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CONTENTS: Supplement 27


1. (EF!) Earth First!: ABC Trash Journalism --
Unabomber and Earth First!

2. (IRSC-NA) Easter Solidarity Greetings From The Irish
Republican Socialist Committees Of North

3. (R&R!) Refuse & Resist! -- Resist '96 Schedule

4. (WP) `Freemen's' Theological Agenda; Group Embraces
Racist `Christian Identity'

5. (IS/N) Indianapolis Star/News: Racist Sniper's Hit
List Included Civil Rights Leader


** Topic: ABC Trash Journalism-Unabomber and Earth First!?? **
** Written 2:46 PM Apr 8, 1996 by edee@envirolink.org in
cdp:misc.activism. **

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Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 20:43:01 -0800
From: EARTHFIRST! <earthfirst@igc.apc.org>
To: eric@envirolink.org
Subject: emergency posting


An Open Letter to ABC Network News from the Earth First!

On Friday, April 5, the ABC news program World News Tonight
with Peter Jennings aired a report linking the non-violent
environmental group Earth First! with Theodore Kaczynski, the
alleged Unabomber. The piece was riddled with distortions and
inaccuracies, and can only be described as a hit piece on
Earth First! and the environmental movement. ABC's
sensationalistic coverage has done serious damage to the
reputation of the Earth First! movement, based on the word of
Barry Clausen, an individual employed by the timber industry.

The ABC hit piece begins with footage of an Earth First!
protest circa 1988. A group of people are shown in the midst
of a chaotic scene of violence; fists are flying, people are
screaming. The imagery, which sets the stage for the rest of
the piece, is clear: these people are violent, crazed
extremists. The real story behind this footage, however,
provides quite a different context. That day, two protestors,
in an act of civil disobedience, had locked themselves by the
neck to a logging road gate. In the moments just prior to the
footage aired, these activists had been attacked by loggers,
and were dragged by their necks in an attempt to open the
gate. The decontextualized footage aired by ABC showed other
activists attempting to intervene in order to protect their
friends. The person throwing punches was one of the loggers,
although ABC does not mention this.

ABC bases its allegation of a Unabomber-Earth First! link on
two flimsy pieces of information. The first is Kaczynski's
alleged presence at, as ABC calls it, "a meeting which top
level members of Earth First! attended, at the University of
Montana." In fact, this "meeting" was actually an
environmental conference sponsored by the Native Forest
Network, a grassroots environmental group working to protect
temperate forests worldwide. Over four hundred people
attended, including environmentalists from Poland, Scotland,
England, Chile, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Even
representatives from the US Forest Service attended the
conference. Activists associated with Earth First! also
attended the event, but had no role in the conference
proceedings. Kacyznski's alleged presence at the conference
(his name does not appear on the conference registration list)
links him to Earth First! no more than it links him to the US
Forest Service.

(The most interesting fact presented in the story, completely
glossed over by ABC, was news of an FBI list of conference
attendees. Is attending environmental conferences an activity
now considered suspicious by our government? The November,
1994, conference occurred before excerpts of the Unabomber
manifesto were released which linked the Unabomber to

The second piece of information is ABC's contention that two
of the Unabomber's victims were on "Eco-Fuckers Hit List"
published by, in ABC's words, "a radical environmental
journal." (This is the motto in the masthead of the Earth
First! Journal.) A quick shot of the hit-list page was
followed by a quote from Leslie Hemstreet, a member of the
editorial staff of the Earth First! Journal. In the quote,
Hemstreet says something like "We cannot be held responsible
for what Theodore Kaczynsky may have done with any information
he may have gotten from us, because if he had read our journal
thoroughly, he would've seen that we are completely dedicated
to non-violence."

