(eng) against g7 summit (fr)

Wed, 27 Mar 1996 12:57:17 +0100

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Subject: (eng) against g7 summit (fr)

In Lyon against the G7 In Lyon,

In Lyon, from the 27th to the 29th june, the leaders of the seven richest
states of the world (United States, Japan, France, German, Britain, Italy,
Canada and Russian as the invited country) will meet to discurs about
employment in order to define and coordinate their actions. The big Oils of
the world take a big interest social problems, which are theatenning the
order they want to impose. Liberal politics implemented throughout the
world for fifteen years prove that "national" economies are even more
interwoven and that the determining influence of multinational corporations
reduces the room to manoeuvre of the states. The financial markets impose
the maun thing. The governments are, by a way, just a kind of
subcontractors of the "world capitalist entreprise" that act like the
guarantee of the upholding of the "social peace" while organizing the
worsening of the conditions of exploitation of all people subjected to
Facing this logic, resistance appears ; whether in Chiapas, in France in
December'95, we should take more than ever the opportunities to affirm the
link between the cause and the effect of the decisions taken in these G7
summits and their consequences on our own life (unemployment, health,
retirement, wages, etc.).
Lyon must be the appointment of the protest against the new world order,
for the "damned of the Earth" and for all who are lost in a world where
freedom is seized by the elle of products' movement and by the political
interests of the states and of the ruling elits.

Let's subvert the state of the world !

- whether it is french neocolonial logics in Africa (Rwanda, Burundi...),
or dismembering of former Yugoslavia or political weight of the United
States, real policeman of the world...
- whether it is destructive environment policies (Amazonia, Somport, sea
pollution...) or French and Chinese nuclear testings...
- whether it is LMF or World Bank policies imposed to the so-called
"developing" countries which always mean more and more poverty, and social
Populations are sacrified on the altar of the capitalist world-wide
application and of conflict links between great powers. Facing this
division of the planet between the "powers" that assume the right to decide
people's lot, let's act and organise international solidarity !

Let's resist to the capitalist order !

-against the Eurofortress which every day hardens its legislation against
immigrants (limitation of the right of asylum, Toubon act...) and favours
increasing racism.
- against the securitary logic which is translated into more imprisonnent
and social control.
- againts the attempts to eradicate the minority cultures, those of the
immigrant communities, those of the Breton, Corsican, Kanak, Basque or the
Polynesian nations... potential factors of resistance and solidarity.
- against the industrial restructuring, the dislocalizations and the
development of the precarious forms of work, let's redefine the socially
useful activities in our societies (producing what, how, for who ?).
- against the living conditions determined by our income (prohibitive
rents, appearance of discount supermarkets so that the poorer of the poor
could go on consuming - with lesser quality, of course...).
- against daily sexism which is no more than the relay of the ruling model
in which we are compelled to be jailed (women at home or sexual object
according to the circumstances, gays and lesbians as a ghetto minority...)
We should no longer let capitalism confine us in an exclusion logic, let's
refuse the appointment of a scape-goat.

Let's impose society against the state !

- to put an end to the existing order, we should act : knowing and
controlling our living conditions.
- for a concrete internationalist solidarity with struggling peoples, for
their social and national emancipation and for the support to the refugees
and underground people (Basques, nonsuits of the right of asylum...)
- to realise what look upon as socially useful, let's take collective rooms
and create concrete anticapitalist alternatives : squats, alternative,
premises, social centres, alternative schools...
- to refuse institutional and state mediations, let's increase the number
of sel mangagement and direct democracy experiences to impose our classe

Let's cease to believe in a human faced capitalism and that when we would
change some politicians, another policy is possible in this system.
States and national middle classes have no interest but theirs. Let's
impose ours : let's destroy capitalism !

We should not adjust the workplace, we should rule out capitalism !
Against the capitalist worldwide application, international solidarity !

In Lyon, the 22nd, let's demonstrate !
Let's talk about these problems to attempt to build creative utopias,
alternatives to this world order in the forums
In Lyon, the 22 nd and 23rd June

Coordination of the Anti G7 Groups

Supported by tye No Pasaran Network, Anarchist Communist Organisation
(OCL), Solidarity Comitee with Chiapas poeples, Comitee Somport