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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
interest to subscribers. Unlike the regular weekly
bulletin, supplements will provide coverage of breaking
events and alternative views not found in the "mainstream"


CONTENTS: Supplement 20

1. (PDC) Rally! Freedom Now For Geronimo! Down With The
2. (A-FL) Anti-Fascist League Shuts Fromm Down!
3. (PRA) Salvi's Conspiratorial Beliefs Widely Spread By
Right-Wing Media
4. (PRODH) MEXPAZ Human Rights Weekly Bulletin 64, March
5. (AT) Hate In The Army, Part 1
6. (NYT) German Neo-Nazi Said To Have Killed Five People


Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 14:50:42 GMT


Freedom Now for Geronimo!
Down With the FBI COINTELPRO Frame-Up!

Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt), former Black Panther Party leader,
will be in court March 28 for a hearing in his decades-long fight
for freedom. This fighter for justice has endured relentless
persecution in California's prison hellholes--framed up by the
FBI and LAPD and jailed for over 25 years for a murder that the
government knows he did not commit. In the face of reams of
evidence exonerating Geronimo, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
James Bascue has ordered District Attorney Gil Garcetti into
court to show why Pratt's conviction should not be reversed.

In this first real break in Geronimo's case, we can't rely
on the capitalist courts, which have jailed him for over 25
years. The organized strength of the working class has the power
to free this fighter for black freedom. Massive protest by
integrated labor, community, left and student organizations can
make a critical difference. The fight to free Geronimo is a
critical part of the mobilization against racist oppression and
the attacks on the working class. Labor and blacks must go
forward together or fall back separately!

All out Thursday, March 28 in united-front protest to
demand freedom now for Geronimo ji Jaga! Mobilize your union,
community or campus group! Bring your signs and banners.
Participating organizations are invited to speak at the rally. Be

All Out March 28th!

4:30 pm, 14th & Broadway, Oakland
March to Oakland Federal Building

Initiated By:
Partisan Defense Committee
Labor Black League for Social Defense

For more information, call (510) 839-0852


Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996
From: Todd Ferguson <>
Subject: Paul Fromm Chased Out Of Edmonton!

March 17, 1996


On Thursday, March 7th, the Edmonton Anti-Fascist League received
an annonymous tip. Paul "Fuhrer" Fromm was planning to give a
speech in our town on Friday, March 15th. The lecture was
organized by his group, the Canadian Association for Free
Expression (a.k.a. Cracker Apologists For Ernst) and was sure to
be a major draw for the local bigots and boneheads.

Since 1992 the AFL had been largely inactive in Edmonton, having
chased all the Final Solution boneheads and Aryan Nations
sympathizers out of town the year before. Our actions against
Fromm would test if we were still capable of initiating valid and
successful street-level anti-racist work and would also show us
if Edmonton's reputation as a strong anti-racist community was
still well-deserved. Quickly, we sprang into action!

Fromm was booked to speak in a meeting room in the Best Western
City Centre (11310-109 St.), next to the airport and right across
from a shopping mall. We scheduled the meeting point for our
rally a half-hour earlier in the mall. We called and e-mailed
everyone we knew, and encouraged them to tell their friends. We
contacted other anti-racist groups in the country, warning them
of Fromm's speaking tour. Anti-Racist Action Toronto couriered
out some excellent pamphlets about Fromm and his history, which
complented the ones we had custom-made. Soon we received calls
of support from student groups, multicultural societies, and
political organizations of all types. After much debate, we
decided against contacting the media, for fear that they would
give Fromm a platform on their programs to spout his rhetoric, or
else contact the hotel, causing the hotel to cancel and Fromm to
move his meeting to a secret location.

On the day of the meeting Fromm enjoyed an hour of free air-time
courtesy of 630 CHED radio talk show host David Rutherford.
Besides his usual anti-immigrant, anti-foreign crap, Fromm
boasted of carrying around a book banned in Canada as hate
literature (Will America Drown?). But the big surprise for us
was when he announced that he had seen the leaflet we had made
announcing the protest posted on the internet. He called the AFL
"terrorists," "law-breakers" (never mind the banned book you
brought to the radio station, Paul!) and "loonies", and went so
far to state that all the violence he's heard of was instigated
by the left. When the program's host tried to counter by
referring to the Oklahoma bombing (not to mention the murders of
3 gay men by boneheads in the last five years in Canada, and
countless assaults) Fromm actually defended the bombing, saying
"...there hasn't been a trial yet and we still don't know who did
it or why."