The inference could not be clearer: The Earth First! Journal
published the hit list. Yet this is false, and ABC knew that
it was false. (An underground anarchist/environmental
publication called Live Wild Or Die actually printed the hit
list.) Roxanne Bezjian, the freelance reporter who interviewed
Hemstreet for ABC, told the Journal after complaints about the
coverage that she made it very clear to Brian Ross and Dave
Rommel, the correspondent and producer of the piece,
respectively, that the Journal had not printed the hit list.
And while ABC never directly says the Earth First! Journal
printed the list, the inference was strong enough to provoke
phone calls to the Earth First! Journal office with people
screaming that we are terrorists directly responsible for the
Unabomber's actions.

ABC further distorted the story by claiming that both of the
victims appeared on the hit-list roster. The two corporations
that ABC is referring to as appearing on the list (the list
was composed of corporations) are the California Forestry
Association and Exxon. Thomas Mosier, one of the Unabomber's
victims that ABC cites as being part of the hit list, worked
not for Exxon, but for the public relations firm
Burson-Marstellar. ABC claims that Mosier was connected to
Exxon because Exxon was a client of Burson-Marstellar.
However, Burson-Marstellar, one of the largest public
relations firms in the world, has numerous clients. Whether
Mosier ever worked on anything related to Exxon is unclear.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the hit piece is ABC's
source of information, Barry Clausen, who appears in the
piece. Clausen is a paid informant of the timber industry
whose livelihood depends on an audience interested in Earth
First!. Clausen has made a cottage industry for himself
travelling to rural areas on speaking engagements paid for by
"wise use" groups and the timber industry. The subject of his
speeches is his claimed infiltration of Earth First!, and how
Earth First! "terrorists" are attempting to destroy jobs, the
economy and the whole of civilization.

Barry Clausen is not a credible source. He is a wannabe
informant who has been rejected as unreliable by every law
enforcement agency he has tried to work with. These include
the Sheriffs of both Park County and Madison County in
Montana, the US Forest Service in Montana, Washington and
California, the US Marshall and the FBI. Clausen has also
been rejected by private agencies including a private
investigator in Seattle, Washington, and the securtity
department of McDonald's hamburger chain.

FBI agent Horace Newborn, in charge of the Domestic Terrorism
Unit at the FBI's headquarters in Washington DC, also
characterizes Clausen as unreliable. In a sworn deposition
Newborn stated about Clausen, "I think what we did is we did
some other agency checks with Clausen. His name came up in
other places, and we did some other agency checks, and they
said he was not reliable."

This rejection (except Newborn's) is documented in Clausen's
own book, Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First!,
published by the Washington Contract Loggers Association,
either in the form of direct conversations or by the agencies'
refusal to grant Clausen and his partner Joanne immunity.

ABC's portrayal of Earth First! as violent is totally
contradicted by the history of Earth First! activism. In the
sixteen years since Earth First!'s formation the only people
to have been injured as a result of Earth First! activities
have been Earth First!ers themselves. Earth First! activists
have all too often been the victims of violence. Activists
have had their houses burned down, been shot at, and beaten
up. In 1990, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were bombed in their
car while organizing for Redwood Summer, an Earth First!
campaign to protect California's redwoods. (Their lawsuit
against the FBI for wrongful prosecution and harrassment is
still pending.) ABC's irresponsible portrayal of Earth First!
as violent terrorists legitimates such heinous attacks.

The damage done by ABC's hit piece on Earth First! is
tremendous. Hard working environmental activists, who
regularly place their bodies on the line to protect the earth,
should not be subjected to such blather. This is especially
true in light of the "logging without laws" timber salvage
rider, which makes salvage logging operations above the law
on US public lands. We have better things to do with our time
than respond to such outrageous allegations.

The Earth First! Journal is asking for people to call Rhonda
Schwartz, Senior Producer of World News Tonight, to complain
about ABC's irresponsible, sensationalistic reporting. You may
reach her at (404) 874-0380.


"To realize that you do not understand is a virtue;
Not to realize that you do not understand is a defect."
Lao-Tzu _Tao Teh Ching_

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Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 22:57:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Urban-MarroQuin <irsp@netcom.com>
Subject: Easter messages


Comrades and friends of the Republican Socialist Movement,

As you gather today to pay homage to all who have died for
the liberation of the Irish nation and working class, on this
80th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the members of the Irish
Republican Socialist Committees of North America, are with you,
though we may be thousands of miles away.

