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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
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CONTENTS: Supplement 22

1. (MRM) Militia Leader Accuses Feds Of Intent To
Murder In Montana Siege
2. (BG) Militia Organizer Expects Onslaught of
3. (AP) Rights Activists, Church Leaders Focus On
4. (GUARDIAN) Croatia And Nazism
5. (ECN) European Counter Network: Against The Ball
Of The Bloodsuckers
6. (OMRI) Omri Daily Digest: Fascists Sentenced in
Yaroslavl; Slovaks Commemorate Anniversary Of
Founding Of War Time State
7. (SFC) Emerging From Holocaust's Shadow
8. (TS) Zundel Hate Charge Withdrawn; Zundel Loses
Court Battle On Citizenship
9. (AP) Ex-Black Panther Imprisoned 24 Years For
Murder Seeks Retrial
10. (KKK) New Klan Web Site
11. (PART) Just Out! New Issue of _Turning The Tide_


** Topic: Norm Olson Calls Militia To Montana **
** Written 3:17 PM Mar 28, 1996 by in
cdp:alt.conspiracy **

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Northern Michigan Regional Militia, 7578 Mission Road, Alanson,
MI 49706
Contact Norman E. Olson, Commander. Phone/FAX: 616-548-4867

Militia Leader Accuses Feds of Intent to Murder in Montana Siege
Accuses Media of Manufacturing Public Consent to Begin the Attack

Alanson, Michigan, Mar. 27 - Norman Olson, commander of the
regional militias of Michigan has accused the Federal Government
of planning and premeditating the murder of the "Freemen" in the
besieged house near Jordan, Montana. Olson maintains that an
undeclared "conspiracy of intent" exists between the media and
the Federal government and that the Federal Government is merely
waiting until the level of nationwide consent rises to the point
where the Federal forces will be able to act.

In a press release from militia headquarters in Alanson,
Michigan, Olson states that the media is again manufacturing
public consent as they did during the Waco siege by creating an
atmosphere of overwhelming guilt against the alleged lawbreakers.
"We seem to forget that these people are innocent until proven
guilty. They deserve their day in court, even if they refuse it,
but I fear they will never see justice, but rather the heavy
hobnailed boot of federal tyranny. The media is constantly
declaring them guilty. The FBI will carry out the execution.
God help us if this is the future of American justice."

Olson warns that the federal government has "the might, but not
the right" to kill the people inside the Garfield County

According to Olson, how they die is not the issue, but that they
will die seems to be a growing certainty. "If they take their
own lives because they will not yield to the jurisdiction of a
government they feel estranged from, will it make any

Olson appealed today to FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC. to
stand down from the siege in Montana. He maintains that "there
is nothing stopping the Federal Government but the will of the
American people; but the will to resist tyranny seems to be
fading as we buy what the press says about these citizens." Olson
predicts that the FBI will make its move when it believes the
American people will endorse it. Olson states, "Janet Reno has
made assurances that Waco will not happen again, but who can
believe her after what she allowed to happen there? The people
in Montana have no way out, no options." In a phone conversation
with Public Affairs officer, Paul Wilson, in Washington, Olson
said, "if the FBI intends to make arrests, it can do so less
dramatically than laying siege to a farmhouse containing women
and children." "The feds can arrest them one by one if that is
their intent, but what the FBI is doing now is premeditated
murder and, as in the past, no one will be held responsible but
the dead who 'brought in on themselves'."

Olson has called for militia around the country to go to Montana
as quickly as possible, reminding them of the brutal weather
conditions and the need to bring food, tents, and cold weather
gear. He declined to confirm or deny if militia from Michigan
would be going to Montana, but did admit that he was looking for
the funds for air travel to Billings, Montana, so that he "can be
there when the militia begins arriving." He reasons that the
presence of hundreds of militia will raise the ante substantially
to the point where the Federal Government will decline to engage
in a greater battle. "The feds may get by with the murder of
ten, but killing two hundred will mean war. I am hoping that the
cost will be considered too great for even the federals."

