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his newsletter (9-10/93). At the 1994 conference, which he also
organized, Taylor urged whites to prepare for civil war: "When it
happens...the divisions will be along racial lines," he said
(D'Souza, The End of Racism).

Grant has to be aware of who these people are, none of whom is
"outstanding" for anything other than their racism. In 1993, a
caller to Grant's show (4/26/93) praised American Renaissance,
and quoted this passage from the newsletter: "When neighborhoods
lose their white majorities, schools decay, crime increases,
taxes rise, welfare proliferates, and what was once an outpost of
civilization subsides into barbarism."

Grant's response was to allow the caller to give out subscription
information; Grant then noted that Taylor's publisher told him
that "thanks to the Bob Grant program, the Jared Taylor book has"
become a success, albeit a modest success, in view of what it
should have been. But nevertheless, they said that thanks to me,
they are now able to say that they are successful."

It's no mystery why Grant would boast that he's helping white
supremacists succeed. It's somewhat more puzzling why the Walt
Disney Co., which owns ABC, would want its flagship radio station
to promote such views.

If you want to let Disney chair Michael Eisner know what you
think of Bob Grant's promotion of white supremacy, you can write
to him at Walt Disney Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank,
CA 91521, or call 818-560-1000 or fax 818-560-1930. Please send
copies of your correspondence to Sam Husseini at FAIR,


A FAIR Press Release March 19, 1996


Does Disney Approve of WABC's Censorship?

WABC-AM pulled the plug on lawyer/talkshow host Alan Dershowitz
after he called WABC's top host, Bob Grant, a racist and a bigot.

"What he is saying about Bob is wrong, so I'm not going to"
tolerate that," WABC program director Phil Boyce told the press.

But Dershowitz's charges against Grant are well-documented. As
recently as Friday, March 15 -- three days before WABC canceled
Dershowitz's show -- Grant was on the air praising a newsletter
that preaches segregation, lynching and the genetic superiority
of whites. "WABC can hardly claim that it's allowing Grant to
promote racial bigotry in the name of free speech -- when, at the
same time, it's censoring anyone who criticizes Grant's racism,"
FAIR executive director Jeff Cohen pointed out.

The publication that Grant touted to his hundreds of thousands of
listeners was American Renaissance, a newsletter published by
self-described "racialist" Samuel Jared Taylor. "American
Renaissance is dedicated to preserving the English language and
preserving the Western culture," Grant declared. "I really don't
see how this rates as a Klan-like organization."

But "Klan-like" is exactly what American Renaissance is, as is
obvious from a glance at any issue. In fact, the October 1995
issue featured an article that called lynching "a system of
justice that was not, in all respects, inferior to the one we
have today.... In lynching there was immediacy, finality, and in
many cases direct participation: The victim or his bereaved could
take personal vengeance."

The publication also promotes apartheid as a policy for the
United States: "Whites must choose between separation and
oblivion," an article in the October 1994 issue declared.

The racism of American Renaissance is frank and undisguised. The
cover story in the February 1996 issue declared: "Today, the work
of millennia is being undone as the less intelligent races not
only outbreed the more intelligent but push their way into the
homelands of the northern races." The cover story of the March
1996 issue claims: "In the white nations, low birthrates,
non-white immigration, and miscegenation are weakening the gene
That Bob Grant understands the real message of American
Renaissance is clear from his comments. After insisting that the
publication did not claim Western culture had "no room for the
input of others," Grant continued:
But even if it did, even if it did, there is a valid premise
for a discussion, the discussion being what we are, what
kind of nation we are, and where do we go from here. What
is a nation? A nation is not a crowd, a nation is not a
group, a gang. Yugoslavia was not a nation, that's why we
have the problems today in Yugoslavia. The Soviet Union was
not a nation, that's why it fell apart. You don't see
Norway falling apart; Norway's a nation. So I think it's at
least, at least reasonable to entertain the idea that we
should -- think on these things.

Grant is alluding to a prominent theme in American Renaissance:
The idea that nationality should be based on ethnicity, not on
citizenship. "Tribes and nations have always understood"
instinctively that cohesion requires blood-kinship and shared
history, and that membership is not open to all comers," the
publication declared in its January 1996 issue. "White nations
appear to have lost this primeval urge."

