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Bizkaia.Egin 3/2/96

On friday 2/1 4 young basque men sentenced for refusing to perform military
service or PSS (Prestacion Social Substitutoria, alternate community
service), Agustin Urzelai, Eneko Aida, Javier Garrido and Ricardo Barriuso
decided to put an end to their civil lives, so they laid down in coffins,
covered by a fine cloth, in front of Bilbo's Military Government waiting for
the police to arrest them. The funeral march, with band and everything,
started from Plaza De Zabalburu after noon, accompanied the insumisos to the
entrance of Military Government. The funeral ceremony was used by insumiso
In~igo Mendibil, serving a sentence in Basauri, to break the third degree by
silently chaining himself to the door of the Military Government also
waiting for the police.

Criticism of the action was centered on the new Penal Code that tries to
place insumisos outside of society. After one hour waiting for the police
who would not arrive, an hour entertained by 3 actors who performed a parody
of the army, the assembled people opted for blocking the road in both
directions causing a serious bottleneck as this is one of Bilbo's main
roads. Ten minutes later two police vans with antiriot personnel arrived,
threatening to charge. Consequently the people left the road. At the end
they arrested Agustin Urzelai, the only person under search and capture
orders. The rest were released after checking their identities.

Madrid.UPA 3/4/96

On the afternoon of Friday 3/1 there was a protest meeting in front of
Carabanchel prison, called by several antimilitary groups in support of the
insumisos. Four insumisos under search and capture orders took part (they
also took part in the action against Bazan company) who weren't arrested.
The protest denounced that there are over 300 insumisos in prison, as well
as the situation in and the existance of prisons.

Zaragoza. Guella Negra 3/4/96

The last week of February two insumisos under search and capture were
arrested in Zaragoza. Fernando Rios, insumiso wanted for not appearing at
his trial, was arrested at the Portillo bus station friday 2/23 by police in
civilian clothes, taken to the station and jailed in Torrero prison. Thanks
to his attorney's pressure he was tried on monday the 26th and set
provisionally free that morning waiting for the application of the 2,4,1

Carlos Gorostiza "Txanpi", insumiso from Bilbo studying in Zaragoza had been
under search and capture for several months for not appearing to serve his
2,4,1 sentence. He was arrested on 2/28 by agents from Brigada de
Informacion. The days before his arrest the police surveilled his home and
questioned neighbors about him, and the capture took place after following a
car where the insumiso was traveling with two others. According to
CAMPI-Aragon there are about 20 insumisos in rebellion living in Zaragoza.

Three insumisos jailed in Torrero prison have been punished by placing them
in second degree regime this past month. Miguel Mut, Luis Merin and Martin
Abril are now in second degree and can't leave the prison at all.

Irunea.Eguzki Irratia 3/4/96

On sunday 3/3 at 21 hrs three insumisos in rebellion, supported by 100
people chained themselves to the door of hotel "Tres Reyes" in Irunea, where
the UPN-PP coalition celebrated the electoral results. The action lasted
barely 10 minutes as right away 4 vans from the national police and a large
number of agents in civilian clothes, without saying a word charged against
the people assembled. The three insumisos were taken to the police station
and on monday morning, after declaring in front of the judge, two of them
were taken to prison since they were under search since november '94 for not
appearing at their trials. The third was released since the sentence of
2,4,1 has not been firmly decided.

Madrid.UPA 2/26/96

There is a solidarity campaign going on in favor of insumiso Jose Casquero
fired by the Ministry of Education and Science from a Navarredonda de Gredos
(Avila) public school. The children's parents have been protesting for 15
days and haven't sent their children to school. They've also sent faxes,
letters and telegrams to the Ministry of Education and to the school
rejecting this act of reprisal. For more information contact CGT-Salamanca
phone/fax (923)248449.

Sevilla.UPA 2/21/96

On monday 2/19 there was an insumiso/antimilitary action in Sevilla. Four
people, one of them insumiso under search and capture orders entered the
american base at Moron (the insumiso is from there), cutting the wire fence
and proceeded to plant olive trees. They were arrested and video taped by
the military, delivered to the Guardia Civil and later released. They didn't
realize until later that there was one in search and capture.

Elx. La Karretilla feb/96

In mid-january the sentences on the trials celebrated in Elx in October and
November against three insumisos were issued.

Jose Lluis Martinez insumiso against PSS received 2 years, 4 months and 1
day. This has been appealed at the provincial court for technical defects
since the prosecution changed its sentence petition half an hour before the

Vicente Maroto, insumiso against military service received a sentence of 6
months in prison, but the prosecution has appealed asking for the 2,4,1.

