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Clarissa V. Rogers (id815@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:10:14 -0400

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Subject: NCDM Newspaper "Libertad" Available
Date: Mon, 15 Apr

The National Commission for Democracy in Mexico is now publishing a
12-page bilingual monthly newspaper, "Libertad". It is a
compilation of EZLN communiques, writings by Cecilia Rodriguez,
the Zapatistas' representative in the United States, and information
about the National Commission's work in the United States.

Subscriptions are $10/year for people in the United States.
The first two issues have been distributed
principally to people who do not have access to Internet and through
our affiliated and allied committees, although it is available to
anyone. For a free sample copy, please send us your postal mailing
address. In addition, bulk orders can also be made. The cost is
$.12/copy plus shipping costs by UPS, postal service or Greyhound.

To subscribe or order in bulk, send check or money order to:
601 N. Cotton Street, #A103
El Paso, Texas 79902

For more information, call or fax (915) 532-8382 or email to

***We also plan to make Libertad available to Chiapas Times subscribers in
Vermont. Send your $ to NFN, POB 57, Burl., VT 05402.***

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