Grant's racism -- exemplified by his references to black college
students and churchgoers as "savages" and his description of
Haitian immigrants as "sub-human infiltrators" -- is not simply a
question of personal bile, but is part of a systematic ideology
of white supremacy. Grant has in the past promoted conferences
organized by American Renaissance (most recently on his January
26, 1996 show) and has allowed the phone numbers of American
Renaissance and other white supremacist groups to be given out
over the air. (See "Dial H for Hate," EXTRA! Update, June 1995;
FAIR open letter to Phil Boyce, February 26, 1996.)

But it is impossible to discuss this reality on WABC's airwaves,
as Dershowitz's firing shows. Two years ago, columnist Jack
Newfield was publicly banned from the station because he noted
Grant's bigotry in print. (Columnist Linda Stasi had earlier
been blacklisted for "excessively personal" criticisms of Rush

FAIR points out that the ultimate responsibility for Grant's
unchallenged racism rests with the Walt Disney Company, which
recently purchased WABC along with the rest of the ABC network.
Disney needs to explain why it allows its host to promote white
supremacism during prime listening hours, while those who
criticize this racist speech are censored.

For more on FAIR, send a blank e-mail message to Or visit our web site at
A good deal Grant's bigotry is documented at:

To subscribe to FAIR's magazine, EXTRA!, call 800-847-3993.

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** Topic: Neo-Strasserism on the Net **
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in cdp:alt.pol.rad-left **

Neo-Strasserism on the Net

Lately those of us caught up in the battle against
"" have noticed a series of unusual posts on
the leftish news groups.

Prominent cybernazi Les Griswold posted on March 10, 1996 at
13:29:27 GMT that "'Right-Wing Nuts' simply notice that a lot of
ENVIRONMENTALISTS are Marxists. Protecting the environment is
neither a 'right-wing' nor a 'left-wing' idea."

The idea of fascism as a "neither right nor left" ideology might
surprise people familiar with fascism only of the late-Hitlerite

Posting along similar lines, Dannie Hawkins wrote on March 22
1996 at 05:50 that Metzger's White Aryan Resistance (WAR) "is
neither 'left' nor 'right,' as you will see. WAR's positions
conform more to Nature's Ways than any group I'm aware of."

Again this may strike people as strange, coming from someone who
advertises WAR's WWW page that states it is "the White Aryan
Resistance Hate Page, dedicated to White racism."

Milton Kleim, the would-be moderator of ""
put it more directly in his article _We Are -- Or Should Be --the
Real Greens_:

"There is a conspicuous absence of any significant discussion of "
ecologically oriented matters within the movement for White
racial survival," Kleim informed other cybernazis. "This lack of
focus on the environment must be remedied.

"Since the 1960's, when it first began to expand into a mass "
phenomenon, environmentalism has been tinted with a distinct
shade of crimson. A dearth of racialist thinkers, from Nordicist
anarchists to National Socialists, whose silence has given a
heavy leftist tilt to the philosophical under-pinnings and
activities of the 'Green' movement, has allowed it to be captured
by a herd of neo-Marxists, 'Eco-Buddhists,' and other assorted
buffoons. The classic focus of ecology, the study of organisms'
functioning within their environments, has been fused with
various interracist concerns, from advocacy of global government
to agit-propism against 'environmental racism.'

"Because our ideological opponents control and guide present-day "
environmentalism, they are able to exploit justifiable ecological
concerns to further their morbid agenda. In so doing, they
discredit environmentalism in the eyes of those who would believe
in sound preservation principles to protect the genetic diversity
and other natural resources which guarantees the continuity of
the elements we need to survive, yet cannot accept the devious
program of corrupt bureaucrats and other parasitical entities.

"Few seem to know that the modern environmentalist movement has "
roots intertwined with those of racialism. As noted by British
historian Dr. Anna C. Bramwell in her _Ecology in the Twentieth
Century: A History_ (Yale University Press, 1989), early
theorists of Nordicism came up with many ideas identical to those
espoused by today's environmentalists. Her 1984 article, 'Is
This Man "Father of the Greens"?' (_History Today_, September
1984, pp.7-13), and book, _Blood and Soil: Walther Darre and
Hitler's 'Green Party'_(Kensal Press, 1985), demonstrates that
much of Green thought was first created by the Third Reich's
Minister of Agriculture."

