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During the month of February so many demonstrations, strikes and protests
over government cut-backs occurred that only the most important can be
Jan 28 The Ontario Tories Bill 26 taking power away from the municipalities
has passed in the legislature and many Ontarians fear the worst.
Feb 1 Inuit and Cree re-affirm their right of self-determination and their
willingness to leave Quebec should it declare independence. Their territories
make up 2/3 of the area of the province and include the multi-billion dollar
revenue-generating hydro-electric dams. As well, 800 people met in Alymer
Quebec to discuss secessions should Quebec declare independence. An
umbrella group, the 'Quebec Committee for Canada' took out full page as in
newspapers endorsing partition of Quebec. The idea of secession among non-
nationalists in Quebec has become a mass movement.
Feb 8 Thousands of angry unemployed coal miners demonstrated on Cape
Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Eight demonstrations were held in New
Brunswick against proposed cuts to Unemployment Insurance. Some 40% of
the population are seasonal workers, those worst hit by the proposed changes.
The new regulations would require a longer working period and less benefits.
Feb 9 University students by the tens of thousands demonstrated across
Canada in opposition to the reduction in federal transfer payments to higher
education. They suggested cutting the defence budget instead. 12,000
demonstrated in Montreal, 6,000 in Vancouver and in Toronto 1,200 broke
into the parliament buildings, breaking windows and smashing furniture.
Feb 23 A day long general strike was called in Hamilton Ontario as part of
the trades unions fight against government cut-backs to social services.
20,000 people marched in support of the protest.
- The Federal government has agreed in principle to allow Native People their
own system of laws and courts. They will be allowed to introduce their own
traditional system of justice, which is based upon reconciliation rather than
Feb 26 Government employees in Ontario went on a general strike for an
indefinite period over privatisation and compensation for lay-offs. Some
54,000 workers are involved.
Mar 1 The Quebec Labour Federation's venture capital fund which protects
high paying jobs in Quebec has reached $1.6 billion in assets, a growth of
over $300 million from last year and a record in its 14 year history.
Mar 9 2,000 people in Vancouver protest against China's military threats
against Taiwan. Demonstrations also occurred in Montreal and Ottawa.
Mar 10 2,500 demonstrate in Cambellton New Brunswick against the
proposed changes to Unemployment Insurance.
Mar 15 Quebec's three labour federations meeting in congress have
demanded that the provincial government 'not dismantle the state', illustrating
their continued belief in the virtues of state capitalism.
Mar 18 Hundreds of construction workers and small contractors blocked
traffic on the autoroute and demonstrated in front of the Quebec Labour
Federation's headquarters. They were opposed to FTQ's call for a strike in
housing construction.
Mar 24 Polls show 85% of Quebecers are in favour of slashing provincial
government expenditure - but not at the cost of necessary social services
such as health and education.

Larry Gambone

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