Pablo San Jose, insumiso against PSS in Elx has been sentenced to 2-4-1 and
in case he's arrested he will be the first insumiso from Alicant province
who goes to prison.

The Valencia MOC (Movimiento Objetores de Conciencia) called a gathering on
1/30 at the Sant Joan de Ribera barracks, publicizing a manifesto against
the jailing of 4 insumisos in that city.

Madrid.UPA 3/6/96

Section 16 of Madrid's provincial court has recently ruled against the
defense's appeal, confirming the guilty veredict against Pedro L. Perez for
a crime of assault upon the authorities and Luis Morales for a crime of
assault and other injuries, although he reduced by a year and four months
the previous sentence for the crime of injuries based on an unjustified
delay by the justice system.

The appeal hearing that took place on 2/15/96 expounded on the defense's
evidence with the declaration of three more witnesses (2 of them news
reporters) that were present during the facts and confirmed that the
accusations were false.

Let's remember that the events go back to August '91 when printing shop
Minuesa, Rda. de Toledo 24, was still okupied and the municipal police
charged on several ocassions, first when a group of people attempted to put
up a banner on Puerta de Toledo, where three people had been beat up by the
police, which caused several municipal police to charge unexpectedly two
hours later without any reason at all against the people who were at that
time distributing leaflets at the door of Centro Social Minuesa, resulting
in two wounded and two new arrests. We must note that at that time Centro
Social Minuesa was the target of a lot of harrassment by Madrid's City Hall
and obviously by the municipal police, since the social center had a
judicial ruling that gave it possession of the building and eviction was
becoming difficult for City Hall which had strong real estate interests in
the area (the famous Americas plan).

As a result of the arrests the corresponding judicial proccess for
misdemeanors was started. After several suspensions due to the absence of
some of the implicated cops and above all after four municipal cops were
sentenced to 5 days of inhabilitation and payment of an indemnity of 100,000
ptas to L.M., one of the arrestees that was brutally and unjustly beaten at
the time of his arrest and later at the police station, resulting in a
deviated septum, a policeman appears showing a medical report affirming that
he had lost 10 teeth and accussing L.M. of having hurled a wooden and iron
bench at his face. This happened 2 1/2 years after the events and the
investigating court #2 decides to requalify the facts, not only in
conjunction with L.M. but also surprisingly in relation with P.L.P. that was
only charged with a misdemeanor for the injuries caused the four policemen
(the injuries were all in the hands and fingers or toes, the typical
injuries that happen when you hit someone). When the prosecution makes its
petition the suspicion arises that this is to teach a lesson: 1 year for
attempt against authority, 2 for public disorderly conduct and 40 days for 4
misdemeanors for P.L.P. and for L.M. 1 year for attempt against authority
and 4 years for injuries. However, a solidarity campaign against this
criminalization was started with letters and telegrams in support of the
defendants sent to the court from many organizations, associations and
collectives throughout the state and even from abroad. The trial took place
in criminal court #2 in Madrid in July 1995 and it confirmed the suspicions
of reprisals against the okupa movement, because although the defense
presented a lot of witnesses that categorically denied the charges and the
physical impossibility of throwing a bench weighing over 55 kgs above the
heads of four policemen that had enough time to duck and hit another
policeman (as the prosecution claimed) who only suffered broken teeth and no
other injuries, and that all this took place without any benches existing in
the area as certified by Madrid's City Hall. The ruling acquits P.L.P. of
the public disorder and misdemeanor charges but sentences him to 1 year for
assault although none of the policemen admitted that he had hit anyone and
even recognized that he didn't resist arrest, and L.M. gets 1 year for
assault and two years and four months for injuries.

The appeal to the provincial court seems to be a way of washing their hands
off this matter since it confirms the defendant's guilt but leaves the
decision about going to prison in the hands of another court who could grant
conditional freedom, thus avoiding their going to prison. Since this was an
abreviated procedure there aren't any further appeals.

According to one of the defendants "in any case once more it has been
evident that social movements, and definitely any form of opposition against
this system will be punished more and more, for we must not forget that all
of this started because a group of okupas wanted to place a sign about the
right to shelter on Puerta de Toledo. Any excuse is good (if there aren't
any they'll make them up) to criminalize everything that coming out of
self-determination sets up alternatives. It is time to reflect and find the
means for self-defense faced with the grwoing repression that's falling upon
us. But above all it is not time to go backwards, it's time to take steps
forward, because to those of us that rot in this capitalist system, those of
us who don't have much to lose and a lot to gain, repression makes us stronger".

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