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Madrid.UPA 2/12/96

At dawn saturday February 10th two unknown persons threw a molotov cocktail
against the walls of Social Center "La Guindalera" in Madrid. The cocktail
crashed against the front wall, without causing damages to the wall but it
did damage a car parked underneath, property of a neighbor. The two
perpetrators escaped running. Although nobody has claimed responsibility,
the attack is probably the work of fascists.

Tarragona.UPA 2/28/96

The leader of fascist coalition AUN (Alianza por la Unidad Nacional) Ricardo
Saenz de Ynestrillas opened a local of his party on 2/25 at El Vendrell
(Tarragona) and took advantage of the ocasion to have an electoral meeting
in front of thirty of his followers. As a response and denouncing the
opening, several leftist local organizations called for a demonstration that
assembled 500 people. The demo ended in front of Centre Civic "L'Estacio",
where the ultraright act was taking place and which was protected by a
strong deployment of Civil Guard antiriots. When the fascists came out with
a provocative attitude they were welcomed with slogans and perhaps some
rocks were thrown which was answered by the civil guard with rubber bullets,
though they didn't charge. Finally the protest ended without further
incidents. Two fascists from El Vendrell, involved in the proccess of
organizing AUN in their locality will be tried next April 2 for attacking an
insumiso on 10/12/94 at the end of an antimilitarist demonstration. This
trial should have tanken place on 2/20 but a week before the date was changed.

Valencia.BAC. 2/12/96

The tribunal that's trying the killers of Guillermo Angulo in Castello was
refused on 1/5 by the accusation of "Maulets" (independentist organization
where Guillem was a member) considering that once the trial had started an
anonimous testimony was delivered without being challenged by neither side,
and also due to the parciality of the tribunal. On January 8th the hearing
continued with the declaration, for the second time, of friends of the victim.

This declaration was motivated by the contradictions of an anonimous
testimony that asserted that Guillem wore brass knuckles during the
confrontation. As will be remembered, Guillem was assasinated on 4/11/93 in
Montanejos (Castello) in the course of a fight against fascists.

The trial that should have taken place on 1/25 against Valencia nazis Juan
Jose R.E. "Tio Velo" and Jose T.S. who attacked at least five people with a
knife in some bars of Canovas neighborhood on 11/18/94 was suspended when a
witness didn't show up.

To celebrate seven years of insumision struggles close to 3000 people, young
for the most part, demonstrated in the center of Madrid on sunday 2/25. The
protest, that started after noon at Glorieta de Atocha was called by
numerous antimilitary and social organizations from Madrid, and took place
amid rockets and slogans against all armies and for the freedom of jailed
insumisos. The demonstration ended at plaza Tirso de Molina, near the place
where since two days before about 20 people performed a fast as antimilitary
protest. The fast ended coinciding with the end of the demonstration where
churros were distributed.

The demo, with the slogan "seven years of insumision, seven years breaking
the ranks", celebrated the anniversary of the first insumiso presentation in
several points of the state on 2/20/89. (Although we must remember that the
history of insumision in the state is longer than that since for instance,
between 1958 and 1970 285 objectors were imprisoned). This date has been
marked by numerous acts, shows and talks in Madrid. There were also protest
actions to conmemorate the date like the one performed by a group of
antimilitarists that chained themselves to the balcony of the headquarters
of Bazan, the second largest arms exporter of the state, in La Castellana.
Among the antimilitarists there were four insumisos under search and capture
who weren't arrested.

On friday 2/29 there will be a demonstration for insumision and against its
criminalization in Aviles, also in solidarity with Julio Cesar Nino Santos,
insumiso from that region that has been imprisoned at Villabona for almost 2
months while awaiting the third degree. He is currently the only insumiso
that doesn't have the third degree.

Zaragoza. Acratador 2/24/96

On february 23rd rebellious insumiso Fernando Rios, better known as "Bolido"
was arrested. He had not appeared at his trial two years ago and was under
search and capture. He is now in Torrero prison waiting for his trial.

The four insumisos tried for their breaking of the third degree in Zaragoza
were acquitted. The judge ruled that the insumisos attitude was public
knowledge at all times (it was published the day before in El Heraldo) and
the prison could have avoided it. The sentence, already appealed by the
prosecution, is news worthy since to date there had not been any acquittals
of this type in the city.