We have been with you since our organization was first
founded, twelve years ago, and we have never left your side. We
have struggled onward with you through those bitter years when
the Republican Socialist Movement fought just to survive, and
remained with you, witnessing with elation the incredible
revitalization of the RSM during the past year. Through the dark
night and the glorious red dawn, we have kept the Starry Plough
banner flying here, in tribute to the fight you have ceaselessly
waged for national liberation and socialism in Ireland.

At this time, when the pain of comrade Gino Gallagher's
murder is still raw, and when the bourgeois media has used the
actions of a handful of pseudo-British agents to again attempt to
smear the RSM with black propaganda of the most vile and
distorted sort, we send greetings to affirm our unwavering
support for, and commitment to, the RSM. We reaffirm our support
for the IRSP as the leadership of the RSM, and as such, the
leadership of the most advanced section of the Irish working
class.. We pledge ourselves anew to the IRSP, and subordinate
ourselves to its political direction; from it alone we accept our
mandate. We see in the IRSP today the continuation of the vision
of Gino and of Ta, of Costello and Connolly, indeed of Marx and
Engels; and we place our complete faith in their leadership.

We stand firmly with the RSM in opposition to the charade of
the so called "peace process" and against those who would have us
believe that Ireland can be free without the liberation of the
working class -- the overwhelming majority of its people. We
applaud the IRSP's efforts to engage Irish socialists,
republicans, and class conscious workers from all communities in
Ireland in dialogue to forge together the way forward to a 32
county Irish Workers' Republic. We whole-heartedly agree with the
IRSP's willingness to talk with all segments of Irish society,
while having nothing more to discuss with Britain. Most
importantly for ourselves, we completely support the IRSP's
refusal to accept any role for the US government in resolution of
Irish affairs. The US remains the leading imperialist superpower
in the world today and can in no way contribute to a solution
that benefits the working class of Ireland.

We understand and support the INLA's decision to adopt a
position of defense and retaliation, and salute their restraint
in having held to a "no first strike strategy" for the past
twenty months. But, we agree fully with their having reiterated
that the working class movement has the right to maintain itself
in arms, and defend itself by whatever means necessary, until a
Socialist Republic has been won.

We send warm comradely greetings to the Republican Socialist
Prisoners of War, who have been a source of strength to us in the
darkest of times, and with whom we have forged enduring bonds of
friendship and solidarity over the years. We reaffirm our
commitment to increase our efforts on their behalf, and to press
forward their cause, and that of the whole RSM, throughout North
America. The unbending resolve of the RSPOWs in the face of daily
adversity is an inspiration to us all.

We send revolutionary greetings to the other supporters of
the RSM in Britain and Europe. We embrace these organizations as
our sisters and brothers, with whom we share a special bond, as
the RSM's representatives abroad. We look forward to renewing and
building closer links in the years to come.

The members of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of
North America stand with our comrades in the RSM today, proud to
declare our continuing commitment to support the RSM, and to
affirm our continued solidarity.

Victory to the struggle for an Irish Workers' Republic!

Victory to the International Working Class!

Peter Urban, North American Coordinator, IRSC

-- Statement of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of
North America read at the Easter Commemoration of the IRSM in
Belfast, Easter 1996


From: refuse@calyx.com
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 19:58:53 -0500
Subject: RESIST 96 Schedule

RESIST 96 - April 26 - 28

Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm at CCNY (City College of
New York). Aaron Davis Hall (in student center) 138th & Convent.
Take 1/9 train to 137th St. Station. Walk east to NAC Building.


"It's All One Attack"

Opening Plenary - Saturday Morning

Ramona Africa, Brenda Joyner, C. Clark Kissinger, Robert
Rockwell, Leonard Weinglass and others will paint a vivid picture
of 'what time of night' it is in America and why we need to come
together to resist.