So, we had lost our element of surprise and had to change our
tactics from arriving en masse to going to the meeting
invdividually or in small groups and causing pandemonium once
inside. We anticipated maybe 30 protesters and had made enough
flyers (including copies of the latest On The Prowl) for 50. By
7:30 p.m., the announced time of the protest, between 100-150
protesters had arrived! There were representatives from the
Jewish Students' Association, the Muslim Students' Association,
Food Not Bombs, the Anti-Fascist League, Skinheads Against Racial
Prejudice, the University of Alberta New Democrats, the Edmonton
Multicultural Society, the STudent Organized Resistance Movement,
and numerous punks, anti-racist skins, street kids, and concerned
citizens. Unfortunately, there was also lots and lots of police
and security guards, who had presumably also been tipped off by
the posting of our pamphlet on the internet. They ushered us out
of the mall and "informed" us that Paul Fromm had packed his bags
and skipped town. Given the police's history of protecting and
even collaborating with racists, we took this "good news" with a
healthy dose of skepticism, and after promising to disperse and
go home, we proceeded directly to the hotel where Fromm was
scheduled to speak. There we were met by even more police
officers who stuck to the story that he had left and the meeting
was cancelled. After we soon made them realize we weren't going
anywhere until we were sure that they weren't lying, they agreed
to let one representative search the hotel, accompanied by police
and hotel staff. While negotiating this, three demonstraters
snuck into the building under the guise of hotel guests. Between
the "official" representative and our anti-racist "ninjas", not a
single bonehead or aging anti-Semite could be found! The police
had actually told the truth! According to hotel staff, the
police had called at 5:00 p.m. to inform them of the true nature
of the meeting Fromm had booked and advised them to cancel, which
they did. Fromm had arrived to set up for the meeting at
7:00p.m., only to find himself uncerimoniously evicted from the
premises, suitcase in hand, by two Edmonton cops! The cops had
been there since 5:30, throwing anyone there for the meeting off
the premises. One old Confederation of Regions crony was
actually arrested for tresspassing when he tried to re-enter the

While it wasn't the confrontation so many of us had planned for,
the demo was certainly an unqualified success. Fromm had wasted
time and money planning for and flying out to a meeting that
never happened. He wasn't able to spread his message of hate or
sell any of his propaganda, and he'll certainly think twice
before he comes out here again! The anti-racist community in
Edmonton proved that they have a large following of committed
people, willing to confront racists at a moment's notice, even if
it means giving up a Friday night. Over 150 flyers, and
pamphlets about Fromm, as well as the latest issue of On The
Prowl, got distributed to people that can use the information,
demonstrating that all the networking and organizing anti-racist
groups across the country have been doing is finally starting to
pay off. The local police were made to realize that if they
treated us with respect and courtesy and were honest with us,
we'd reciprocate. The hotel (and hopefully the entire Best
Western chain) was put on notice as to what Fromm and his group
was really about. It was most certainly a victory for everyone
who opposes bigotry and hatred, and hopefully it will prove to be
the impetus for even more successful anti-racist action in
Edmonton! As we stated on our pamphlets, "If 'free speech', not
bigotry, is the issue that Paul Fromm claims it to be, than all
Canadians have the right and the obligation to counter lies,
deceit, and hatred as vocally as the proponents of racism who
espouse it. It is for this reason that we are determined to
confront, disrupt, interfere with, and shut down the activities
of Fromm and his ilk, no matter where they go."

-- Anti-Fascist League


From: "Chip Berlet" <>
Organization: Political Research Associates
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 08:30:38 +0000
Subject: The Politics of John Salvi's Conspiracy Views


The Boston Globe has NEVER carried a detailed news story
about right-wing anti-abortion networks and Salvi; the only
detailed mentions of this topic have been by columnists and one

A few phone calls or e-mail messages would help:

Editor, (617) 929-2000 <> Att: Managing Editor
City Desk, (617) 929-3100 <> Att: Metro Editor
National Desk, (617) 929-3125 <> Att: National
Editor and "Ombudsman" Mark Jurkowitz (617) 929-3020


For Immediate Release: March 21, 1996

Salvi's Conspiratorial Beliefs Widely Spread by Right Wing Media

A report to be released Monday says the conspiratorial beliefs of
John C. Salvi, 3d are not unique, but are widely circulated in
right-wing newspapers, magazines, books, and radio and television
programs that were easily available to Salvi in the Boston area,
and are circulated nationwide. The report's release was delayed
until after the trial at the request of the attorneys and the
judge in the case. Salvi was convicted and sentenced for
murdering two reproductive health clinic workers and injuring
five others.

According to the report's author, Chip Berlet of Political
Research Associates, "While Salvi clearly shows signs of
emotional disturbance, his view of himself as a crusader against
an evil conspiracy is rooted in the small but militant wings of
the Catholic and Protestant anti-abortion movements." Berlet was
subpoenaed as an expert witness in the Salvi case but never
called to testify. Both the defense and prosecution researched
Salvi's conspiratorial statements at PRA's library in Somerville,

The study is being published by Political Research Associates, an
independent nonprofit research center based in the Boston suburb
of Somerville, MA. The report argues that, "Most of the news
coverage of John C. Salvi 3d has portrayed him as a confused
person making nonsensical statements alleging conspiracies
against Catholics. In fact, almost all of Salvi's conspiratorial
statements echo paranoid scapegoating theories long circulated by
a specific sector of right wing anti-abortion organizations
active in the Boston area and nationwide. Some of these
aggressive anti-abortion groups call abortion providers evil and
claim to be fighting an `abortion Holocaust.' A few of these
anti-abortion militants suggest that abortion providers deserve

The report reveals that among the right-wing publications found
in Salvi's possession was an article by a right-wing Catholic
activist, Charles E. Rice, suggesting that abortion providers
deserved the death penalty. Rice, a professor at Notre Dame Law
School, is on the US board of advisors to Human Life
International, the group from which Salvi obtained graphic
photographs of aborted fetuses that he distributed.