"This madness must stop now," says Olson. "The energy of the
killing instinct is becoming too great. Once it starts it will
not be easily stopped. I beg the FBI to leave Montana before its
too late. If possible, I will go there to try to prevent the
murder of those people. What is the worth of a human life? Is
our national conscience so numbed that we will permit another


** End of text from cdp:alt.conspiracy **


From: Devin Burghart <>
Subject: Militia organizer expects onslaught of sympathizers
(Billings Gazette)
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:33:09 -0800

Militia organizer expects onslaught of sympathizers

For The Gazette
(c)The Billings Gazette

BOZEMAN - The feds need to "get the hell out of the state" and
let state and local officials handle the situation in Eastern
Montana, spokesmen for the local Militia of Montana said Thursday
in Bozeman.

"The feds are escalating the situation, and the news media isn't
helping any," said Kamala Webb, an organizer for Citizens for a
Free America, the Gallatin Valley MOM chapter.

Webb said it's likely that militia members and other patriot
groups from all over the United States are already in Montana or
on their way. Others are standing by to see what develops in the
standoff between lawmen and and the so-called Freemen.

"By the time it's through, there will be hundreds there,
including probably our own group or some of them," Webb

It's hard to convince out-of-state militia members not to travel
to the Jordan area, Webb said. Some of them are saying Montana is
a long way to drive, and they want to make sure they're in
Montana before something serious happens.

But the Militia of Montana is asking them to "stand down and
stand by," Webb added.

"We do not want another Waco," Webb said Thursday in a press
release. "There are women and children over there, and the media
is playing it up like another Waco will happen."

Antsy members of the Gallatin Valley militia are ready to head
for Garfield County, but they're waiting to see what will come of
their local efforts to defuse the situation, according to Webb.

Webb said she called State Sen. Casey Emerson of Bozeman
Wednesday night, pleading with him to do something before someone
is killed or the situation escalates. One idea is for a couple of
militia members and state representatives to drive to Garfield
County to monitor the situation.

"I said, `We are going to have a war if something isn't done,"'
Webb said Thursday.

If nothing comes of their efforts, Webb said she thought some of
the local militia members might be waiting for the weekend or the
snow to let up before driving to Garfield County. Those who drove
to Billings Tuesday had all returned home.

"But if something happens (before the weekend), I'm sure they
will go hell or high water. I will send my blessings with them,"
said Webb, who doesn't plan to go. She has to work, and she's a
single mother with three children, Webb said.

Steve McNeil, a militia member who was with Webb when she issued
her press release Thursday, said he wouldn't go to Garfield
County either.

McNeil traveled to Billings Tuesday to monitor the arraignment of
LeRoy Schweitzer and Daniel Petersen Jr. and was arrested there
for leaving Gallatin County without permission. McNeil was
arrested earlier this month in Gallatin County and was under a
court order not to leave Gallatin County without permission from
the court.

After returning to Gallatin County Wednesday night, McNeil said
Thursday: "I'm going to try very seriously to spank the
everlasting dickens out of them in a court of law."

McNeil and Webb said they have several concerns about the
situation in Eastern Montana. Besides the possibility of
bloodshed, they're worried about reports of alleged mistreatment
of Schweitzer and the possibility of the government sending out
high-frequency vibrations that can alter the moods of people
still living on the Garfield County property formerly owned by
Freemen Ralph E. Clark and his brother, Emmett B. Clark.

McNeil said he's afraid the federal government will provoke a
battle and look for excuses to escalate the situation.

"Waco lasted into day 52 or 53," Webb said. "We are only on Day
Four here. That's my concern here. How long is this going on? The
militias are not going to wait until Day 53."

State Sen. Emerson said Thursday night that he suggested to an
FBI agent with whom he's been in contact that some militia
members and state representatives be allowed to monitor the
situation in Garfield County. The FBI agent said he would present
the idea to "the powers that be," but Emerson hadn't heard
anything back.

