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>>> Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 11:55:03 -0500
>>> From: Murray Enkin <enkin@fhs.csu.McMaster.CA>
>>> Dear family, friends, and all who are concerned with doing our best to stop
>>> neo-naziism now, before it overwhelms us - again.
>>> First, what we want you to do, then why.
>>> Send an email message to: music-vote@sub-rosa.com
>>> Your message should contain only: I vote NO on rec.music.white-power
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>>> OK, now why. I received the following message from Michael Klein, who
>>> received it from Gary Romalis (both of whom we greatly respect for many
>>> reasons). It is self explanatory.
>>> Please take it very seriously.
>>> (We are omitting the long list of names to whom Michael and Gary have
>>> already sent this. It is not likely that their lists would seriously
>>> overlap with yours. Please send the following message, modified as you see
>>> fit, to anyone that you think would want to help. This is not a 'chain
>>> letter'; it is deadly serious.)
>>> Murray and Eleanor
>>> *************************************************
>>> March 16, 1996
>>> I received this in the mail and thought you should know about it.
>>> "Just yesterday B'nai B'rith's annual report ( Canada) on
>>> hate and racism located the net as the one source of exploding
>>> and uncontrollable dissemination of hate mail.
>>> I feel strongly that every NO vote on the formation of a neo-Nazi newsgroup
>>> is
>>> a public and civilized blow against a pernicious, evil movement. Please
>>> vote
>>> to affirm society's rejection of neo-Nazis. Please distribute the
>>> following
>>> message as you deem appropriate.
>>> A group of neo-nazis are trying to form a newsgroup on Usenet called
>>> rec.music.white-power, so that they can get their message of hate out to
>>> young people using the Internet. Newsgroups are public discussion areas
>>> on the Internet and their formation requires enough support from the
>>> Internet community.
>>> EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU HAS ONE VOTE when it comes to creating a
>>> new Usenet group. I hope you will vote NO and thereby tell these Nazis you
>>> don't want their stuff on the net. Below is the procedure, please repost
>>> my plea and get the NO vote out. This is my personal opinion. If you
>>> want to see the official call for votes, you can read in news.group or ask
>>> me for a copy of the notice calling for votes.
>>> Do _not_ vote twice - that would constitute voting fraud.
>>> Send E-MAIL (posts to a newsgroup are invalid) to:
>>> music-vote@sub-rosa.com
>>> This is an impartial, third-party vote taker.
>>> Do not REPLY to THIS message, if you are trying to vote. Please do not
>>> assume that just replying to this message will work. Check the address
>>> before you mail your vote. Your mail message should contain only one
>>> statement:
>>> I vote NO on rec.music.white-power
>>> Vote counting is automated. Failure to follow these directions may
>>> mean that your vote does not get counted. If you do not receive an
>>> acknowledgment of your vote within three days contact the votetaker
>>> about the problem. It's your responsibility to make sure your vote
>>> is registered correctly.
>>> Here's what Canada's George Burdi, of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front, had to
>>> say about this vote, on February 21, on his RESISTANCE mailing list:
>>> "There is a call for votes
>>> coming on rec.music.white-power in the next week
>>> or so, and you will be notified in a special issue of
>>> RREN exactly what to do. FOLLOW THE
>>> perfectly blunt and state that we have more than
>>> enough "net-nazis" to win this thing hands-down.
>>> But every one of you must vote YES! And just
>>> voting yes means nothing unless you do it properly.
>>> So you have been forewarned. The instructions
>>> are coming to your email box soon, and they
>>> are not complicated. Just follow them as told,
>>> and we will have a WP music newsgroup finally!"
>>> If Mr. Burdi's confidence disturbs you, please give this letter the
>>> _widest_ possible distribution, and help us deliver the largest NO vote in
>>> the history of UseNet.
>>> If you would like more detailed information on why you should vote no,
>>> check out http://nizkor.almanac.bc.ca - although it should be noted that
>>> the Nizkor Project has no connection to this personal plea."
>>> Gary Romalis
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