Re: <eng> OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty)

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Tue, 26 Mar 1996 19:29:44 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, James Oak wrote:

> I am not even sure who I am replying to, but...
> I signed up to the Anarchives mail-list, and, predictably, the first posting I get is
> from OCAP whining about the cut to Ontario welfare payments (making them only
> the second most generous in the country rather than the first).
> I thought anarchy was about BREAKING DOWN the institutions that collect like
> garbage in the civil service....or as the dictionary states, anarchy is a theory "that
> regards the the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal
> and proposes that the cooperative and VOLUNTARY association of individualsand
> groups as the principal mode of organized society."
> The LAST thing I want to hear about is the OPSEU strikers, who , as the
> beneficiaries a corrupt system, are removed from reality has faced average
> Ontarians for the last decade. WAKE UP! We are in an era of declining
> expectations.
> It will probably take a civil war or revolution until the government and civil service
> in Western society wakes up. But by not accepting reality, the public service is
> only ensuring that the inevitable destruction of theit feifdom will be all the more
> bloody. Remember that term PUBLIC SERVICE...the public elected Mike HArris,
> and he has an obligation in a democracy to fulfill his promise. This is something
> our federal party has no concept of. Unfortunately, Canadians are so stupid and
> brainwashed by the government-sponsored media that they ignore the
> obvious insult.
> If this so-called Anarchist message is about power to the corrupt unions & civil
> service that have helped to make it almost impossible to make a decent living
> based on merit, than count me out.
Hey, man, the working people only can have power if they get together
and have solidarity! When a complaining employee walks in to a meeting
of all the managers, they have their team together, and he is
out-classed, UNLESS he got his mates and/or his UNION MAN with him, to
show that he got his team together, too, if they want to have a war....
this happened to ME, so I KNOW! Lee C. W. Hutchison II.
<>P.S. anybody know a discussion group for this? Lee
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