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Help end corporate dominance!

Subject: May 20th Action to End Corporate Dominance

"The Earth is not dying it is being killed and the people who are
killing it have names and addresses," -- U Utah Phillips.


Call to Action on May 20th at a multinational corporation near you!
(Use the contacts listed below for more information).

Join Earth First! and other movements on the first of many actions
against the corporate power structure. We need to stand together if we
plan to truly throw this beast off the planet. This will be the first
of many similar actions.

What do the following organizations -- Weyerhauser, Hyundai, UniCal,
Chevron, Atlantic Richfield Corporation, Mobile Oil, NBC & General
Electric, WalMart, ATT, Louisianna Pacific, Georgia Pacific, McDonalds,
Phillip Morris, Macmillan Blodel, Hershey's, Newmont Gold, Peabody
Coal, Shell, Mitsubishi, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Stone Container,
Hydro-Quebec, CBS & Westinghouse, Pulp Talbot, Burger King, General
Mills, Placer Dome, Texaco, Fletcher Challenge, Disney & ABC, Gilette,
MAXXAM, DuPont, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, Chase Manhatten, Proctor &
Gamble, 3M, Exxon, and Boise Cascade (and many many others) -- have in
common? They are all killing the planet and all of the species,
including human beings, who live on it. This destruction must end or
we're doomed.

Get together with thenearest chapter of Earth First! and / or the other
local groups in your area and pick your target(s).

For further information, contact:

Oregon Project, c/o Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, HCR 82,
Fossil, OR 97830

e-mail: earthfirst@igc.apc.org [subject: end corporate dominance]
or send e-mail to: force10@lbbs.org [same subject]

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In the words of Utah Phillips, "The Earth isn't dying. It is being
killed, and the people killing it have names and addresses." Utah also
popularized the song, "Dump the Bosses Off Your backs" and that is just
what we intend to do on May 20th, 1996. The time has come to draw the
connection between all of our campaigns on ecological issues,
environmental racism, biodiversity, sexism, the exploitation of
workers, attacks on immigrants, and all of the battles in our
individual neighborhoods; that connecting threas, that common enemy

At the Activists' Conference in Tuscon Arizona in February, Earth
First! hatched a plan to coordinate on an action, on a national and
international scale, against corporate domination and destruction of
the Earth. There is something here for everyone, and it is time we
made a strong statement challenging the prevailing view that somehow we
are stuck with the power that corporations wield. We have compiled a
list of "dirty dozen" (or more!) corporations and are currently
researching all of the crimes they have committed, disseminating that
information as widely as possible, and launching this campaign against
those targets. However, we realize that this dirty dozen is merely a
list of the worst offenders; in reality, all corporations are
destructive to the earth simply because of their very heirarchical and
exploitative nature. The corporations are the mere tip of the iceberg
of the transglobal capitalist state. But it is not a difficult task to
start this list. MAXXAM, Weyerhauser, L-P, Mitsubishi, Exxon,
PepsiCO, Shell, and many others leap to mind with many more behind
them. It's a target rich environment; choose your target!

We need you! We welcome and encourage your ideas, your energy, your
issues, your organizing skills and suggestions so that when May 20th
rolls around we are prepared to stand up to and fight corporate
dominance; in the meantime, there is much to be done. The End
Corporate Dominance Working Group formed in February and it has e-mail,
snail-mail, and telephone contacts, and we need to identify other
contacts all over the world NOW, so that we can organize for this major
action and keep organizing future actions. This campaign should also
be a boost to everyone's campaign everywhere and a good way to link up
campaigns. We want to make this a coalition effort, reaching out to
feminist, anti-racist, pro-immigrant, labor, social change, radical
student, our fellow radical ecological groups and human rights groups
to join us. We in earth First! will spearhead (our part of) the
campaign with a strongly biocentric message, which is, "dump the
corporations off Mother Earth's back!"
But don't let this just be a protest campaign. We must also begin to
organize alternative institutions so that we can begin to build a new
world within the shells of the old. Now is the time to get together
and organize neighborhood associations, micro-powered radio stations,
alternative forms of transportation, barter groups, free schools,
alternative currency, and community gardens.

We must also work to improve the existing organizations which promote
solidarity, freedom, anti-racist and anti-sexist values. We must
continue to organize workers and organize our places of work and
support anti-racist, anti-sexist, and pro-choice campaigns. We must
resist and fight attacks on immigrants, the poor, the working folks,
and what the etablsihment calls "the middle class".

We are aware that we must continue to do this while we dismantle the
corporate state, and we realize that our efforts are merely another
step in thsi process. So in the ineterst of solidarity, please give us
your support!

No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!


Special Notice for Folks Living in the San Francisco Bay Area:

The main action will take place on MAY 15th, not MAY 20th. We will be
targetting Shell, guilty of being the worst corporate criminal of 1995
according to the "Multinational Monitor." However, we needn't limit
ourselves to just one. If you wish to organize independent,
simultaneous actions, or additional actions, please do so. If they
take place on another day, please let us know and we will come out to
your action as well!

The action against shell will take place in Martinez at the Shell
refinery on Wednesday, May 15th. Exact time & place TBA. We will
organize carpools from the Concord BART station and we will let you
know which bus-line takes you from the station to Martinez.

For more info, contact:

Bay Area Earth First! (510) 848-8724
or Bay Area IWW (510) 845-0540

e-mail: force10@lbbs.org
or: intexile@iww.org

Mailing Address:

Bay Area Earth First! Campaign to End Corporate Dominance,
c/o Bay Area IWW,
3124 Shattuck Ave.,
Berkeley, CA 94705


Earth First! Profits Last! An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

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