Regarding concerns over Schweitzer's treatment, Emerson said
Yellowstone County authorities told him they were perfectly
willing for him and state Sen. Sharon Estrada of Billings to
visit Schweitzer with a doctor and verify Schweitzer's condition.
The weather, however, prevented Emerson from traveling to

U.S. Attorney Sherry Scheel Matteucci said Thursday in Billings
that she checked into reports of abuse and had been assured that
neither Schweitzer nor Petersen was being mistreated.


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:06:51 -0800 (PST)


Associated Press

ATLANTA -- Civil rights activists and church leaders planning
to fight a wave of firebombings and vandalism said "the terror of
black churches" would backfire on the antagonists.

"I remember when church bombings was a method used to
terrorize us in the 1960s," said the Rev. C.T. Vivian, 71. "It
didn't work then and it won't work now."

"What we did was raise the consciousness and the concern to
stop it," added Vivian, chairman of the Center for Democratic
Renewal, a group that monitors white supremacists and hate

A report by the center said 45 black churches and lodges have
been burned or heavily vandalized in the South since January
1990. More than half took place since January 1995. Of the 45
cases, 33 remain unsolved. Twenty-five people -- all white men
between ages 15 and 45 -- have been charged in the others.

"This is domestic terrorism. It is not an isolated
phenomenon," said center president JoAnn Watson.

At a meeting Wednesday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center
for Nonviolent Social Change, participants agreed to pool their
resources, pursuing restitution through legal channels, helping
to rebuild churches and lobbying Washington.

Although the center's report said the attacks appeared to be
unrelated, they found "definite influence of the far right" among
the men charged so far.

"They are attacking the soul of the black community," said The
Rev. Joseph Lowery, president of the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference.

The attacks carry painful memories from the civil rights
movement of the 1960s, when several black churches in the South
were burned. Four young black girls were killed in September 1963
when white racists firebombed a Baptist church in Birmingham,

Last month, the Justice Department said it was investigating
the fires at predominantly black Southern churches as possible
civil rights violations.

Attorney General Janet Reno said her department and the FBI
were investigating whether the fires at churches in Alabama and
Tennessee were racially motivated.


** Topic: Croatia and Nazism **
** Written 5:15 AM Mar 27, 1996 by peg:guardian in **
From: the guardian <>

Croatia and Nazism

(The following article was published in "The Guardian", newspaper
of the Socialist Party of Australia in its issue of Wednesday,
March 27th, 1996. Contact address: 65 Campbell Street, Surry
Hills. Sydney. 2010 Australia. Fax: 612 281 5795. Email:
<> Subscription rates on request)


by Rob Gowland

Croatia's descent into open Nazism continues apace under the
clerical-fascist government of President Franjo Tudjman.

The latter's latest effort involves a plan to disinter the bodies
of former Ustashi in various parts of the country and rebury them
at the Serbian and Jewish concentration camp memorial at

"The Washington Post" said of Tudjman's outrageous scheme:
"Exhumation of the earthly remains of Croat Fascists from other
places and their burial in Jasenovac will make this plateau the
only place in Europe where victims of the concentration camps are
resting side by side with the soldiers who were persecuting and
killing them."

In Tudjman's twisted logic of course, the defeated Ustashi are
"victims" of Tito's partisans, and the inclusion of the Croat
Quisling troops among those buried at Jasenovac is being promoted
as a step towards "national reconciliation".

The Serbian Orthodox Church in the Croation capital Zagreb has
published an open letter to Tudjman posing the question: "How
would the world react if someone were to propose that, in the
name of all-German reconciliation, memorial monuments be erected
to Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and other SS officials in the
concentration camps of Dachau, Mathausen and Bergen-Belsen?"

The Church letter appeals to democratic opinion throughout the
world to prevent such a desecration of the innocent Jasenovac

The article from "The Washington Post" referred to above included
a quote from a Western diplomat stationed in Zagreb who drew the
obvious conclusion: "Tudjman has transformed Croatia into another

Tudjman recently warned Croatians that the opposition were
"uniting their ranks" in order to overthrow his government. To do
so, however, they will need to have a better grasp of the
situation than the Democratic Croat General Alliance (DEHOS), a
petty-bourgeois opposition group active among Croats living in
Germany and Austria.

