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Here is some important information about the anti-terrorist

Part 2, JERRY BROWN: Call Congress! Stop Terroristic Terrorism Bill!

The provision [prohibiting the F.B.I. from investigating people
based solely on their associations] is REPEALED in the Senate
version. It's hard to tell what is going to come out of the House
of Representatives. The posture, of course, is that the House has
passed a version, a bit watered down (because of some Republican
attacks), over the opposition of the White House and almost all of
the Democrats. And then we've got the Senate version.

Well, now there is a committee, MEETING IN SECRET, going over
(I don't know if it's the committee or, more likely, the staff) to
write this new bill that will be a culmination of what has gone
before. I don't think we're going to get more than a few hours to
even hear about it. I would suspect that no one listening to this
show -- no one in Congress will actually read all the provisions.
And OUR Bill of Rights -- which many presidents fight wars allegedly
in defense of -- will be substantially curtailed, with barely a PEEP,
with barely a MURMUR out of the American People.

And that is why I'm asking all you people who are listening ....
and I haven't asked much of you, although I've asked you to call the
800 number [(800)426-1112 to join WE THE PEOPLE] .... I'm not
pointing to that right now. I'm asking you to get a friend and to
C_A_L_L Y_O_U_R REPRESENTATIVES, and make this request:
ask for a copy of the final conference report, the Senate-House
Conference Report on the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill. Tell them to
SEND YOU A COPY! That's the first thing. Just get a copy. And ask
them for an explanation, because these bills are VERY HARD to
decipher. That's the first thing.

The second thing I want you to ask for is a D_E_L_A_Y I_N
T_H_E B_I_L_L until after the anniversary, the April 19th
anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. They can keep this thing
delayed. Ask for a month's delay so that quieter minds can
deliberate after there has been some discussion, some knowledge of
the text. Your congressman or congresswoman ... some of them may
know about this. They are sensitive to the American Civil Liberties
Union and to the National Rifle Association. They probably have
some knowledge. But almost all the members of Congress have NOT
read this bill -- CANNOT have read it because it hasn't even been
printed in its new form, which will be a compromise of various

Now there is one story. I've just criticized most of the media
because there hasn't been much of this [in the media] -- but there
is another story. The New York Times has had four or five stories on
this Anti-Terrorism Bill. There have been editorials against it.
Anthony Lewis has had, I believe, at least three stories about the
Anti-Terrorism Bill. The latest appears this morning. It's in the
editorial section of the newspaper. Anthony Lewis, for those of you
who don't know, used to cover the U.S. Supreme Court. Very
knowledgeable on Constitutional law. And he's definitely a fellow
who defends the status quo. He really looks into changes in the law
that affect civil liberties and human rights -- human rights not
only in America, but throughout the World. And in this particular
column, which is called "Stand Up For Liberty," he lays it out
pretty strong. Here's what he says:

"This week, Congress is likely to finish work on legislation
gutting federal habeas corpus, the historic power of federal
courts to look into the Constitutionality of state criminal
proceedings. Innocent men and women, convicted of murder in
flawed trials, will be executed if that protection is gone."

And, as we speak, the overwhelming odds are that the conference
committee will put its report out, and that the members of Congress,
of all stripes, will stand up and slavishly vote "YES".

WHY? Ask them! Ask her! Ask him!
I'm really requesting, in all seriousness, IF YOU C_A_R_E ABOUT
MOMENTUM, a juggernaut of authoritarian control that is being put
together as a substitute for equality, for a non-discriminatory,
opportunity-society ... being put together as a substitute for a
kind of progressive agenda that I believe most of the people
listening to this show really believe in.
(to be continued)
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I urge you to post the episodes of this ongoing series to other
newsgroups, networks, computer bulletin boards and mailing lists.
It is also important to post hardcopies on the bulletin boards
in campus halls, churches, supermarkets, laundromats, etc. --
any place where concerned citizens can read this vital information.
Our people's need for Paul Reveres and Ben Franklins is as
urgent today as it was 220 years ago.

John DiNardo

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