
or Henry Hyde were seriously contemplating a concerted effort to
combat "domestic and international terrorism," they would have
passed a bill that authorized funds allowing unemployed
construction workers and the Black and Latino communities to
demolish the Pentagon, the Langley, Virginia HQ of the CIA and
the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, _brick by
blood-soaked brick_ -- as part of a comprehensive public work's
project to revitalize America's cities.

It is interesting to note that the provisions enumerated
above should also lead to the prosecution of high officials of
the Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton
administrations for _international terrorism_ and crimes against
humanity, including genocide.

How else would one characterize Washington's long-standing
political and logistical support to the death-squad states of
Chile under Pinochet? Argentina under the iron heel of the
Generals? The ARENA government of El Salvador? Guatemala under
Rios Montt (the darling of American clerical-fascists)? Haiti
under the lash of the CIA-financed FRAPH killers? The murderous
apartheid state of South Africa? The continued occupation of
Northern Ireland by British imperialism? The genocidal Turkish
regime that practices genocide against the Kurdish minority? Or
the current illegal invasion and terrorist bombing campaign by
Israel against Lebanon? Dare we mention Washington's genocidal
war of aggression against the people of Southeast Asia -- and
South Central? But the State and their cohorts within Congress
do not of course, have this in mind.

Let us be clear: the shameful legislation passed by these
well-heeled representatives of institutionalized racism and white
supremacy, sexist and homophobic "traditional family values,"
"global downsizing," environmental plunder, neo-liberal
"austerity," and _wholesale international State terrorism_ as
practiced by U.S. imperialism and their allies, will do _nothing_
to smash fascism. As in Weimar Germany, the full weight of State
repression will fall on the victims, not the perpetrators, of
fascist terror.

It will become apparent in the not-too-distant future who
the targets of Congressional "anti-terrorist" legislation are --
the North American working class, the Black and Latino
communities, women, immigrants, queers. Indeed, anyone who
challenges the order of global piracy controlled by Washington
and the American transnational corporations whom they serve, are
the intended targets of this wretched bill.

As far as the fascists go, let us also be clear: today the
State and the bourgeois media denounce the "extremism" of the
"Patriots" -- while they systematically implement the racist
program of the fetus fetishists', the xenophobes, the union-
busters, "Wise Use" pirates and queer-bashers. In order to fight
fascism, the _system_ that nurtures, creates and unleashes
fascist terror must itself be challenged and _smashed_.


{Editor's note: Two members of the German antifascist group,
Autonome Antifa (M), are currently touring the East Coast of
North America. In light of the State's on-going attempts to
criminalize anti-racist and antifascist organizations on both
sides of the Atlantic, we urge you to support these German
comrades. For more information on their current tour, write
<aheintz@soils.umn.edu>. AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!}



The largest trial against antifascists in the history of the
Federal Republic of Germany is scheduled to begin in Lueneburg on
August 14th, 1996. 17 antifascist activists are charged with
paragraph 129, building a criminal organization, a reference to
the Autonome Antifa (M) from Goettingen, Lower Saxony. This trial
will determine whether the Autonome Antifa (M) is a criminal
organization. According to the highest federal court, the group
"poses a threat to public safety and order" by organizing
demonstrations and actions against neofascists. The charges focus
on 7 coalition demonstrations between 1991 and 1994. Each was
attended by several thousand people of diverse political
background and helped prevent the spread of fascism in the

The trials will have severe consequences not just for the
individual defendants and for the politics of the Autonome Antifa
(M), but also for the entire left in Germany. It is a test case,
an attempt to make antifascist politics impossible. If the state
is successful with this anti-Antifa trial, every other legally
organized antifascist group will be a potential target for
repression; grass-roots politics and the right to demonstrate
would be restricted . Even groups like Greenpeace would be
vulnerable to criminalization as a "criminal organization".

Fascists on the street continue to spread their terror,
setting fire bombs and murdering. The New Right and old Nazis
keep their propaganda machine running, spreading fascist lies in
universities, in government-sponsored institutes, and on-line.
The German police is in the international press again because an
amnesty internation report says that the German police is racist,
documenting police beatings of foreigners. Meanwhile, the justice
and police departments on the state and federal levels are
fine-tuning their instruments to repress leftist organizations.
Antifascist work is being fought with all means by the justice
and police departments. Joachim Bloch, director of the interior
secret service (Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz), stated in 1990
that antifascism is a means to defame the Federal Republic of
Germany, and that "a free democracy is not an antifascist

The investigations and trial show the extreme to which the
state is willing to go to criminalize antifascists. The court has
already scheduled 131 trial dates in just the first year of the
trial. The state attorney has introduced 115 ring-binders full of
evidence and they intend to handle each piece. Because the
charges are based on paragraph 129, each defendant has to take
two lawyers. The court is having trouble finding a building large
enough for the 17 defendants, 34 lawyers, witnesses, and court
personnel. The original trial date, set for May 8th (ironically
the 51th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi-fascism) was
postponed so that a riding stable could be rebuilt to a
courtroom. This plan was blocked in late January when the Justice
Department denied the 300,000 DM in funding necessary to install
a heating system.