In an open letter in February, DEHOS labelled Tudjman's movement
a "Fascist-Bolshevik concoction with Sicilian Mafia
inclinations"! (An ambit claim, you might say.)


And in Prague.....

Not far away, in another country carved from a larger former
socialist one, the Supreme State Prosecutor's office in the Czech
Republic is investigating a cultural event in the town of
Prostejov organised to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD).
Complaints were made by right-wingers that the event violated the
1992 Anti-Communist Law, under which it is illegal to "propagate
communism" or "foment class hatred".

Among those under investigation is the Czech actress Jirina
Svorcova, who recited poems by Josef Kainar, Jiri Wolker and
Jacques Prevert. Organised by the local district committee of the
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), the event also
included the singing of Czech songs.

The government of the "playwright president" and darling of the
Western media, Vaclav Havel, has scrubbed IWD from the Czech
calendar, replacing it with the much more capitalist-friendly
Mother's Day.

Since the advent of Havel's counter-revolutionary government, the
number of women in the Czech parliament fell from over 30 per
cent under socialism to less than ten per cent in 1992.

The percentage of women entering higher education has fallen to
44 per cent and there has been a big increase in the number of
women working in the home.

The chairperson of the KSCM called the criminal proceedings
against the organisers of the Prostejov IWD function "yet another
violation of human rights in the Czech Republic".

He cited also the ending of the constitutionally guaranteed
rights to a free education and free health care and the denial of
employment to people on political grounds under the Lustration

Despite the best efforts of the right-wing, however, the KSCM,
according to "Postmark Praha", "has emerged from four rounds of
national and local elections since 1989 as the second strongest


** Topic: (eng) against G7 summit in Lyon (June 96) **
** Written 12:13 AM Mar 29, 1996 by
in cdp:alt.pol.rad-left **

In Lyon against the G7 In Lyon,

In Lyon, from the 27th to the 29th june, the leaders of the seven
richest states of the world (United States, Japan, France,
German, Britain, Italy, Canada and Russian as the invited
country) will meet to discurs about employment in order to define
and coordinate their actions. The big Oils of the world take a
big interest social problems, which are theatenning the order
they want to impose. Liberal politics implemented throughout the
world for fifteen years prove that "national" economies are even
more interwoven and that the determining influence of
multinational corporations reduces the room to manoeuvre of the
states. The financial markets impose the maun thing. The
governments are, by a way, just a kind of subcontractors of the
"world capitalist entreprise" that act like the guarantee of the
upholding of the "social peace" while organizing the worsening of
the conditions of exploitation of all people subjected to

Facing this logic, resistance appears ; whether in Chiapas, in
France in December '95, we should take more than ever the
opportunities to affirm the link between the cause and the effect
of the decisions taken in these G7 summits and their consequences
on our own life (unemployment, health, retirement, wages, etc.).
Lyon must be the appointment of the protest against the new world
order, for the "damned of the Earth" and for all who are lost in
a world where freedom is seized by the elle of products' movement
and by the political interests of the states and of the ruling

Let's subvert the state of the world !

- whether it is french neocolonial logics in Africa (Rwanda,
Burundi...), or dismembering of former Yugoslavia or political
weight of the United States, real policeman of the world...

- whether it is destructive environment policies (Amazonia,
Somport, sea pollution...) or French and Chinese nuclear

- whether it is IMF or World Bank policies imposed to the
so-called "developing" countries which always mean more and more
poverty, and social clashes...

Populations are sacrified on the altar of the capitalist
world-wide application and of conflict links between great
powers. Facing this division of the planet between the "powers"
that assume the right to decide people's lot, let's act and
organise international solidarity !

Let's resist to the capitalist order !

-against the Eurofortress which every day hardens its legislation
against immigrants (limitation of the right of asylum, Toubon
act...) and favours increasing racism.

- against the security logic which is translated into more
imprisonnent and social control.

- againts the attempts to eradicate the minority cultures, those
of the immigrant communities, those of the Breton, Corsican,
Kanak, Basque or the Polynesian nations... potential factors of
resistance and solidarity.

- against the industrial restructuring, the dislocalizations and