"From the Frontlines"

Workshops - Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning

The individual battle as they stand right now, and creating
strategies for resistance before it's too late. Participants will
include Ron Hampton, Robbie Conal, Carl Pope, Darius James, Merle
Hoffman, Danny Hoch, Reg E. Gaines, Eric Drooker, Dennis Brutus,
Joe Wippler, Margarita Rosario, representatives from Center for
Constitutional Rights, Network Against the "Counter-Terrorism'
Act, People for the American Way, Gay-Lesbian-Straight Teachers
Network, Four Winds Student Association (LA), La Resistencia,
Love & Rage, Center for Immigrants' Rights and many others to be

* Creating a Culture of Resistance... Art We Can Live By
* Defending Affirmative Action
* How to Stop the Attacks on Abortion Clinics
* Beat Back the Attacks on Immigrants
* Defeating the Campaign to Pit White Women against Black Men
(and Shut Black Women Out of the Debate!)
* Big Brotherism in Computers and Communications
* Is Mark Fuhrman Really an Exception?
* Abortion is not Babykilling... and Other Lies They Tell on
* Stop the Killing Machine... Fighting the Death Penalty
* The Clinton-Gingrich Police State Program and Community
Based Policing
* Litigation as a Tool of Resistance
* The Lost Generation? (Youth Today)
* The Battle to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal/Winning a
Political Trial
* The Phony War on Drugs and the Criminalizing of Black Youth
* Taking on Gay Bashing & State Legislated Homophobia
* For God & Country... The Rise of the Christian
Fundamentalist Movement
* How to Start a Chapter of Refuse & Resist!


"Launching Massive Resistance"

Closing Plenary - Sunday Afternoon

Debate and vote on key plans for joint resistance including our
we look at what has compelled our various protests, we find that


Refuse & Resist! was founded in 1987 in response to a call signed
by 18 well-known political and cultural resisters including Emile
de Antonio, Dennis Brutus, Abbie Hoffman, Clark Kissinger, Bill
Kunstler, Conrad Lynn, Sonia Sanchez, and Leonard Weinglass. This
stirring call was eventually signed by over 4,000 people from
Nobel laureates to housing project tenants.

The purpose of Refuse & Resist! has been to build a nation-wide
climate and culture of resistance. Our practice has been to speak
out, to act, and to refuse to be complicit. R&R was the first
national organization to call for mass defense of abortion
clinics, the first national organization to call on troops to
refuse to serve in the Gulf War, and the first national
organization to come to the defense of the LA4 and the thousands
arrested in the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion.

It's all one attack! The resurgent racism, the current war on
women, the concentration camps for immigrants, the censorship of
the arts, the police state measures, gay bashing, and compulsory
patriotism. One organization says NO to the WHOLE package: Refuse
& Resist! It's time to go on the offense with a movement that is
more than fragmented responses. Join Refuse & Resist!


Contact Refuse & Resist!
305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166, New York, NY 10165
Phone: 212-713-5657
email: refuse@calyx.com


Copyright 1996 The Washington Post
The Washington Post
April 9, 1996

'Freemen's' Theological Agenda; Group Embraces Racist
'Christian Identity'

BYLINE: Laurie Goodstein, Washington Post Staff Writer

Three years ago when the Rev. Jerry Walters moved to Roundup,
Mont., to become pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, he received a
vexing letter from a man named Rodney Skurdal welcoming him to
town and inquiring whether the new pastor intended to teach "the
truth" about "the white race."

"I would be honored to attend a true church," Skurdal wrote to
the new pastor, "that finally teaches us (Israel/the white
race/Adam) the truth as to who we really are and our relationship
with the other races pursuant to the Word of God."

When the two men finally met, Walters realized that Skurdal's
brand of "Christianity" was a bizarre distortion of the
Christianity taught in most churches on Sundays. Skurdal and
other armed "Freemen" now under surveillance by the FBI near