The report shows that other Catholic right groups echo Salvi's
concern with alleged freemason conspiracies, Catholic labor
unions, welfare state policies, struggles with a literal Satan,
and printing currency to avoid debt-backed paper money. Even the
idea of a Ku Klux Klan/Freemason/Mob conspiracy is circulated by
the far right Lyndon LaRouche network.

Human Life International is a right-wing Catholic anti-abortion
group with a chapter in Massachusetts that promotes a highly
orthodox vision of Catholicism that is critical of liberal
Catholics around the issues of abortion, sex education,
homosexuality, and feminism. HLI publishes and distributes books
that feature conspiracist thinking and misogyny with titles such
as Sex Education: The Final Plague, The Feminist Takeover,
Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism. One book
distributed by HLI is New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret
Societies by William T. Still. The book attacks the Freemasons as
part of conspiracy to control the country's economy by
manipulating paper money.

Protestant right leader Pat Robertson promotes conspiracism in
his books and on his TV program, "The 700 Club." Robertson's
book The New World Order was published in 1992 and it is filled
with right-wing conspiracist lore, much of it laced with
references to Jewish bankers that contain, at the least, echoes
of anti-Semitism. Some of the cites in Robertson's book trace
back to notoriously anti-Semitic sources. Discussion of Freemason
and other scapegoating conspiracies appears throughout
Robertson's book.

According to Berlet, "Political and religious leaders frequently
dismiss groups with conspiracist views as marginal and
irrelevant. Indeed, conspiracist groups have little chance of
achieving their goals in the long run, but in the short run they
can temporarily acquire real political power and disrupt the
democratic process. On an individual basis, the scapegoating
unleashed by conspiracist groups too frequently results in
physical attacks on persons seen to be in league with the
scapegoated group of evil-doers."

The report concedes that "Certainly a person like John Salvi does
not represent the mainstream of Catholicism, the anti-abortion
movement, or the US political right," but then argues that Salvi
"expresses the views of a durable subculture with conspiracist
views that target scapegoats." The report warns that "Scapegoats
can be injured or killed by persons_no matter what their mental
state_who act out their conspiratorial beliefs in a zealous
manner. The failure of political and religious leaders to take
strong public stands against groups and individuals that
demagogically spread scapegoating conspiracist theories
encourages this dangerous dynamic."

"Until this issue is explored thoroughly, and public figures
speak out against the conspiratorial scapegoating and
dehumanization by right-wing Protestant and Catholic
anti-abortion militants, there will be more people like John
Salvi resorting to violence in the belief that they are carrying
out God's will."


Chip Berlet is senior analyst at Political Research Associates,
an independent nonprofit research center that monitors
anti-democratic movements and trends. PRA is based in Somerville,
MA. This study is adapted from the forthcoming book, Too Close
for Comfort: Rightwing Populism, Scapegoating, and Fascist
Potentials in US Political Traditions, by Chip Berlet and Matthew
N. Lyons to be published this fall by South End Press. Berlet's
most recent book is Eyes Right! Challenging the Right Wing
Backlash, which he edited as an anthology with 30 contributors.

The full 40-page report will be available Monday, March 24, 1996.
The full title of the report is: "The Increasing Popularity of
Right Wing Conspiracy Theories: Allegations of a Freemason
Conspiracy and Other Scapegoating Conspiracist Theories Within
the Catholic Right, Protestant Right, Anti-abortion Movement,
Patriot Movement, and Armed Militia Movement; Including a
discussion of statements by John C. Salvi, 3d."

Political Research Associates
120 Beacon Street, Suite 202
Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 661-9313 Fax: (617) 661-9313
BBS: (617) 221-5815


** Topic: MEXPAZ # 64 Human Rights Weekly Bulletin. **
** Written 5:05 PM Mar 22, 1996 by in
cdp:reg.mexico **
Subject: MEXPAZ # 64 Human Rights Weekly Bulletin.
From: MEXPAZ_rights <>

March 14-20
Human Rights Center Miguel A.Pro (PRODH)
Tel. (52-5)511 47 33, Fax 208 75 47

March 14


Sebastian and Ernesto Mejia Morales, and Alberto Mejia Gutierrez,
Tzeltal Indians of the San Antonio Patbaxil community, Chilo'n,
Chiapas, were arrested illegally and brought to the Cerro Huecos
prison in Tuxtla Gutierrez. They are falsely accused of murder,
injuries and delinquent association. During their arrest they
were mistreated by the police.

March 18