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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
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CONTENTS: Supplement 23

1. (PART) To Oppose Tyranny, Build Solidarity!
2. (BG) `Justus Township' Was A Hotbed For Teaching
Scams, Study Says
3. (NEW FLAG) Swedish Government Delivers Peruvian To
Fujimori's Death Squads
4. (HtP) HAITI PROGRES: This Week In Haiti -- March
27 to April 2, 1996
5. (RYD) Red Youth Denmark: Stop Danish Nazi Radio!
6. (AP) Students Confront Police Over Death Of
7. (REUTER) Nine Rightists Guilty in S. African Bomb
8. (UPI) Canada Official Reports Military Coverup


** Topic: a flyer regarding gritz and trochman in l.a. **
** Written 7:35 AM Mar 22, 1996 by cberlet in
cdp:pol.right.forum **
From: Michael Novick <mnovickttt@igc.apc.org>
Subject: a flyer regarding gritz and trochman in l.a.


The growing power of multinational corporations, and the
increasing repressive powers of the government, are very
troubling to many people concerned about the future of our
children and our society. As global economic giants chase cheap
labor and unrestricted profit opportunities around the world, the
cold-blooded and hard-hearted realities of "the bottom line"
cause havoc in the lives of ordinary people. As the state of
California moves to replace the aero-space industry with the
prison industry, the number of people incarcerated by the state
and federal systems hits an all-time high, unmatched by any
police state in the world.

Preying on these real concerns, white supremacist and clerical
fascist forces who seek to impose a dictatorship of their own
have been soliciting support by presenting themselves as
opponents of government tyranny and the "new world order." Green
Beret Bo Gritz and militia founder John Trochmann are fronting
for these fascists in L.A. this week.

These reactionary forces claim we can solve the problems that
face us by "taking our country back" to a mythical golden age
before the Civil War, when the states had more power than the
federal government. This is a phony solution, and reveals the
scape-goating nature of these forces. They want to blame the
problems in this country on Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gays, uppity
women, and go back to a time when Black people were still slaves,
women had no political or economic rights, and gays and others
"knew their place." This is a pipe dream, because we won't go
back! Gays won't return to the closet, nor Blacks to slavery;
women will defend their right to choose.

The solution to the problems we face is to go forward, in
solidarity! Before Waco, there was the bombing attack on the MOVE
organization, in which innocent women and children were
incinerated, a whole city block in Philadelphia destroyed. Mumia
Abu Jamal, a Black journalist who spoke out about those crimes,
was framed up and is on death row. Before Randy Weaver and the
FBI shoot-out at Ruby Ridge, there was the FBI attack on Native
Americans standing up for their rights at Wounded Knee. Leonard
Peltier, who helped defend his people, was framed up, kidnapped
from Canada on perjured testimony and is locked down to this day.
Before the ATF raids, the ATF helped arm and unite nazis and
Klansmen in Greensboro NC to kill five anti-klan activists, and
the killers walked free. Before the FBI began to investigate
militias, there was COINTELPRO, a government war on the Black
liberation struggle and particularly the Black Panther Party.
Geronimo Pratt, a Vietnam vet who defended his people against the
tyranny of this government, was framed up and is still locked up
over 20 years later. One of the sharpest struggles against NAFTA,
GATT and the new world order is being waged by the Zapatistas in
Mexico. It is only by uniting with such forces, by working to
free freedom fighters like Peltier, Abu-Jamal and Geronimo, and
by opposing all forms of racism, sexism and colonialism, that we
have any hope of extending human freedom in this country.

Instead, Bo Gritz and John Trochmann offer notions of Christian
Identity or "state sovereignty," white supremacist ideas that the
only true humans or true citizens are white people. Trochmann is
working with the same SALUTE surveillance system being used by
the Aryan Nations he once participated in, getting the militias
to carry out counter-intelligence type operations against human
rights groups as well as law enforcement agencies. "Bo" Gritz
proposes to teach the hand-to-hand and armed combat methods of
the Green Berets to so-called "Christian Patriots," and this week
is teaching his followers how to do breaking-and-entering areas
with "restricted access" -- like perhaps your car or your home.
Is this any less tyranny than the black bag jobs the FBI carried
out against the anti-war movement or the Central America
solidarity movement? We cannot oppose a global empire by
supporting a continental empire.

