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Subject: Israel: The Hijack State (VIII)
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I apologize for any duplicate postings.
The bombardment of Lebanon continued on Sunday. The
Israelis are using the Nazi logic that the Hizbollah is threatening
Northern Israel, therefore there should be collective punishment
of Lebanon. The essence of the Israeli state is its denial of the rights
of the Palestinian people, its refusal to recognize the short and
long-range interests of all the peoples and its insistence to not live in
peace with its neighbors. This essence of the Israeli state is extremely
retrogressive and self-destructive. It will yet lead to even
greater tragedies, if the people of Israel and other peoples in the
region let it persist in its ways.
News agencies report that: "Lebanon braced for a fourth day of
Israeli bombardment on Sunday after helicopters rocketed an
ambulance full of Lebanese refugees, killing two women and four
girls, in the bloodiest attack of the Jewish state's blitz. More
than 200,000 people have already fled their homes in south Lebanon
as Israeli aircraft and big guns...pounded villages in the region.
The radio of the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army, carrying what
it said was an Israeli army statement, said people in 40 villages
and towns, including the port of Tyre, must leave before 9 am to
escape the latest assault."
The Israeli state only grasps the enormity of the risks it is
taking on a short-term basis. It thinks that U.S. imperialism will
rescue it in any eventuality. But in the long run, it is further
sowing the seeds of an extremely bloody conflict and of
self-destruction. Thinking people condemn the Israeli state for
extending their anti-Palestinian and anti-people actions by
committing another aggression against Lebanon.

Shawgi Tell
University at Buffalo
Graduate School of Education

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