Re: Wellington St

huntsab (
Tue, 23 Apr 96 10:39:29 AEDT

Hello, this is going to a few differant groups so sorry if its not
personal. My name is Vom London. I live at a warehouse on Wellington St'
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. This has been lived in by us for over 6
months. The owners, a small company, seemed to be content to leave us be. We
have run it as a venue,and want to continue to do so. We have had benefit gigs
for the Anarchist Black Cross, Squatters Network, GECO( forest blockaders)etc.
As well as for local,interstate, and soon to be international ( Drop Dead on
Sunday and Citizen Fish on June 22), non-profit gigs. 15 odd (!) people live
there. We have repaired the roof,windows,doors etc--in typical squatter slow
and haphazard way!
Last nite we were served with an order 53 --of the
Supreme Court--basically a repossesion rubberstamp. It is in the Supreme
Court at 10.30 thurs 25th Apr (2 days!). We intend to fight.
Please contact Wellington St if you can help eg. with friendly media,
turn up to a demo on thurs or to the warehouse (255-cnr wellington and
Sackville) any day this week to help do banners/flyers/ help with shifting
stuff. All are wanted for moral support as much too.
Hopefully we can use this to build more solid links within Melb/Aus
so hope to see you. Interstate/international folk welcome, plenty of room for
you--as long it lasts. I realise there is little any of you overseas can do
but here in Melbourne where so much has picked up in terms of radical
organizing in the last 6 months we want other activists to know stuff is going
on here though often on a smaller scale. Whether or not we lose our centre we
have now got a tight crew to set up another . I can be reached here at xchange
(i'm the only Wellington St squatter on the net) so if your gonna be in the
area soon please say hello. Any messages of support appreciated.

p.s. the phone no. is- 9416 1285