We invite all concerned people to see these "bait and switch" con
men for what they really are: tools of the corporate elite they
claim to denounce. Their program dovetails with what the World
Bank and the IMF are pushing these days: privatize public land,
strip away environmental and labor regulations, blame the
problems of our society on the oppressed instead of the powerful.

We invite you to take effective action against all forms of
tyranny by demanding freedom for Leonard Peltier, Geronimo Pratt,
Mumia Abu Jamal and all political prisoners in the U.S. today.
Support the Zapatistas in Mexico and the gang truce in L.A. --
real grass roots efforts for positive social change! Join us in
informational picketing and leafletting at organizing meetings
for Gritz's "SPIKE" para-military training and Trochmann's local
Militia of California supporters: Friday, March 22, 6:30 PM, 4222
Vineland in NH (Gritz) and Monday, March 25, 6:30 PM, 11128
Balboa Blvd. in Granada Hills (Trochmann).

People Against Racist Terror (P.A.R.T.)
PART PO Box 1990
Burbank CA 91507
For more information, call 310-288-5003.

** End of text from cdp:pol.right.forum **


From: Tad Cook <tad@ssc.com>
Subject: Justus Township Hotbed for Scams
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 13:37:22 -0800 (PST)


Prepared for the Web: Saturday, March 30, 1996, 01:05 AM

`Justus Township' was hotbed for teaching scams, study says

By CLAIR JOHNSON Of The Gazette Staff The Billings Gazette

Freemen stronghold "Justus Township" in Garfield County has
developed into a hub of common law organizing within the
contemporary white supremacist Christian Patriot movement,
according to a report by the Coalition for Human Dignity.

The copyrighted report "Guns and Gavels," released last week,
also said Freeman LeRoy Schweitzer has become an important
figure in the national movement, a mentor in the Christian
Patriot strategy of filing bogus liens against political
enemies and circulating bogus "certified bankers checks" to
pay his debts.

The Portland, Ore.-based coalition is a nonprofit group
working to strengthen democracy and oppose racism, anti-
Semitism and homophobia through research, public education and

Schweitzer, along with Freeman Daniel E. Petersen, was
arrested Monday by federal authorities at the ranch property,
named "Justus Township" by the group. They, along with others
still holed up at the property 30 miles from Jordan, are
charged in federal indictments alleging conspiracy, financial
fraud, armed robbery and other crimes.

Robert Crawford, one of the report's authors, said Friday from
Seattle that the arrests could have a deterring effect on the
criminalism of the movement and its willingness to use threats
of violence to advance their political goals.

"It's our hope that these cases can be brought to court. If
there are violations of law, they can be brought to justice
for them," he said.

Racism, he said, is at the heart of the Freemen's Justus
Township and Schweitzer and other leaders in the organization
are believers in Christian Identity.

"I think that provides the very basis of their desire to set
up Justus Township as the kernel of the white Christian
republic in their mind, and to use an array of financial
schemes to fund it and to line their own pockets as well,"
Crawford said.

Like militias, common law courts are dominated by
conspiratorial and bigoted ideas, and they favor tactics that
attack the basis of democratic society: the rule of law, the
report said.

