Rebel Worker April96 Contents of Free email edition

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Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:09:58 +1000

Following is a contents page for Rebel Worker Magazine, a publication of the
Sydney, Australia Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation. April 1996 edition.

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Offensive against Howard (new Aust. Conservative Govt.) 2
Australian Transport News 3
Nestle Factory Lockout 4
Norweigian Syndicalism 5
Greek Anarchist News 6
Land and Freedom Conference 18th May 7
French Syndicalist News 8
Russian Anarchist News 8b
German Syndicalist News 9
Irish Anarchist News 12
Leonard Peltier 13
Book Review: Revolution & Reformism: The Split Between "Moderates" and
"Revolutionaries" in French Anarcho-Syndicalism, L.Gambone. 14
Jura News 17
Land & Freedom conference focusing on a reassessment of the Spanish
Revolution 1936-39 for the Left Today 18a

regards, dizzie