5 years of investigations from the state police in Lower
Saxony are the background for the trials. A special force was
formed in which up to 28 police officers were employed.
Observations of group meetings and individuals were carried out
over months, sometimes for 24 hours a day. In just 7 months,
13,929 telephone calls were taped and transcribed. 143 people
were thoroughly checked for being potential members in the
Autonome Antifa (M). Police searched the homes, workplaces, and
relatives' homes of 17 people in July 1994, hoping to destroy the
infrastructure of the Autonome Antifa (M). Archives, personal
items, and computers worth tens of thousands of DM were

When the investigations began, the talk was of 52 attacks
between 1981 and 1991 for which the Autonome Antifa (M) was
supposedly responsible. In the meantime, the state attorney has
been forced to admit that the Autonome Antifa (M) has nothing to
do with the attacks. The accusation was just the means to an
ends: to justify the immense investigations to the public and to
delegitimize antifascist politics in large parts of the

It is not the 17 antifascists that belong on the defendants
chair, but rather the politicians that feign sympathy for the
victims of racist and fascist violence while at the same time
aiding and abetting the development to the extreme right in

Two antifascists from Goettingen will be visiting North
America in April to give presentations on the background and
current situation of the repression of the Autonome Antifa (M).
They are interested in meeting individuals and groups who would
like to help with solidarity work on the international level.
Especially needed are international trial watchers and donations
for the legal costs.

Autonome Antifa (M) Phone: +49 551 394569
c/o Buchladen Fax: +49 551 394564
Rote Strasse 10 E-mail: aam@paxo.nadir.org
D-37073 Goettingen WWW: http://www.nadir.org/Gruppen/aam/

Spendenkonto fuer die Prozesskosten:
Antifaschistische Liste
Kto-Nr.: 150497006, Sparkasse Goettingen, BLZ: 26050001
Stichwort: "Solidaritaet"


** Topic: Mexpaz #68: Human Rights **
** Written 5:06 PM Apr 18, 1996 by rights@uibero.uia.mx in
cdp:reg.mexico **
From: MEXPAZ_rights <rights@uibero.uia.mx>

April 9 to 12
Human Rights Center Miguel A.Pro (PRODH)
Tel. (52-5) 511 47 33, Fax 208 75 47
E-mail: prodh@laneta.apc.org
April 9


PRODH director David Fernandez stated that if the Mexican
government tears its clothes for the human rights violations
agaist Mexican migrants in the US, it must be coherent in its
treatment of migrants from Central America, who are treated
like common criminals and assaulted with whole impunity.


The National Human Rights Commission reported that from 1991
to 1994 US policmen have killed sixteen mexicans.In 96% of
the cases involving injuries the culprits haven't been


The fourth national "Mendez Arceo" prize was given to Jose
Alvarez Icaza for his permanent promotion of human rights in
his contributions to social communication.


The peasant organization Emiliano Zapata reported that some
forty disguised and armed men irrupted in Los Centros, a
ranch located near the Guatemalan border. After having looted
the houses, they raped ten Indian women and beat fifteen
peasants. They are believed to be a paramilitary group or
white guards.


Policemen dispersed violently a group of PRD members who were
holding a meeting in demand for the removal of Iguala's
mayor. Several people were wounded.



The Federal District Human Rights Commission reported that
the greatest number of complaints for human rights violations
received in the last six months were against the Federal
District Justice Department. 944 denounciations were filed
for authority abuse, public officers responsability and
justice delay, among others.


The National Human RIghts Commission stated that a society
that can't exert its rights under the pretext of public
security is on the way of totalitarism.

April 11

During the ceremony conmemorating the 77 anniversary of
Zapata's death in Morelos, presidente Zedillo declared that
the government will promote the peasants participation in the
decisions concerning them. At the same time, not far from
this site, state police attacked a group of Tepotztlan
citizens, about a thousand of them, including women and
children, members of the independent organization CUT, who
were on their way to attend the event. One of them, Marcos
Olmedo, was shot, another severely wounded, several were


Several organizations members of the web All the Rights for
All, the Civilian Movement for Democracy, The Labour Front
and the National Association of Democratic Lawyers stated
that the new anti-crime law will mean severe human rights
violations in the name of fighting deliquency. Legally Mexico
will be converted in a fascist state.


In the last three months, only in the TIjuana and Mexicali
borderzone, 863 human rights violations by US authorities
against migrant workers were reported by Mexico's and
California's Episcopal Conferences.


Cardenas police expulsed violently a group of the Labour
Party (PT) members who had invaded land. Several people were
injured by gas.


Revista Proceso
La Jornada
El Financiero
Sididh (Servicio Diario de Derechos Humanos en Mxico -Prodh)

** End of text from cdp:reg.mexico **


** Topic: Panther 21 Anniversary **
** Written 8:41 PM Apr 18, 1996 by bwitanek in
cdp:justice.polabuse **
From: Bob Witanek <bwitanek@igc.apc.org>

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This is going to be a major historical event and these tickets