In the common law approach pioneered by Schweitzer and taught
at Justus Township, the report said, activists send a "true
bill" or confession sheet to their target enemy. The "true
bill" details, in the form of a confession, deeds or crimes
alleged by the sender and paves the way for the common law
lien, claiming the rights to attach the target's assets for
damages done. If the target doesn't respond, he or she is
proclaimed guilty and a lien is filed.
Schemes used to harass foes

The report said Schweitzer's lien and check schemes are a
variation on Christian Patriot maneuvers aimed at avoiding
taxes and debt. But the use of liens also is a means of
harassing political foes and a prelude to violence, the report
said. For example, Schweitzer is quoted on a videotape during
a training seminar at Justus Township:

"We sent this little UCC4 (Uniform Commercial Code) out to
them, this confession sheet we call it, the true bill, as an
agreement. And when they don't answer, it becomes a binding
contract. Now we get 'em for failure of consideration, breach
of covenant. That has value to it. Every time they breach a
covenant with me, it's a hundred million. And if I'm feeling a
little bit bad that day, I charge them a billion that day.

"My liberty is worth a lot more than their hanging. So we're
not hanging them yet. We don't have enough people to make the
arrest, yet ... So what we're doing is going after the
property first. We're attaching the property. We'll get to the
cleanup later."

Federal officials estimate that about 800 people from at least
30 states have traveled to Garfield County since September
1995, when the group moved their headquarters from Roundup to
the Clark property near Jordan, to attend Freemen classes.

Losses by financial institutions, public agencies and
businesses have exceeded $1.8 million, according to U.S.
Attorney Sherry Scheel Mattecucci in Billings. Those attending
the classes have been charged at least $100 to learn the
scheme, she said.

Christian Identity views expressed

The report also says Schweitzer's commitment to Christian
Identity is at the heart of his drive to institute his own
government. During a seminar at Justus Township, the report
continued, Schweitzer described who would occupy the seats of
justice and who held the title of God's "chosen people:"

"This is in the family. Israel. The lost sheep. The select,
the elect, the peculiar treasure, the royal priesthood, the
Aryans, the battle axe. There's fifty-some names for God's
people in the Bible. This is it. The King's bench."

Christian Identity is found among extremist organizations and
provides a theological justification for racist and anti-
Semitic violence, the report said. Adherents believe that
members of the white race are God's chosen people, that Jews
are descendants of Satan and that people of color are sub-

Christian Patriots generally hold to a literal and selective
interpretation of the Bible and Constitution, and typically
believe in a conspiracy against white Christians, the report
said. For most Patriots, Jews are ultimately behind the
conspiracy. Patriots also generally recognize two classes of

White state citizens, who derive their rights from God and
the Constitution.

"14th Amendment citizens," meaning people of color, whose
rights come from legislation.

Common law courts seen as threat

The report said the re-emergence of common law courts in the
1990s, like the formation of citizen militias, is cause for
concern among people who value democratic ideals and

Common law courts, which have roots in the Posse Comitatus of
the 1980s, are self-elected vigilante organizations that claim
the authority of law, the report said.

The coalition report concludes that in claiming authority of
law, common law courts reserve unto themselves the right to
pass judgment on private citizens, public officials and the
law itself.

"In fact, they claim the American judicial system as it
actually exists is unconstitutional and therefore without
authority," the coalition said.

"It is important to understand that the actions of the common
law courts are neither publicity stunts nor civil
disobedience. There is no effort on the part of these
activists to reform the existing system or to highlight
specific instances of injustice; rather common law court
proponents seek to displace existing judicial authority by
investing themselves with the power of law and employing
private armies - `militias' and `posses' - to enforce their


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 15:19:05 +0300
From: hiworld@dds.nl (Jan)
Subject: Antifascist Alert: Shame on Swedish Government

[From El Diario Internacional No. 28, March 1996.]



The title to this note is not from any movie. It belongs in
real life, the character is still alive and now lives in
Stockholm (Sweden). He was a victim of the reactionary policy
being applied by Swedish authorities against Peruvian seeking
political asylum. This history, truthful and dramatic, it itself
shows how the Swedish government, which fancies itself
"democratic" that boast to uphold the "universal human rights,"
openly collaborates with the Peruvian regime, which is considered
one of the most brutal and abominable in South America.