This may be surprising material from people that many thought
would identify with environmental concerns only to bemoan the
absence of smoke filters on the crematoria. But Germanic National
Socialism, particularly before Hitler consolidated power in the
party, had many interests. During the pre-Hitlerite period, it
appealed to a broad "plebian basis" as numerous writers from Karl
Radek to Wilhelm Reich pointed out.

In additional to environmentalism, these included youth culture,
nature worship, opposition to "bourgeois" society, mysticism,
tribalism, and Jungian analytic psychology. It also included
numerous areas of pseudo-science from astrology and other forms
of divination, to cosmic "World Ice" theories, to masonically-
oriented magical lodges. (This list, for those of you somewhat
unfamiliar with logic, is meant to reflect a "totality" of
interests. In other words, I am not saying that everyone with a
Tarot deck is a neo-Strasserite.)

The totality of this phenomena today I refer to as "neo-
Strasserism." Questions of who were the Strasser brothers, their "
role in the Nazi Party, and the pre-Hitlerite history of the
nazis remain for a future post. But those who think that
Strasserism represents some lesser evil within fascism should
also remember that the main base of the fascist brown-shirted
Storm Troops were more in the Strasserite than Hitlerite


"Racist skinhead music is about violence, not violins!"

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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 96 02:18:30 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Mumia Abu-Jamal's Latest Article

Column Written 3/13/96
Copyright 1996 Mumia Abu-Jamal

"That's what 'capital punishment' really means - those that ain't"
got the capital, get the punishment" - old saying

Once again we see the inherent truths that lie in the
proverbs of the poor.

That old saying echoed when it was recently announced that
the District Attorney of Delaware County, Patrick Meehan, would
*not* seek the death penalty in the case of John E. DuPont, the
wealthy corporate heir charged with the shooting death of Olympic
champion David Schultz, in late January. The Delaware Co.
D.A.'s office said no aggravated circumstance justifying the
death sentence existed!

Could it be that DuPont's personal wealth, estimated at
over $400 million, was a factor?

In one fell swoop, the state insured that while
millionaires may be murderers, they are not eligible for that
preserve of the poor, America's death row.

As the case of O.J. Simpson showed us, the state is very
selective in who it chooses to include in its macabre club of
death. O.J., a *bona fide* celebrity, corporate pitchman, sports
legend, and millionaire, was deemed, even though a suspect in a
double-murder, not "fit" for a death sentence.

So, whether or not one is of the opinion that Mr. Simpson
was either innocent or guilty, the point remains that before the
trial actually began, the D.A. of Los Angeles decided - no death
penalty for O.J.!

Millionaires need not apply. As it was for Mr. Simpson,
so it was for Mr. DuPont.

Simpson's wealth, compared to DuPont's, makes him look
like a pauper.

As for DuPont, consider, if you will, the incredible
spectacle of the D.A., with all the identical facts, announcing
he (or she) would *not* be seeking the death penalty, if DuPont
was *the victim*.

I'm sure we can all agree that would be impossible.

Any poor man who slays a wealthy man will have the weight
of the system fall on him like a ton of bricks; for a wealthy
man, however, who finds himself charged with killing a poor man,
the system becomes user-friendly.

Why should this be so? It's because the system serves the
interests of the wealth - it is *their* system!

In essence, when a poor person comes before the court s/he
faces two charges: the 'offense'; and being poor.

I am not suggesting that Mr. DuPont, or anyone else, for
that matter, should be sentenced to death. I am just noting how
and why the death sentence is reserved for some, and off limits
to others.

The death sentence remains a 'prerogative' of the poor.

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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:12:31 -0800 (PST)

Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe

Jailed Anti-Abortion Activist Released after Testifying

By Associated Press, 03/25/96

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) - An anti-abortion activist who
spent nearly a month in jail for refusing to answer a federal
grand jury's questions was freed Monday after telling the panel
about a book on clinic violence.

Rae Powell said she told the grand jury that a former
local activist gave her a copy of ``The Army of God,'' which
describes how to blow up abortion clinics. Mrs. Powell said she
returned the manual to Jennifer Sperle after making copies.

Mrs. Sperle, who moved from Norfolk to Wichita, Kan., last