Insumisos Segro Callan, Manolo Nandin and Javi Clarimon were tried on 2/22
for their latest stand in Zaragoza with the prosecution asking for 3 months.

Palma de Mallorca. Assemblea Antimilitarista d'Insubmissos de Mallorca.

On Tuesday 1/20 at 16:00 hours total insumiso and member of Assemblea
Antimilitarista de Insumisos de Mallorca Joan Bosch was arrested. He had
been under search and capture for 4 months for not having shown up at his
trial. They didn't tell him the reason for his detention and he was kept
incomunicado for two hours at the police station until two comrades could
talk to him for five minutes with the police present. In this conversation
he learned that next day, 2/21, at 10:00 hrs he would be taken to Courtroom
#6. After declaring in front of the judge he was released with a new trial
date 3/27 at 11:00 in Ciutadella, Menorca. Already there is a campaign of
support for this antimilitarist for whom the prosecution asks 2 years, 4
months and a day.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. El Baifo. 2/16/96

At the end of January there was a ruling on the first trial celebrated in
Santa Cruz de la Palma against insumiso Francisco Concepcion Rodriguez,
being the sentence five months minor arrest. Because his record was clean he
will not go to prison. The prosecution wanted 2 years, 4 months and a day
but the judge ruled that Francisco didn't accept military service "out of
laziness but rather because of his strong ideological conviction...". This
is the fourth insumision trial celebrated in the island of Palma, to date no
insumiso from Palma has been sent to prison as they all had a clean record.

Asturies.Llar 2/27/96

On friday 2/23 about 500 people demonstrated in Aviles in solidarity with
Social Center Gaviluetu, due to the harrassment campaign waged by the local
Aviles government (PP). The action was attended by neighborhood children. A
banner warned the municipal government "Eviction by an eye, without
electricity by a tooth". The protest took place without incidents and ended
in front of City Hall after making a stop by PP (Partido Popular, right wing
party in local power) headquarters.

The campaign of harrassment is being instigated by lieutenant mayor
Arestegui, former guerrilla of Christ the King, and de facto mayor. He told
the press he had a conciliatory demeanor and understood the okupas. Social
Center Gaviluetu has been occupied since July 1995 and since then it has
become a LIVE place, a place for meetings and a home. There have been many
activities and they count with the support of the neighbors. City Hall wants
to evict the okupas with the excuse of setting up an Adult Education Center,
but as the oposition groups claimed there isn't any money to rehabilitate
the place, so that after the eviction (if they achieve it) it will go back
to being a nest for rats. In February, in the midst of a cold wave, the
mayor disconnected the electricity. Since the okupas reconnected electrical
service the mayor sent the municipal police with some workers and stole the
public street lights, putting a car with municipal police permanently at the
door of the Social Center to prevent them from reconnecting the electricity.

Zaragoza. Acratador 2/28/96

On 2/20 a house occupied for several days in Barrio San Jose (Zaragoza) was
cleared. A large group of policemen went in through a window and arrested
the people inside. The okupas were released the next day and will probably
have a misdemeanor trial.

Barna.UPA 2/28/96

A petition by the prosecution for 4 months and a fine of 100,000 ptas
against the former okupants of Casal de Murta (Barcelona) motivated the
judge to place the okupas under search and capture. This occupied house was
cleared a long time ago and the okupas have been involved in the case. Penal
judge #23, Fermin Prado Arditto, has not been able to properly notify the
defendeants from the beginning. The result was that in the first trial,
without time to make any allegations the judge oredered the arrest of the
defending attorney, placed the defendants under search and capture and
ordered their preventive imprisonment. This judge, with a well known
falangist past, already did a similar number this summer when he ordered a
prison sentence for an insumiso, with the prosecution asking for 3 months
and without any criminal record. To face him legally they are gathering all
sentences, appeals, writs of the defense ..., to put together a
"macro-appeal" that might be useful to other people in the future. This
dossier will be sent to several institutions, you may also send letters and
telegrams of support, showing your repulse to the criminalization of
suqatting to the President of the Superior Court of Catalunya, Palacio de
Justicia, c/ Lluis Companys s/n, Barcelona, or to the Jutjat #23 de lo
Penal, c/ Lluis Companys 1-5, 3 Barcelona, or to the Fiscal Jefe de
Barcelona, c/ Pau Claris 149. In addition, there will be a gathering on
3/10. For more information, Assamblea d'Okupes c/ Perill 52 bajo. Phone

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