Napoleon Aponte is a 32 year old Peruvian, graduated as an
Industrial Engineer in one of Moscow's most prestigious schools.
In the first months of 1994 he arrived in Sweden as a candidate
for political asylum. After finishing his studies and having
remained 10 years outside his country, he could not return to
Peru because his family was classified by Peruvian police as
"sympathizers with Sendero." One of Aponte's sisters died in the
Canto Grande prison in 1992, when the Peruvian regime murdered
100 political prisoners.

Napoleon's odysee began in the first days of August 1994.
The office for refugee affairs presided by Ms. Berith Rolhen had
summoned him to "let him know the results of his application" for
political asylum. But the only results he was given were two
husky policemen in civilian clothes, who took him by the arm and
led him to a cell, waiting for his expulsion from the country.
After being confined for 50 days in a jail in Stockholm, he was
shipped by plane to Peru. There Aponte would be handed over to
the bloody counterinsurgency police of the Fujimori regime.

The plane landed in the "Jorge Chavez" airport in Lima.
Three Swedish police, a woman and two men, were charged with
delivering him directly to DINCOTE (National Direction Against
Terrorism) agents. For the last time he glanced the blond police
who had escorted him in the long air voyage. The woman was not
able to evade the look and smiled with a contemptuous grim before
leaving with her colleagues. "Now it's our turn," said in a
hoarse and alcoholic voice one of the Peruvian policemen.


From the airport he was taken to the cells of the DINCOTE
general headquarters. His face was covered with a mask so he
could not see the streets. Right after he reached DINCOTE the
tortures began. His arms were tied behind his back and he was
submerged repeatedly in a tub filled with putrid water. He passed
out and when he woke up he found himself tied to a body in
advanced state of decomposition and full of worms. The stench
from the corpse was untenable and he felt like vomiting. He
couldn't and then tried to cry out but could not do that either.

From DINCOTE, after 15 days, he was taken to the cells in
the Palace of Justice. There, Aponte tells us a new stage of his
torment began. The cells were flooded with dirty water and rats
covered the floor like a huge gray carpet. "From that sinister
place I was taken to the Canto Grande prison: the same prison
where my sister had been murdered."

"I was locked up in a little cell, barely having space to
sit down or stretch myself with difficulty. I had to remain there
all the time and was allowed only 30 minutes every 24 hours to go
out in the yard. The food, if such can be called that, was
sugared water for breakfast and white rice and beans for lunch.
That was all the food. Most of the prisoners in Canto Grande have
tuberculosis," Aponte tells us .


"Through a loudspeaker a distorsioned voice told Napoleon
Aponte to sit down. The room measured some 3 m x 6 m (10 ft x 20
ft) and had no chair or bench on which to sit, so sitting could
only be done on the cold cement floor. This was the fearsome
Military Tribunal. There the judge as well as the prosecutor were
anonymous. It's better known as the "faceless court."

"Facing Napoleon Aponte was a large bullet-proof mirrored
glass, on which he could only see his own image, hiding also the
faces of the tribunal on the other side of the one-way mirror.
Behind Napoleon was a cement bench flanked by a symbolic defense
lawyer, who was prohibited from uttering a single word during the
whole process."

The anonymous military prosecutor accused Aponte of "having
caused damages to the nation" and of being "responsible for an
attempt with bombs." 'Napoleon Aponte, who by now had become
accustomed to anything, remained calm while listening to all
that, but had to ask to himself: How can such thing about the
bomb be true when I haven't been to Peru in 10 years?

After three such meetings with the macabre "faceless court,"
Aponte was exonerated of the charge of "ambassador of terrorism"
and of having "set off bombs." He had spent 100 days in
Fujimori's inferno. Aponte was freed on January 20, 1995. But his
drama did not end there. The government's counterinsurgency
agents unleashed an all-out persecution against him. He received
death threats and had to leave Peru again.

Now he is in Sweden again and justly reclaims to be granted
political asylum status. The case of Napoleon Aponte is an